Introducing Steemia - A new mobile app to access the Steem Blockchain!

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Hello Steemians,

We just released the Steemia mobile app on Google Play Store

Steemia is a social networking app built on the decentralized Steem Blockchain that reward users in Steem and Steem Dollars Cryptocurrencies.

The goal of this app is to give the Steemit community ( a mobile app where they can carry out their daily activity on the Steem Blockchain (access smartly using an app) while earning rewards (getting paid) in the process.

This app will provide users robust experiences in addition to features typically found on other social media platform including a peer to peer chat and push notifications; it also gives users the ability to watch various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.



This app offers a simple and attractive interface with an aesthetic and robust user experience. Here is a short list of some of the features present in this app:

  • Publish your articles and earn rewards by engaging with your blog viewers as well as gain followers.
  • Fully control in how much rewards you allocate when you upvote an article so you do not always vote at 100% power.
  • Get notifications from the app on transfers, follows, and discussions (comments) you are involved in.
  • Personalize your profile.
  • Bookmarks to save your favorite articles for later use.
  • Track of your external BTC, LTC, and ETH wallet.
  • Image upload from gallery and directly from the camera of your device.


Is my password/private key secured with this app?

This app relies on SteemConnect which means that your information will be always secured and will not be shared with us or any other party other than SteemConnect itself. In addition, we add an extra security layer. This application encrypts the token received from SteemConnect which is for certain broadcast actions in the blockchain.

In short, there is no way to get your account compromised by using this app since we do not store your private key nor your master password. In fact, the token received from SteemConnect is stored and encrypted on the end user device which means that the only device capable to decrypt it is yours.

Does this app take any beneficiary reward?

We do take a 15% fee from each post made from the app. This 15% is breaking down in the following:

  • 10% to cover Steemia’s server and/or cloud storage for assets.

In order to maintain the application lighter, we need to take care of all the data in backend as well as all the images uploaded through the app.

  • 5% to power up our bot voting account to support our users.

We want to growth with you! We will support our users by giving upvotes with our voting bot.


Is Steemia open-source?

We believe that a blockchain project should be open source and transparent, thus we have developed Steemia with this idea. In this regard, our developers received the greatest support from @utopian-io. Utopian gave a great support to Steemia and more countless open source projects. You can access all the source code of Steemia app via Github.

Contributions are always welcome!

You can always contribute to Steemia via Github or Utopian. We attach great importance to the ideas of the community, therefore if you noticed an error/bug in Steemia or you have an idea for Steemia you will honor us by reporting it on Github or Utopian.


Special Thanks

We want to take this moment to give a thanks to @oups for this amazing logo and to @podanrj for our amazing splash screen and all their support in this project. In addition, we want to thanks all the contributors because they really did an amazing job showing us their contribution to this project. We do appreciate you all guys!

In addition, we want to thanks the team which did an amazing job with SteemConnect and the notifications system which works excellent in our app! You guys rock!

Also, a very special thanks to those who vote and follow our content constantly 🙂


2018 Roadmap

We’ve shared all the details of our roadmap in Github. In 2018, we are working with all of our efforts to bring the best mobile app to the community. We will continue the development process by evaluating feedbacks from the community.

Our Priority Plans

  • iOS Release
  • Filtering by tags
  • P2P Chat
  • Push Notifications
  • Internationalization




Most of the images used on this project are property of @sndbox and they are under the CC BY-NC-ND license. Images were not modified and all of them are in its original state.


Want to chat? Join us on Discord

Development Team




This post was funded/promoted by @DevFund using a budget of about 500.00 USD.

100% of the money sent or earned via upvotes to this account will be powered down and used to give back via promotion bots to Steem ecosystem development initiatives like this one.

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very noble

We don't really know how to thank you for this great support 🙈we got speechless when we saw this comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! we do really appreciate what you guys are doing to support new projects in the ecosystem ❤️

I confirmed open source of this project. I fork and played their codes.
Still learning.

Well done job @jaysermendez and @hsynterkr

Yehey! Thank you so much for your support :D

We all need all the support out there.

