Attention Steemians: STEEM <> USD Added to Metal Pay

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Hello Steemians, we’re the Metal Pay Team and today we’re excited to announce that we are adding STEEM to our mobile payments app for iOS (with Android to follow in the future). We’ve already published a post to our blog that is geared more for users who are not familiar with Steem, because we want them to get hands-on experience with your blockchain. After speaking with our customers we’ve learned that many of them are new to crypto, and are looking to gain a deeper understanding of this new and exciting technology in ways that fit into their lives.

Real People, Real Apps

We’re always looking for ways to bring new products and services to our users that fit into our vision of making crypto more accessible and useful to everyone. Part of the reason why we’ve decided to make STEEM one of our earliest token additions is that the Steem blockchain supports real-world apps that ordinary people can begin using today.

Bringing STEEM to the Masses

We also know that Metal Pay will deliver a lot of value to Steemians as well. Metal Pay is a person-to-person payments platform that rewards its users with crypto when they send money to friends. We believe that by incorporating amazing tokens like STEEM, we can outcompete products like CashApp and Venmo and become one of the most useful—and most widely-used— payments apps in the world. We think that STEEM, with its 3-second zero-fee transfers, as well as its ability to onboard large numbers of regular people, will help turbocharge our growth while exposing more people than ever to this amazing blockchain.


Feedback Welcome

We’d love to hear what you think of our app, so please download it and leave your feedback in the comments section below. We’ll also be hosting a trivia competition later this week, so be sure to follow us on Steem, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, download the Metal Pay app, and tune in to earn rewards for sharing your crypto knowledge!

🤘 The Metal Pay Team


Yes! We’re actively working on releasing a global version. Please follow us for updates.

How soon could it be available for Italy, @metalpay?

Metal Pay for Europe is in huge demand. We'll announce regional expansions right here on Steemit. Please follow us!

We in Africa are also expecting Metalpay

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Africa is a huge potential market for all crypto based services. People would be stupid to not focus heavily there. Also filled with some of the worlds up and coming economies. Lots of growth to happen in Africa.

You are very right

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@metalpay we in Asia can't wait for that to happen!! ✨✨✨

Oh ok. I thought it was already global. Been seaching metal in my app store for a few times now :)

Hey, that is great! Always excited to read about Steem Growth!!
Are you working on any solutions to pay from your wallet to non-wallet? A visa / master card thing?

Yes to both! Please follow us for updates.

That's brilliant. Having a phone or card payment option would be huge and something I really want to see with STEEM. I'll be watching out for further news.

Very excited to hear more about this and I will start following you!

Should you need any help with beta testing something let me know. :D

I will follow you for updates too @metalpay and I'm interested in knowing if you will avoid fractional reserve policies.

I am weary about bank's fractional reserve policy and I'm interested in knowing if @metalpay will be a safe place for deposits.

Thank you!

P.S. You found this before me @jacuzzi 😀

@chrisrice LOL. You find more great articles than I do, just happened to see this one pop up in my newsfeed first thing!

I was really excited about $usd to Steem - but once you have the Steem in Metal - you cannot get it to your Steemit wallet. Please give us a way to transfer Steem from Metal to our Steemit Wallet so we can power it up, delegate it, etc.

This feature is currently in development and will be available in a future update. Please follow us for product release news.

You have a Steem account with wallet. It should be pretty simple to allow users to request a transfer of “their” tokens from your wallet where you’re holding the tokens. If it takes more than a few days to implement this feature, that would be very concerning.

If it takes more than a few days to implement this feature, that would be very concerning.

How could you have a wallet with out the ability to perform a transfer to a different wallet....from the outset.

I strongly agree with this.

Thanks for this important detail.
So does it do one way transfers from Steem wallet to the metal wallet or just fiat to Steem On metal wallet?’

Right now we allow users to purchase and sell between USD and 18 cryptocurrencies. Mainnet deposits and withdrawals are on the horizon.

Time to bust out my MTL wallet. Excited to hear about this collaboration. It just keeps getting better.

This is a great new.. Steem is growing everyday and new apps are doing an incredible job to increase Steem ... I will check the app .. thanks a lot for this incredible project..!!

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holy moly what in the world.

Sounds great! I hope that maybe in future you might add other fiat currencies, especially euro.

Wow. Exactly what Steem needs to remain economically viable, a real world payment application.

Interesting.... never heard of this app! Installing it now :-) Welcome to the STEEM blockchain!

Really excited for this app to be available to New Yorkers. Great job!

