Steem Consensus Witness Statement : Softfork 0.23.1

Dear Steemians,

Due to the incident, we had during the Hardfork 23.0 the witnesses came to a consensus to solve the issue with the community account @community321. We are in the moment talking with Bittrex to get the fund back.

As a safety measurement, the softfork 0.23.1 is limiting the account @community321 for transfer, as the community does not have the control over this account anymore.

Steem on.


I demand you sent back the funds that you stole at HF23 from more than 60 STEEM accounts and have sent it to @community321 account !!! Here are the illegal transfers from at HF23 my funds where also stolen !!!

**BEFORE HF23 **

Screenshot from 20200519 162105.png

Screenshot from 20200521 021446.png

i will try this for 100 time. why did you take steem from this account
he never voted, never had nothing to do with hive, never freezed anyones funds, never commented, no activity for 4 years. But he had over 2M steem. Was there a plan to share that among witnesses as a pay for running 0.23? easy 25k$ per witness? do witnesses outside consensus know about this? were they going to get a cut, or were you planning to screw them over?

The community and investors demand an answer to this question!
Is our financial commitment secured or is it also taken away from us like you do at @mottler?

Fuck on!

Bravo, the brilliant geniuses have mastered the art of copy/paste.

Keep trying!


Dang, I wish I still had enough stake to give this the upvote it deserves.

Someone robbed you robbers? You reap what you sow. Repent, make restitution for your wrongdoing, and earn your way out of excommunication.

writ of excommunication.png was an anonymous account so the community NEVER had any control over the account. Who has the keys? Why would the funds be in an account like that?

Locking and freezing accounts left right and centre? You totally messed up. How can anyone trust this chain ever again? Now that you have the code in place to quickly freeze accounts, censor postings and seize funds?

The dream of a free speech blockchain with secure payment system is dead.

Hope @bittrex won't return the funds. But I probably home in vain here.

And why exactly you freeze this account, maybe you would like to elaborate on that? What happened with this account? Why not explain to steemians?

Don't worry about it, the community is handling it. :P

Well...thanks...for...tanking the Steem token. I guess you've lost the trust of the world and many users as well.

You cannot keep forking out accounts and think anyone will feel their content and earnings are safe here...

Oh and a quicker powerdown will always tank the value....people can now dump a higher volumn at a faster rate. You were warned, but refused to listen.

I can only shake my head in disbelief. {Bows head, slowly turns away and kicks rocks}

You guys have started sounding pathetic, or is it only me?

It's not just you. Totally pathetic.

you can buyout companies, copy ideas from others but you can never force free people to become your slaves.

Justin, look in the mirror.




Where are the good old times were one transferred funds from one account to another?
Nowadays one forks funds.
HF to move funds to @community321.
SF to freeze @community321.
Next step: HF to transfer the @community321 funds to whatever account ... if the 23.6 million steem come back.

If I had an exchange, there were two possibilities.
Go crazy or delist steem. Nobody wants to go crazy of course ...

Just so you know, if you do use anosteem to create an account you have to change keys to be safe before sending funds to it 🤣 even new users know that, also did you know that you can create accounts without need of a 3rd party service? You just use your RC to do it. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This was funny, but you should not be revealing such facts to Justin, he might get it right one day and steal everyone's Steem.

They know this, but it makes you question why they needed an anonymous account in the first place.

as the community does not have the control over this account anymore.

Should the community have control over an account?
Just asking ...

Why do you all continue to let Ayogom make you look like a massive joke?? Get somebody with a clue of how to administer a blockchain to administer this blockchain, please

So the current Steem witnesses made the decision to "confiscate" 23,6 million STEEM tokens, 6.1% of the total supply, promising to let the community decide over it, without having control over the account?

Is that supposed to install confidence in the current witnesses that, no matter how it happened, allowed it to happen?

Was there anything inaccurate about the statement @justyy? Seems about as factual as it can get.

Yes it does.

We are in the moment talking with Bittrex to get the fund back.

I do believe Bittrex will trust those "we" (I guess my beloved sockpuppets) and their "Proof of Talk" to return the funds to back to the "community" (meaning me and my beloved sockpuppets)

lol! True!


Who are the "Community Witnesses"?

Can you identify yourselves please? Say a little something about your background, how you feel about decentralisation, your motives for running a Steem Witness and your plans for the future? Thank you.

That would be the top 20 on this list:

Can't wait till those funds get back in their rightful owners hands and they can dump this shit on the market to make steem worth less than tron.

I would prefer it that happens after I powered down and got out of here. So I can wait for it.