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Dear Steemians,

In an effort to protect the Steem witness community account that was hacked immediately following hard fork 23.0, Steem witnesses launched soft fork 0.23.1. All top 20 witnesses have upgraded to this version which limits the @community321 account for transfers since the community no longer has control over the account.

Steem witnesses are working with Bittrex to resolve the issue and have funds returned safely.

Read the official witnesses statement here: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@softfork22888/steem-consensus-witness-statement-softfork-0-23-1

Thank you,
The Steemit Team


I sincerely hope that all witnesses involved in the theft of funds from their rightful owners are brought to justice.

Such a detailed explanation. Even the official witness statement was so well explained. I'm overwhelmed with how much information I got from reading these

Everyone should absolutely stop messing with stake.

It would be super neat, if you could find a way that is not harmful to the Steem blockchain to return those funds and restore credibility to the blockchain. Sadly I am not sorry those stakeholders are gone, but I can not condone taking stake. Geez.

The OG Steem Witnesses were wrong to touch your stake in the original softfork.

The Hive decision to airdrop to whom they wanted was a bad PR move and perhaps petty, but they didn't remove anything from anyone.

There should also be some thought to improving the DPOS security.

Some day it would be nice to feel like I can hold stake on this platform again.

Can we please stop escalating this bullshit and get back to business.

down voted for lying. You know we can see what you are doing on the chain right?

Justin Sun can copy code and buyout existing companies but he can never force free people to become his slaves.

贾斯汀·孙(Justin Sun)可以复制代码并收购现有公司,但他永远不能强迫自由的人成为他的奴隶。

저스틴 선 (Justin Sun)은 코드를 복사하고 기존 회사를 매입 할 수는 있지만 자유인을 강제로 노예로 만들 수 없습니다.

Justin Sunはコードをコピーして既存の企業を買収することができますが、自由な人々に彼の奴隷になることを強制することはできません。

Thank you, Miss Eli is doing great.

Returned safely to who?

Don't fight, man. Work according to each of your expertise.

Someone robbed what you rightfully stole? This is something resembling justice. As your self-appointed Steem Pope, may I suggest a policy of repentance and restitution instead of your continued deception and destruction? Remember, opposition to Steemit Inc. is no more hatred of STEEM than opposition to Trump or Obama is hatred toward the principles of liberty.

writ of excommunication.png

Jail can be interesting, tho? I didn't know that Steemit is based in Texas, you are actually bound to the state laws.

Steem witnesses are working with Bittrex to resolve the issue and have funds returned safely.

I assume you mean to the accounts who really own these funds. Everything else would be ridiculous of course.
So that's indeed good news because that would mean HF 23 is revoked.
I'm glad steemit inc. came to the conclusion they made a mistake and solve this.
Good work, Steemit Team!
These 64 steemians were really worried you would not give them back their funds.

Don't push too hard against karma, it's coming back to bite you.