12 cool Steepshot features you might not know.

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Hello, Steemians!


It took us a long way to make Steepshot look like it is now. With every update, we want to show you new cool features that will make Steepshot differ from other Dapps on Steem.
In this post, we would like to pay your attention to those ones not all users might know about and use.


Share to Steepshot app

This function allows you to post your photos directly from your device Gallery to Steepshot. It makes the uploading of the photos much easier and faster.


Promote your post

In previous articles, we wrote about it, but want to mention once again. Since the last months, all Steepshot users no matter what device they are using can promote posts right from the Steepshot app. This function can make your post get to the TOP that will bring more users to your photos and account in general.



Share posts to the popular social networks

If you a social network fan you can share your Steepshot post right from the app. To do this you need to click THREE DOTS in the right corner of your post and choose “Share Post”. Then you simply find the necessary application and now people from other social media websites will see your photos.

Web version


Android or iOS

Mind that you can promote your posts in our Discord channel #steepshot-post


and in our Facebook group


By the way, you can use #Steeply on Steepshot posts for a chance to be featured in Steepshot digest called @Steeply
Click here to read the info about the latest Digest #28


Share posts to messengers (previews)

Feel free to share your Steepshot posts with your friends and family in different messengers. Now all Steepshot links show previews without any problems.


Unlimited tags

As far as you know Steemit users can add only 5 hashtags to their posts, but while using Steepshot you are able to use up to 20 tags.


Seamless control of your funds (user-friendly mobile wallet)

This function is also available for all devices. Now there is no need to go to Steemit to check your account balance and claim rewards. All these actions you can perform right from our app. Here you can find extended transaction history, claim rewards and other major operations support.


Being in touch (mobile and web push notifications, subscribing for updates of a user)

Using Steepshot you can be up-to-date with all the latest news that is happening with your account (getting upvotes, comments, and followers). By the way, you can subscribe for updates for a certain user to be aware of his/her new posts.


Searching users and tags

With our searching tool, you can find posts on different topics you might like. Just type the necessary hashtag or find what you need and you will be able to see the posts according to three sections: Hot, New, and Top. Do not forget that there is also an option that allows searching people according to
their usernames.


Enjoy what you see and protect your family's eyes (powerful NSFW/ low rated filters)

NSFW content tag exists to make Steepshot as a safe platform for everyone. There are different types of contents which are mainly considered as NSFW content. They are pornographic, violent, horror and some other controversial materials. Of course, sometimes you can upload some adult or other controversial contents on Steepshot by using NSFW tag. In this case, it will help you to avoid getting flagged by the other members. Otherwise, some people can flag such appropriate content and your post will be shown as Low- rated.


Explore content easily by pressing any tag

Search for cool photos simply by pressing on the hashtag you are interested in.


Fullscreen mode in the Web app

For those users who prefer Web version of Steepshot there also cool features. You can look at photos in fullscreen mode, slide within them and put upvotes without leaving it.


Photo editing

While creating a post you are able to choose a convenient format for carousel photos, rotate pictures and crop them. Here it is up to you how other users will see your images.



Every day Steepshot team makes a great step to becoming an excellent Dapp. But of course, a lot of catchy features should be added to make more and more users get involved in Steepshot. We will not stop what we have, so stay tuned to be aware of new details.


Social Media

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, please, find us on social media. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in to Steepshot life.







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Wow bro you guys are doing great work on this app, the main reason I love it, thanks for the update, I have been alil absent but you inspire to get back to it bro. Thanks so much guys keep up the great work, and appics wont have a chance but to be a follower on the path your leading. b e w e l l

Posted using Partiko Android

Uh, thank you very much for your kind words!)
We will do our best to make you enjoy the app more and more!

Check. Maybe something for you @rubencress

In short: nope

I've seen SteepShot around and I'm not a huge fan of it. Its a great initiative and good idea, but should never be adopted by the mass until it has their own blockchain. SteepShot is an App that directly posts on Steemit, so you'll have a single image + tags published as a blog post whenever you upload an image with SteepShot, the only con that makes me not using it.

How it currently works is not contributing or bringing value to the steem blockchain in the long term, (SEO wise f.e.), id even say it is bad for steem until it has a filtered option on your timeline. Just imagine if 20% of the current accounts on Steemit would use SteepShot on a daily base, 3 times a day: your feed would look like a mess and you start to unfollow people, a scenario that's bad for content creators which will create an option/reason to make them leave. The only people that would remain in your following, are the ones using only SteepShot. But right now: fun for the lazy blogger on steem and great testcase.

This is why I'm waiting for SMTs, UI/UX updates from @ned, and @Appics to launch. Hopefully it will be an Instagram 4.0 and Appics has their own blockchain and UI.

Thanks for sharing though 😝 love you

The mass doesn't read much lately. It's storytelling in GIFs, pictures or video's that triggers the mass. Don't you agree SteemIt would be better if there are more people sharing more stories? There are so many accounts just dropping lines for dropping lines. Imo that is a total waste of my time. Cut the BS and share something that triggers the interest w/o boring the crap out of me.

I felt this way too about all the new dapps for a bit, but then i realized that soon there will be other ways to share our steem based content in a way that we'll have more control over (finally.network is one thats just starting out and looks promising) and steemit will be simply a record of all your transactions on the blockchain in chrono order, which is what it is. It's already kind of a lame Blog site in terms of layout as far as that goes since you can't customize anything. I like some Dapps more than others but to not use any of them right now during the wild west opportunity phase just because I don't like how they look in my steemit feed would be missing out on opportunities imho.

I want to know how the promote function works. Is it like bid bot?

You guys should totally blog more often. Something like top 10 steepshots post every day. Im sure this would increase your visibility :)

Hm, nice suggestion, by the way, what do you think about our digest @Steeply?

I didn't know it exists O_O. Missed it in your post, maybe you could promote this account a little more :) or merge it with steepshot account?

I really likes @steepshot coz it is less hasstle! It is so easy to make a post. I love this @steepshot. Thanks for making innovatives! Waiting some more updates.

brilliantly added features, way up Steepshot

I only know the webversion so far and I really like it.
Very easy to use and a perfect design.

Appreciate your comment!

Really impressed with the work on the Mobile application. Great work so far @steepshot. Things are improving and looking much better. Would it be possible to create snap like "stories" via IPFS on Steepshot? Do you have plans for a "story" feature?, ...the feature similar to what Instagram currently has? I believe it will be a solid addition to the application. Instagram is already eating at Snapchats market share just from that feature alone. Not sure how much sense it would make to have the snap stories on IPFS. I think staying away from centralization when possible is important though.

Hey, thank you for your comment!
Yes, we have some cool features, one of them will be realesed this week!
Stay tuned.

Awesome looking forward to that @steepshot. Thanks

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here: https://steemit.com/news/@reseller/6wsyl0gu

Hi @steepshot, thank you very much for this post. I was wondering if updates were automatically posted on the Apple Store, because I still haven’t got the wallet update nor was I notified that an update was available on the store. (I did open the App Store app and checked).

Thank you!

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By the way, thank for your cool pics in our feed!
Always pleasant to look at them.

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