Welcome Metal Pay to the Steem Community!

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Hello Steemians, today we are excited to announce a new collaboration with Metal Pay, a next generation payments application. Think of it as Venmo, but with additional crypto features including, as of today, the ability to go from USD to STEEM, and back! You can check out their announcement post here.

Members of the Steemit Team have personally tested this application and were impressed by its features, design, and performance. Metal could just be the next BIG payments app; one that is accepted by major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. That’s why we’re so excited about their decision to make STEEM one of their first few cryptos. We believe that our amazing community, along with STEEM’s world-class features like 3-second fee-less transfers, will make STEEM the most used token in their app.

No Listing Fee!

The Metal Team agrees that the Steem community could add a ton of value to their application, that’s why they were willing to waive their listing fee! All they want is to deliver an amazing application that enables you all to make better use of your STEEM rewards.

Stay Tuned

The Metal Team has a lot more in store for the Steem community, so be sure to give their account a follow, check out their announcement post, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

The Steemit Team

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See this is what I'm talking about, great news and I think the community is ready to have this in our lives. Keep the good things rolling out.... Looks like its only available to Iphone, is Android going to come too?

Is Metal for USA only?

I wanna know more about this and @fyrstikken did you see this crazy announcement? @stan larimer's dream of a steem fiat gateway finally happening!

Another exciting news! I see NEW STEEM makes a lot of progress in last couple of months time but still lagging by the price. Hope that will boost soon too!


NICE! Good for them, good for us.

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Exactly that! :)

Good news!

Not for Android...yet.

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Excellent news!

Good to hear.
Listing fees shouldn't be a thing for credible operators anyways.

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Wicked awesomesauce! 😊

Very exciting news. 😀

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Downloading and checking it out.

You have to pay for the app I'm a cheapskate right now but eventually will pony it up lol

Pretty sure it was free

Strange. I'll go look again.

Awesome news!

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I want to try it but it only work's on ios, lol

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Patience lol

lol, just letting them know that I want to try it. haha

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Buena opción, revisar y probar...

That is pretty cool of them to waiver the listing fee due to the potential they see on the community!

Good stuff!

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from USD to STEEM, and back!

Yeah Team !!!

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Members of the Steemit Team have personally tested this application and were impressed by its features, design, and performance

If you had some people using it then a short review or at least a really good "what is it" would have been really nice. Let's practice some good feature marketing language. We're missing a bit of this on steem. I think i understand what MetalPay does... but it was still a tad bit vague. Comparison to Venmo is nice. I think there needs to be just a bit more to really solidify this if you're gonna do a post about it. Unless the point of the post was just to be a teaser to go to the metalpay introduction post.

That's awesome!! I await the android version!


You can't download apps in Korea.
Is this an app that only Americans can use?
Please let me use it in Korea.

Wow! Exciting news! Will definitely check it out as well!

Pretty some interesting news. Let see, what happens to steem.

iOS only? :(

This is really great news!!


awesome addition!

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