How does this compare to the esteem app?....honestly?

Hello @freethink,

We've developed Steemia with an easier and faster UI in mind. eSteem is great, but we feel like it is missing something.

It's not easy i think

Wow! You guys are awesome!

Thank you :D You are awesome too!

I was talking to @devfund actually, but you guys rock too! lol Looking forward to trying out your app. Hopefully my junk phone will be compatible :) I'll be back with feedback as soon as I have some to give ;)


Sweet, Thank you

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Ok - please enlighten me how this is not a scam?!
How would you ever be able to pay out double of what you receive? To me this reeks of a way to capture peoples ETH addresses and steal their money.

But by all means, enlighten me how you are able to just give away ETH.

who is giving away ETH?

I have not and will not give out my owner key due to the near quarter million I have in my account. Well over a million will be there if the price goes near where it was pre-crash.

I can't change the main key if someone decides to peak in the server and power me down/ lock me out of my own account. Steemconnect needs to show how the key is transmitted, who can access it and how we are supposed to trust them when our accounts are holding lots of crypto.

Pardon my skepticism. I would put my keys out there if it were $5,000

SteemConnect code is I believe thoroughly reviewed and trusted. The problem I have with this app is the built in browser to sign with SteemConnect. It should launch an external browser which we can trust.

I agree it should be usable with a posting key only.

The browser launched by the app is owned by Android device. It actually uses the native browser engine in order to render the website inside the app. In addition, the url is shown for security purposes so users can confirm that they are really at SteemConnect.

While it is possible to open the browser in an extra app, it will be less intuitive and will add more steps to the UI. In addition, is nearly not possible to have a callback from the native browser application. The way that SteemConnect works is by using callbacks. In our case, our callback will redirecgt back to a dummy localhost address which is used to capture the accesss token and close the browser renderer at the app.

While for websites it is suitable to open another tab with SteemConnect because you can use the callback, it is impossible on phones since the callback cannot redirect you to the app.

Also, all the source code is there for audition. The plugin used to launch the browser in the app is itself a component of each Android device.

Waiting for iOS version...

We will be working harder in the iOS version to release it as soon as possible 💯

Hope directly. since I just use IOS

This is about the 12th steem app I've seen for IOS and all of them are CRRAAAABBBAPPLES!

Good to see a project that is upfront about fee and i like that . A lot of people will hate 15% fee cut but i think its a strong sustainable point . Imagine the server and config requirement when 100s of millions of people tries to access at the same time . The cost will be huge and 10% should be nice incentive for the project to go extra mile too. Thumbs up .

That is what people don't understand. They think it is 100% free for us to maintain the app running fine. We do need to maintain the cloud storage for assets and the server delivering data to the app. What people don't know is that most of others apps/websites take even more. They just don't know it.

thats just the market . It is how it is . For long mughal like facebook has injected poison . You need to keep doing the right way . Of course there is Sunshine at the end.

Good to see another mobile app for steem. Hope to see IOS sooner.

Yeah...that's great idea

steemia is another great development that make steemit more efficient platform and to make competition to speedup, this will give the users an option to use an app for their own preference. :)

aww yea, sweet

Nice! so much potential with this blockchain!

We agree! Totally agree with you

I'd gladly switch from eSteem if not for this 15% commission. It's like you will not have enough support from community without it. Alas, but nope.

Hello, most of the applications here does take commissions. However, those are used for the development of the project (which costs money to maintain (for instance, servers and cloud storage for assets)) and as well for our voting bot which will give upvotes to our user to compensate them.

Does eSteem do it too? Come to think of it I never post from mobile anyway. Maybe I should give your software a shot, after all.


if you check at you can find any information regarding beneficiares. For instance, some applications take even 20% while others take 10% and 15%. In addition, others also take beneficiary from comments (which we consider an abuse).

Either way, 15% seems high for simply accommodating a post.

We want to invite you to check our repo Steemia Repo and realize that we don't "simply" accomodate a post :). In fact, we are accepting monthly donations to cover servers in exchange of removing the fee :D

Impressed so far! My first try out shows posts don't seem to separate in paragraphs on the app, and the headings don't work. Much of the markdown seems to not function such as

and so on.

