SteemReports - 2017 and beyond!

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I joined Steemit in May this year with a software development and data analysis background, but no real familiarity with cryptocurrencies. Through developing Steem Reports over the past six months, and hanging about in witness and dev chat rooms/forums, I've also a received a good practical education in how blockchains work.

Thank you to those who have financed the development (and my learning) so far, though your votes, contributions and suggestions. I will continue to develop new tools in 2018 as the 'active users' metric approaches 2000/month, and I have also started work on a separate video related Steem project which I expect to provide more information about, and open source, early in the new year.

According to Alexa Traffic Rankings and Google Trends, it looks as though things are picking up nicely for Steem/Steemit generally recently, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop in 2018.,steemit

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! It has been a great one for Steemit, next year will be even better, don’t you think?

Where do you think Alexa ranking can get in 2018?


If it's inside the top 500 by the end of the year I'd be happy, but who knows?!


If this catches on maybe we hit top ten this year.

I read one of your previous posts, and I believe the Global rank of Steemit was more than 1700 few weeks ago now I see that It is really going ahead strongly.
who knows maybe in 2 to 3 years Steemit will be a big competitor to all the big social Media Platforms we know.
Thanks for the update

The Alexa ranking is now improving nicely after a few weeks of stagnation.

Thanks for publishing your reports. Steemit is really doing great on Alexa! No telling where it will be this time next year.

Even though Steemit is under 2,000 Alexa it is still quite small in regards to userbase when compared with the mainstream social media outlets. To me this means Steemit could be ready to explode in 2018. Steem on!

I can really see Steem going main stream before 2020.

🔴Hello friends, The projects that I share as open source can help you or the people you want to help.
best regards greetings.

I have just recently found and joined Steemit and am really enjoying the system. I believe that the decentralized platform is the way of the future. People are tired of the old giant social media sites that force their one sided news and agenda on their users

You've hooked a few whales.



He's doing great work for Steem

Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man, Keep it up.
Impressive!Thanks for the post @steemreports

🚀🚀🚀 Happy New Year 🚀🚀🚀

2018: Rise of steemit

happy new year btw :)

Its too much impressive, thanks for sharing with us I follow you and hope for good happy new year may this year bring alot of happiness for you and your family

Thanks for having this community!

Quick question (not sure where else to ask this): If I have a bunch of STEEM or SBD in my trading account on Binance or Poloniex or whatever, is there any way to send it to myself here? Can't seem to figure it out, sorry I'm pretty new to the platform


I think there will be a function to make a transfer to your Steem username (there is on Bittrex), but I have never actually used the exchanges you mention.


I found a post on sending it through Poloniex using the Steem username. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!