Awesome Interview with Dan, Ned, Alex, Craig and the crew at DCTRL Vancouver; Hosted by Blocktalk

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Dan and Ned have done a live interview with Blocktalk - if you have missed the live interview your in luck it is available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to Alex the host of Blocktalk (check out his intro post HERE) and all who attended and contributed.

This was an amazing interview with a wide range of topics ranging from the basic overview, technical discussion, Steem economics and questions from the Steemit, Reddit, and Jumbucks communities; make sure to check it out.


I want to thank everyone that was involved, thank you for doing this.. it was a really good interview. Thank you for addressing the unique content part. I really wish there was the equivalent of a sticky or FAQ, so we can refer users to it to show them that we don't need people copying/pasting the entire internet unchanged on steemit. That's not helping anyone.

Cheers man; i have passed your questions on to Alex aswell; so listen out for community questions i think they are coming up soon

Such exciting times ahead! :)

Really like your ideas how to 'land' Steemit, a.k.a. getting money that was not just for investment nor content creators but also the 'Users' such as advertiser.

Really good interview. I learned a lot. If you haven't watched it yet, please do!

Ignore me, you already tagged him. GJ.

There was a Dan response about the current size of the blockchain being about 200 MBytes. How viable is this going forward from a performance perspective, given reasonable projections on rate of growth? I assume that the full posts, at least the initial one from later edits, are transcribed into the blocks?

I learned a lot!!! thans so much @ned and @dan !!!!

Great job Guys, @Ned I love the idea of Steemit being a "Bouton"

Are there any plans to recreate as ZeroNet serverless website (i.e. steemit.bit) which would work in decentralized p2p way?

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