If that gets cleaned up, My browsing game will change big time!

Hello, thanks for pointing out this bug! We will fix it as soon as possible :D

@mobbs what about this now? 😏

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 5.13.35 PM.png

We will be releasing it with the next update ;)

This looks great!


I've no idea how feasible it is, but the original was written with <div class = text - justify> which looks absent from this screenshot. Am I right to think images that are also 'pull left/right' will also not apply? how about other niche markdown features like tables and < div class = phishy > and so on?

I think if it's just presentable as your screenshot already is, there's no real problem for me =)

I will need to check the post on my laptop and see how it is formated and try to deliver the same exact format in mobile devices :D

looks great i will try it

this is rad and awesome cant wait to try

:D feel free to try it :D

awesome cant wait!

Congratulations on your launch and I wish you great success. A suggestion for one of the intro screens would be to change the word "tracking" to "track".


Nice finding! I will fix for next update :) Thanks

It is now fixed :D

Goddamit, and this is not on the trending page?

Keep it up guys!

Already on trending page :D :D :D :D

Yes, as it should!
Keep it up!

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This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @steemia-io and is by no means a judgement of your work.

another great project especially for mobile. thanks a lot

Cheers! I bet your will like it

Sounds good but a 15% charge sounds steep

Hello @andrewharland ,

5% of the fee will be used to give back what we take from the community. We will use these to power up our bot and give upvotes to our user. The rest will be used to cover maintenance fees of the servers of the application.

could be good

Good to see these types of projects, congratulations

nice app, awesome.

Welcome to more competition. I've used eSteem a little bit and I came to the conclusion that actually using the browser and loading up or is more practical than the app. Let's see if Steemia manages to offer a better UX than the good old browser ...

We will love to hear back your feedback about this new app 😏

i love it, steem slowly to da moon, you guys are the real crackaz. s.error


yayyyy time for download.

Download Download! But don't forget to come back with your feedback :3

yooooo don forget to buy me a mobile first of all :D

We will give you an unicorn as your birthday gift 🦄

Unicorn yaayyyyyyyyy <3, but tell him do not fart.

Mark this comment as NSFW hahahahahahaha.

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Okay this looks promising. bSteem and Steemia might be the big players at the end for the steem front ends. I like your clean UI, which might provide some more convenience for new users coming from other big social platforms. Good Work guys and girls

Dynamic Steemians Discord Link

Thank you so much for your feedback :) we really appreciate it.

We are also coming soon @supersteemian


Looking forward to see yours ;)

Hi steemia-io

here is the link of the Supersteemian app to download it from

Please check and give your valuable feedback.

it is beneficial for all steem member....great job

Thank you so much :) I hope you like this new app and we will love if we hear a review from you!

Offcourse i appreciate how great app you develop...

I have been following the project almost since the beginning. Congratulations you have made great effort. I will try and send feedback in the soon. Thanks again, great job.

A secret follower 😱Thanks for your anonymous support :3 we will be waiting anxiously for your feedback 💯

Holaaa soy la hermana de @hierro21 ella siempre me habla de ti gracias por la aplicacion saludos desde venezuela pasa por mi primer post saluditos a jayser

Muchas gracias :3 nos encantaria si la pudieras descargar y dejarnos saber que tal esta la aplicacion! Tenemos mucho por mejorar pero si te podemos asegurar que es muy rapida 🔥

  • Jayser.

Very useful app. It helps us.

It's really great. More merrier more. I'm now installing it and it will start using and see what will happen. But looks really good by the way. Great worl
images (20).jpeg

I hope you like it :D

100% upvoted and resteem you..but you don't upvoted him 🙂🙂

finally after a long time. I loved notifications feature.

