Dev Portal Update #2: Ruby, JavaScript, AppBase API Calls, Testnet Documentation

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In our first dev portal update, we informed you of some changes we made to the developer portal and our plans for it, including updating the portal with new information about every other week.

We are extremely happy with the rate at which progress is being made on the developer portal, and we would like to highlight some of the significant additions that have been made since that first post.


We’ve added four new introductory Ruby tutorials. These tutorials are designed to be a great starting point for developers looking to get their toes wet in Steem development. They will help Ruby developers learn how to access the Steem blockchain using Ruby and output Steem blog details, active vote totals, and comments to blog posts.


A new JavaScript tutorial was added that walks developers through the steps required to enable their applications to take advantage of client signing. Client-side signing of transactions is different from using SteemConnect in that it doesn’t rely on other servers to generate and verify transactions. The tutorial includes predefined accounts that allow developers to quickly test different transaction types.

AppBase API Calls

We’ve added the condenser_api.* AppBase API calls to the API definitions sections. For those new to the ecosystem, “Condenser” is, and AppBase is software we developed that makes it easier for developers to write programs that use the Steem blockchain and gives us a mechanism to add new interfaces in a seamless way.

Developers, the condenser_api.* calls are good to go. As always, please be sure to read all the documentation around the call you’re making, whether it’s in condenser_api.* or some other AppBase API.


We’ve added documentation related to the testnet, including how to run one and how to create a custom testnet! There are many reasons to run a testnet; e.g. enabling developers to test their scripts and applications without adding spam to the live network and giving them more flexibility to experiment. A testnet can also help developers work on new features and refine their code before submitting new or improved pull requests to the official Steem repository. All this helps ensure that the code behind the Steem blockchain and applications powered by Steem are high quality.

Dev Portal Team

We believe Steem’s unique properties can make it the blockchain of opportunity for developers, and we understand that the key to doing this is world-class developer resources. Building out these materials is a project we have wanted to prioritize for a long time, which is why we are ecstatic to see the team behind the dev portal making steady improvements to documentation. Check out their work for yourself at

Members of the team are also experimenting with holding real-time office hours in the SteemDevs Discord. Stop in and ask a question. When they’re online, they’ll do their best to help you.

This project is still in its early stages so feedback is welcome, whether it’s about what tutorials we should add or other improvements. Email any suggestions to Steemit’s Developer Advocate at [email protected], with the subject line “devportal - $subject”.

Team Steemit


Somebody worked at that documentation like a lot, it is simply huge! I believe that somebody could make a complete tutorial on how to setup a machine to be able to make the calls to the api, including the software that has to be installed, the settings made, and all the rest, but since it is an API, it can be called in multiple environments and different programming languages. You don't have to make this tutorial, guys, as you also have a lot of things to do first, but I am asking people from the community to post such a tutorial, as there are others using the API, more than sure.

Great job!

Definitely brilliant this publication. That's why I follow you and support you every day, it gives us useful knowledge. thank you .. I hope that when I can ... perform, publication that explains the steps since the installation of said software. and its use,

Excellent update, thank you! Super excited about the tutorials. I also love that you're working towards tools and training for anyone to create a testnet! This is an important step forward to decentralizing the coding done on the STEEM blockchain. With this, anyone can test core changes and bring meaningful contributions. I love it!

I also really appreciate how you pause to explain things like this:

For those new to the ecosystem, “Condenser” is, and AppBase is software we developed that makes it easier for developers to write programs that use the Steem blockchain and gives us a mechanism to add new interfaces in a seamless way.

Simple paragraphs like that go a long way! It's helpful repetition for those who already know and very useful for those who are just getting onboard.

I'm so encouraged by these updates and by your regular communication. Thank you for listening to the community and prioritizing this.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!


Way to go guys,

You did a good job!

AT LAST!!! No more json file nightmare!! Like what you guys did there! So much easier and smoother!

It's great to see more frequent updates! Keep up the great work.

Will do :) Thanks for reading

Apparently Thursday is the day to drop cool information about what's going on in the Steem ecosystem. Thank you for building things that will give devs better tools to interact and access the blockchain.

On another note. It's been about 4 months now since the last announcement regarding HF 20 Velocity. Any new word on where that is, or when new account verification/activation will be speeded up? Is there anyone who can give us even the roughest of time tables on these things? Or at least when another update might be forthcoming? We're liking the news that is more frequently coming from y'all. Keep them coming!

What's going on with Steemit lately? Been getting random dissconnects and 504 errors all the time. Sometimes it's slow, while others it doesn't work. Also the "acccount doesn't exist" bug. WHere did views go? HF20 when?

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