Happy Birthday Steem & Bitshares!

in steem •  5 months ago


Happy Birthday Steem & Bitshares. The two blockchains just got a year older and it's kinda crazy that bitshares is 5 years old already.

Those events just make me realize how late I've entered this space after all. I guess I'm actually still a newbie compared to so many others.

But yeah, lets' enjoy the fact that steem anf bitshares have been around for some time bow and are both doing very well. I mean just check which blockchains process the most transactions every day ;)

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the genesis block of ProtoShares was mined on 5th November 2013, I consider this date as the birth of BTS


mmh, that's actually a more accurate one I guess. But then I'd suggest we just celebrate it twice as BTS is awesome enough to deserve two parties ;)

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Here's to many more years, cheers 🍻!

Thank you too @steembusiness for all of your kindness and support. Steemit is much better because of people like yourself.............

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Woohoo, very nice :)