We'd love to be there too! New York and several other US states have policies that currently prohibit us from servicing their residents. Please follow us for updates to know when we've launched in your area.

This is good news, is the App only available for I phone, when or will it be available for Android? The community has been needing this..... Thanks to the team for putting this together.....

Our Android app is nearing completion. Please follow us for updates and thanks for your interest!

Will this be available in the Philippines? @metalpay

This is very exciting news and I wanna hear about this feature added Android app release information soon!


Make it worldwide please.

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Once you have andriod I'll test it out.

Excellent, well done metalpay, will be using your app in the future to help onboard more people into crypto/Steem, cheers!

Downloading Metal Pay App now

Thanks a million Team

Welcome to @steemit really great that @steemit @steem being included. read some of your plans cant wait, I live in SA so may not be here yet and also use android, so will wait for those implimentations to get on board to suport @metalpay. Now all we need is for @steem to get back up to where it belongs in value, guess this would help to that.

thank you, and again welcome to @steemit.

this is kinda huge. now we just need frontends to accept steem payments better and we are off to the races. well done you guys!

Coinbase has a woocommerce plugin and so does Steem now. Both don't have Fees.

great. the more the merrier.

Awesome! You made a good decision here, excited for both you and us :D

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Totally!! What she said ⬆️⬆️

Awesome, gotta say you can't go wrong with Steem! Will give your app a try once you have that on Android.
Do you have any API integration? We have our own app @actifit and might be interested in an integration for exchange/payments

Very nice @mcfarhat, so glad to see @actifit is always on the cutting edge.
Did I just read that @actifit is the number one app on Steem!🤗👍
Way to go!!!😊

Not yet, but please post your wish list of features here and we'll pass them along!

wow @mcfarhat that would be too cool, I want to see it happen XD

Perfect timing. I've been needing an excuse to get a new phone :)

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Looks great!


No doubt I will wait for Android too...

Welcome to the 'Chain guys!

Thanks! We're excited to introduce Metal Pay users to the Steem community, and vice-versa.

I did suggest to add $STEEM when you, guys, asked for the suggestion! Guess it worked!
Waiting for the beta testing for android!

Will this app be available in Australia? Australian ITunes?

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Hi @metalpay i want to ask if i can talk whit you, i write you on twitter my account is @Ulisesjhm2001 on twitter, is to now if i can translate your post to the people how only now spanish, thnkas i wait for you answer

yeah but it's US only right? that was a little misleading in your tweet to 1 million registered steemians. i'm afraid we don't all live in the US ;) -- ICANHAZEUROPE?

For now yes, but we promise to announce any European expansion here on our Steemit account. And we didn't intend to sound misleading with that figure. We simply wanted everyone in the Steem community to feel represented by this first step in making STEEM more accessible to our users, and to inform the Metal Pay community of how popular and useful Steem actually is!

Sure, it’s even more useful when I can install it ;) - excited to see European progress. Not everyone lives in the states. That’s all ;) hmm I wonder what percentage do live in the states from the million steemians, I’ll see if I can find out!

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Congrats on this milestone, @metalpay!

When do you think the Android app will be available? Please tag me once it's live ;)

Keep up the great work and have a great day!


Please follow us and we'll make an announcement on Steemit as soon as it's ready to download.

Done, thank you!

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Looking forward to the Android version. Following with interest.

great but android please

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STEEM <-> USD, that's really cool and needed for our community!

I am glad to see that Steem is moving forward even through the most tough time in crypto history. Just got more steem and converted to steem power, going to resume my posting )))
happy to be here, go go steem

Awesomeness! I look forward to downloading it once it's available for Android, so I'll be keeping my eyes open for your announcement! 😊

Great news! As a project blogger for all things STEEM ~ Can you answer the question: Will the app also support the smart tokens created by Steem-Engine and Steemit (when they start releasing later this year)?

This is awesome, and much needed hopefully Coinbase adopts Steem someday!

More accessible the better.

Those are great news

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Another STEP Closer, Thank You @metalpay !

You May Want to Consider Taking Down "The Devil Horns" at the End of Your Post that is in Front of The Metal Pay Team.................. It made me Think of The Mark of The BEAST

I hope team metalpay will release app for android.

Thanks... Good job for big technology.

Welcome to Steem! Thanks for joining us, looking forward to the android app :-)

Thank you for adapting Steem to your app! This is going to get exciting!

I've also shared your post in the Steem Malaysia Community Page on Facebook, hoping to give you the extra exposure because of its good content.

