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Steem Alliance Elected Working Group

Congratulations! The ad hoc working group, "WG1," has certified the election results of the elected working group, "WG2." During the process some election results were questioned. There was a lot of confusion and contention around a small number of votes that could have changed the outcome. We worked together to try to decide if removing votes was correct and within our duties as the current group. We could not come to an acceptable consensus, so instead expanded the group to 12 (a suggestion from the community), which is the same size as the initial working group.

WG1 encourages WG2 to immediately tackle community standards for themselves and to further consider vote buying in future processes.

Working Group 2 Members


Congratulations to the new group, they have a long road ahead of them and many obstacles to overcome. You, the community will be a big part of that as the #working-group-feedback channel has been a place where the community comes to be involved in the daily tasks the group is discussing.

Full Voting List:
Data/Code For Generation:

There has still been a bit of confusion of what the New Working Group's actual duties are, and we understand that this is a communication failure on our part, so we wanted to try to go over that a bit more. We understand the confusion that has come with the organic and open nature of how this whole organization all began, and we are working hard to improve that going forward.

What Is The Mission Of The Working Group?

The future foundation, for which the Steem Alliance, has been proposed, is not yet structured. At this point the general concept is to be a community driven entity. There may be seed funding from Steemit Inc, who will NOT be involved in the operations of the Foundation.

It is NOT to be a governance structure for the platform.

This "Working Group" is not a group to "represent" every community in the Steem ecosystem. How to ensure all of the community is represented in future decisions of the yet to be established foundation, should be considered in the proposals stage. It is very important that the community is heard when it comes time to funding, and the "proposals" will more than likely state how they intend to do so.

This group is here to do a organizational job and its only goal is to ensure the community is heard through collecting proposals on the structure of the foundation (from the community) and present those to the public in the form of a fair election. To say that lessons were learned in the first election is an understatement. The new group will be taking all of those lessons learned, as well as the suggestions from the community into consideration to ensure the future election goes even better. We are taking all feedback into consideration to ensure the community's concerns are addressed. Including getting the information and announcements out to a larger audience.

In the future, Proposals will be called for. These proposals will serve as ideas for the future structure of the Foundation. The Working Group's main purpose is to organize the VOTE for the Proposals for Governance and Structure of the Foundation.

Once the Votes for Structure and Organization for the Foundation are complete, the WORKING GROUP's function and job is complete, and will be disbanded.

Think of the job of Working Group to be that of the Election Committee. NOT running for office. Not a position of leadership, but a facilitator.

So, The Groups Get Paid Right?

The working groups do NOT receive any payment for their volunteer hard work.

What's next?

WG2 is tasked with soliciting proposals for a Steem Foundation and managing a process by which the community can voice their preference (likely through voting). This is expected to take several weeks at the earliest. Please be patient as the process unfolds.

Currently we are working as a new group to organize and make clear guidelines for ourselves as well as how to better communicate with the community. Once we have established those important things, we will begin work on planning the proposal gathering process.

We have no intention on "dragging this out," but also want to ensure that more time is taken to ensure this is done right. The first election was to establish a community appointed working group and many say it was rushed, we believe it is important that these next steps are NOT rushed and instead be done in an organized and well thought out process.

The goal from the beginning was to be a fully transparent organization, and that will not change. We will be working on gathering all information into one easy to read document though, as we know even though "it's all out there," it is difficult to dig through all the information at times.

This is not a certain "groups" foundation or organization, it's all of ours.. The Steem Community as a whole.

The community will be involved in every decision and we hope you all take an active role in it. This is our opportunity to truly come together and make a difference, and everyone should be apart of that.

We appreciate your patience, feedback and support. All channels in the Steem Alliance Discord Server are open for the public to view, there is no hidden admin chat and you can see everything the Working Group is discussing in the #working-group channel. As well as give feedback in the #working-group-feedback channel, and we hope you all will be involved.

Thank You,

Steem Alliance Working Group

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This sounds really positive - I've been mostly off grid for a while, just to get me up to speed ..perhaps with an elevator pitch :) What is WG1's compelling vision for success? and as its purpose seems to setup WG2 what is theirs?


Thanks WG1 for taking point on this process. I humbly offer my advice and support to WG2.

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Thank you @eturnerx, we really appreciate that!

