TODAY -- Marketing Ramble -- Hosted by the Steem Foundation

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Location: The Ramble (

Time: 3pm EST (7pm UTC)

Topics: Vision and Marketing plan for Steem
Style: Ramble, all are welcome to attend and speak
Goal: Brainstorm, and use the session to build a Steem Marketing Campaign

We've quietly been doing the work necessary to take the idea of the foundation and turn it into a legal framework that exists both in the terrestrial and digital worlds. As that stage moves behind us it's time to start looking outwards and forwards.

To that end the Steem Foundation cordially invites the public at large to come to our first ever hosted event. @shadowspub has graciously offered her Discord server, the Ramble, as the home of our first event. Along with @shadowspub we're also happy to share that @aggroed will be cohosting the event as well.

We've invited the two new members of the Marketing Committee -- @acostaeladio and @checkohler -- to participate. They will be joined by @victoriabsb who has kindly volunteered to help translate as needed. We've also invited @pennsif to join us to talk about his recent series of marketing idea posts.

The discussion will be "Ramble" style where everyone in the public is welcome to share their thoughts on a/the vision for the Steem ecosystem. We're hoping to distill these thoughts down to the best ideas out there and get to work creating a plan for how the Foundation can help mainstream the Steem Blockchain.

Come and join in — together we grow


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