I started a contest for steepshot users! Take a look here and participate:

Great one boss

@liondani hi friend , I am.not able to view the content in the link u shared

Nice video! Dig it!

Steepshot is definitely one of my favorite interfaces to interact with Steem. The app is really nicely put together, and is improving all the time.

I've heard a couple of my friends that are really into instagram that it would be good to have a photo-editor get built into it eventually, so you don't have to use multiple apps. Hoping something like that gets added eventually -- but I'm totally okay with how it is for now.

Keep doing what you're doing!

Good feedback! This feature is already in development! Stay tuned and do not miss the updates!

Oohh, I'm glad to hear that you guys are working on this feature! It will be very useful when attracting new users ;)

Quickly Steepshot is becoming my fave. Allows me to share my life easily and describe what I am feeling and thinking.

Testing Steepshot for the first time.

My photowork for steepshoot and @liondani magazine

Hey, thats cool :) tip!

Wow, this is great then, i just tried mine now with my selfie for the day, am glad i met steepshot.

My link

Yup, you guys did a great job. This is the biggest thing for all steemians who are photographer, they can use Steepshot to get extra attention.
Love your work. Keep it up!

Thank you very much, we do our best to bring you joy as much as it possible!

So much fun with Steepshot, the beautiful photography world, then Steepshot is the answer.

Steepshot, and it’s community is amazing. Steepshot has completely replaced my instagram addiction. Like imagine earning rewards for taking a selfie of your perfect self

I've been using the app for every post I made. It made me more convenient to use because of less hassle and it can now select multiple picfures unlike before.

Thankyou @steepshot!

A good impression is being made from the first time
I love your work a lot and see it always
I wish you all the best

Wow! U have just remind me of good quality photo a friend send through steepshot. There were lovely and beautiful.
Thanks for this wonderful app which as help promo steemians work on photograph, more grace to ur elbow @steepshot

Steepshot is a great app which can help you to earn handsome amount beside enjoying your sharing. In my opinion it's better than instagram. Thanks for providing such a platform @steepshot

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