I hope by doing this, more content creators/bloggers/vloggers will get to know this wonderful platform we both thrive in. :)

Keep creating awesome content!

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Steem is back to action

Welcome to Steem, I think that you've done an excellent choice coming to this blockchain.

Great move.

Ah, now I got to get this. Great job Metal Pay!

Nice lets get Steem more mainstream!

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I live in the UK, you guys need to make it available here!

Not available in my region. Waiting for global version.

Right on!! Great news. Love seeing new things unfolding in the cryptosphere!! Whoohoo!!

There you have it , one step forward for #steem.

That's great to hear. More great news about Steem adoption will bring more users. Do you plan on adding SteemDollars too?

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Does Metal Pay work for EU users?

This is good news. I have been looking around for alternatives.

Great news! Welcome to Steem!

I'll try you out again. Steem is going to be out of reach for me bc of of exchange ban so a USA way is great...
I still like using Cash app better IMO sorry about that.
Side note: Any plans for LN support like Cash app plans to do?

Great, the massive and real use that Steem offers.
I already follow you on Steem, Twitter and give your releases ReSTEEM and Upvote.
Graces for strengthening the #steem.

Looking forward to the android app!

Only iOS app?

Our Android app is in the late stages of development, with alpha testing beginning soon. We'll make an announcement on Steemit and our other social channels when it's available.

I am interested in the Android version too 👍

well, waiting for that one :D

Any chance of bringing this to Canada? Canadian dollars?

We look forward to adding the Loonie to Metal Pay! Please follow us for updates to know when we've expanded to your area.

Interesting application, I can not download it because I have Android, I will be aware of your updates.

does this work in the States? more specifically New York?

New York still has some obstacles ahead of us due to their restrictive policies regarding crypto services. We hope to be able to launch there eventually! The best thing people can do is contact their representatives to let them know that you support innovative fintech companies bringing their business to your state.

Welcome to STEEM and thank you for choosing to list it in your product. I believe that STEEM is one of the leading blockchain when it comes to lowering the barriers to entry to crypto. STEEM lowered the entry for me and I never looked back.

I go look ths ... this sounds very good :)

This is awesome

That's a great step forward for making crypto accessible to everyone :D

Making steem more accessible and useable are both well needed. Great addition. Look forward to checking out the app.

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Great News!
A farm welcome ;) @metalpay

After I put in all my sensitive info in, scanned my IDs, the whole deal, the app crashed. Now its just stuck on your lovely logo even on quit and reboot.

@metalpay this does not instill confidence, was so stoked to jump in!

So sorry to hear you're having trouble! Please visit and file a support ticket. We'll look into it for you.

Thanks, looks like passport verification failed too! Looking forward to having a shot to try it out!

What's the best way for reaching customer service? I've been attempting to link my bank account but it immediately pops up an error when I submit my information. I gave up yesterday thinking it might be fixed in the coming days but today received the two deposits to my account with no way to verify them on my account. Attempting to add the account again just gives the same error message.

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Within the app you can shake your device and it will let you send a message directly to our support team. You can also visit:

Sweet. Excited to try it out.

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This is awesome. How about adding NRVE?

too bad it doesn't work in my phone, I want to try it but I'm using android., sigh's...

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Great, I like how you position your product to an ever growing market. I really do hope that your product will soon go global, will have easier access both to merchants and consumers. It has the potential to compete head to head with the soon to be launched Facebook's Libra.

It's a great idea, too bad it's not available for Venezuela! I think I'll cry for a long time!

It is available in Pakistan

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Great choice by you and great news for us!

Really nice!

Posted using Partiko Android

Hopefully will launch for Android soon

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Bring out the Android app and I'll be right there to support you guys. Excellent move selecting STEEM as a go-to crypto, @metalpay !!

Fantastic! ...So the app is for banking and sending crypto to friends only ~ its not for payment of goes and services like a digital money debit card, RIGHT?

Does the app support the smart contract tokens created by Steem-Engine and Steemit? ...Further, if it does, how can those tokens be listed on the app as well?

I have to say, this is very promising! I will install your app. I have AOS so i hope that android will be following soon :)

At the moment, it is not available to Android user yet... Hopefully, the soonest possible it will be up and running in Android platform.

Is there also a Android version of the app?

I'll definitely be trying @metalpay! Might I give it a public review while im at it?

That's a great news!

This sounds quite promising. Of course, there are many factors that will make or break Steem, and many which influence its value and its price.

But giving more people access to Steem will have a profound effect. Maybe not soon, but eventually, and ... soon enough.

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