Thank you @steemia-io for mention.
Best Regard wkwkwkman

Wkwkwkwk man thanksss

That's amazing! The logo looks incredible @oups. It seems you have been working hard in this proyect!

a new application that is becoming a motivation, but I would like to ask about steemia-io web address, if any steemians can also contribute through the web ,, a remarkable job @steemia-io

Yes! We need steemit as an app!
I’m excited to check out the iOS app so hurry up. 😁

iOS users are hunting us :D we will put our best effort to deliver the iOS version ASAP :D

Congratultions for the new project. Every new window offering interaction with Steem blockchain is just a new way to adding users and growing the project

Thank you so much :D

Wow its awesome app I am start using this amazing app. I suggest to all Steemains that igts really amazing app and its really work. So all of you download this app. Thanks

looks like a nice project. good work you got my upvote and resteem

Thank you for your vote and thanks for spreading the announcement! We appreciate it.

Woow! Thanks and thanks for everything. Good work!

We hope you like it ;)

Hi @steemia-io team! Congrats on the launch we're super excited for the app. We noticed a graphic of ours made it into your welcome rendering. If you could - please always credit @sndbox for graphic usage. All of our graphics are CC BY-NC-ND which are free for anyone to use just please give us a heads up next time ;)

Hello @sndbox,

We have give you guys the credit in our Github repo :D We were afraid of using them before reading the license. We've emailed you asking if we can use your images but sadly we didn't get a response back :/

Thank you so much! :D

Hi there, thanks so much for the Github repo attribution! And our apologies for missing your email. As part of the open source license we would appreciate a "@sndbox" attribution or brief link in the Steemit post as well. All the best.

Hello again @sndbox,

We just added it to our post. Thank you for your attention.

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sweet.. hope this all works out and you have a solid app in the end... btw I reviewed your post live on my dlive and youtube stream.... you can check it out below...
or youtube:

around the 40 minute mark.

WOW! Thank you so much! :D

Excelent!!, i will try this ASAP, I tried ESTEEM and I leave it because the low performance. I hope this well be good enough.

You will love this one :D

Steemia and steemit any difference?
Please expanciate more on it

Steemia will allow you to use Steemit (basically) in your mobile device without needing to access the browser. In addition, you will receive notifications directly in your phone (thing that is not possible accessing Steemit from the browser).

Thanks for this app we will support as user as we can

Thank you for your support 🔥

Nice lookig app, would love to try this out but i dont like to have Google Play intalled on my devices.
Since the app is open source would you consider releasing through F-droid too?

F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform.

Sure, I will investigate more about how F-droid work ;)

F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform.

Would give the app extra boost to list on F-droid. And the app would be the first Steem related app to be listed there. Good luck.

I was looking how to submit an app to there. I learned how and will be doing it today :D

When wil ios version be launched?

We are working hard to release it as soon as possible!

Great article! I am writing on the same subject. Look at my articles please.

Thanks for this app ..
excellent work

Thank you :D

your post upvote done,, plz my post upvote back

wow awesome! ill download in my phone thanks for suggestion
and thanks for supporting
and i joined discord

Welcome aboard 😎

Hello, Congratultaions for the new project, Good work!

Thank you so much :D

The app itself looks great,however I find it little bit expensive (15% fee),I currently use esteem app,which is fine for the basics.

It is not really expensive because we will give back to the community in form of upvotes :D

this is a very much informative post.I like your's really good.

Pritty cool - commenting out of the app :-) you are genius ♨

Coooooool! You are actually using it :D So, you are a genius too 😎

Congrats to all @steemia-io team. You all have a great job. We are also going to Launching our Android App for steem platform in next week @supersteemian and we would like to ask you all to give your feedback.

Hope a great future ahead.

Thank you so much! We will be testing your platform as well 😎good luck and let us know when you release.

Steemia! A very interesting app! I will try to use her!

Aww you already gave us the title of "her" hahahahaha. We must admit it! Steemia is a female name :P

Good post

Great stuff. I 'm downloading the app right now.

💯💯💯cheers! thanks!

This is so fresh. I'm very proud of the advancements that are being made on the blockchain. What a time to be alive..

Don't die! we need you alive to test more of this :D

its beta than esteem

eSteem is a great app and his owner has created a lot of useful services to developers :D We are all great!