My little knowledge thinks the number should have been odd as even number could bring up a tie in situations demanding elections. If this happens in future, how do you guys intend to break the ice?


Awesome question and something that was considered in the decision process. We will be covering a "tie breaker" process in the guidelines that we will be compiling soon. While this situation never came up in the first group, we feel it is important to have a set plan established if and when it ever does come up. Once we have compiled and decided on those guidelines, we will be publishing to the community.


Nice, I will be looking forward to that..


Easy solution. Have a group chair with a decisive vote :)

And yes, have an internal election for the role of the chair :))


That option is on the table.

In the first it was just sort of implied from the beginning that the chair would be there for a tie breaker without much discussion on the matter.

Just need to do this right, discuss and put it “officially” in place.


do the two-thirds vote, that could be a solution.


I think, that also with odd number can be tie isn't it ?
One can give no vote, f.e. because he is ill or also he just don't want to decide, or their is the rule that you should take side in this group ?

We have no intention on "dragging this out," but also want to ensure that more time is taken to ensure this is done right. The first election was to establish a community appointed working group and many say it was rushed, we believe it is important that these next steps are NOT rushed and instead be done in an organized and well thought out process.

Why the election is rushed?
What's making it rushed?
If there's confusion, why not settle down and make things clear before going into election with a lot of questions and doubts?
Is there any objective or agenda of making the election fast?


Hey ronel,

I am a bit confused by your questions as this is the actual announcement post to the results of said election. As in, the election is over and these are the results. Most of your questions are actually answered in the post itself.

The election was not rushed in my opinion, as it was a do over to the first established working group. But due to some situations in the beginning there was a bit of confusion of what was actually happening, which made some feel it was rushed. This is a miscommunication error on our part and we will be doing better going forward.

The segment you quoted states that we will be slowing down and making things clear... but as you can see, even when things are explained in a post.. there still seems to be confusion.

So, we are going to work on making communication clear and organized going forward and we hope in return, individuals will actually read it.


Oh I see.
Maybe I'm one those confused lol


the election was rushed. wasn't even done on the blockchain. but a centralized discord .


Oh really?
So, I'm kinda bit right on my questions on my main comment?

It is great that there were so many nominees and people involved overall in the process. I hope Steem Alliance really becomes the group of the Community. By now I really like who are the people in the working groups and I have huge hopes on them to deliver something great. If you need any help give us a shout out too.

All of us should be proud. This election was one of a kind and worldwide, with people voting from all over and it is indeed unique. Good job.


Exactly my thoughts.

Great to see moving the group forward. I'd say that the confusion happened due to the fact that you (@steemalliance) asked the community to nominate people for the Foundation membership. Anyway, good luck to the new working group.


Great point! While the "why" of that is in transcripts, it wasn't made perfectly clear. But essentially, the confusion came because after putting out the post for "Foundation Nominees" it was decided that the actual Working Group should be decided by a community election as well.

So, it sort of meant we paused and needed to put on an election for that before we could continue. It was important that the community had a say from the beginning though, so that was an important step.

We hope to get an "informational document" together to cover this all in one place, as weeding through multiple blog posts and transcripts is a bit tough.

Thank you for bringing that up!

Again, congratulations to everybody involved. I don't envy you at all.

In fact, and to be totally blunt, I am certain that many of us decided not to be nominated when we realised that this WG is just a precursor to a real governing body with a lot of work and little reward.

That's why I also 100% respect you and your work.

Ps: being a member of this WG should not represent an exclusion from the future bodies. That should be stated loud and early enough. I guess you can see why I mention this issue?


WG's role is to establish the ways of establishing the foundation. When this foundation is established then its task, among other tasks, will be to get Steem listed on exchanges.

Remember, listings come with a huge price tag.


And we’re ready to make that happen through any possible means. Together we can take Steem to any height. Thanks!


OK, Coinbase might have other acceptance criteria. On the other hand, most of the popular exchanges have one criteria only - money.


I am not talking about other exchanges... This is Coinbase specific. They are open to listing other coins right now. I have exchanged emails with them and the more people that request steem to be added, the odds of it happening likely goes up tremendously.


That needs to be filled out by Steemit Inc staff. The application asks for lawyer information and related documents the community doesn't have. We (the users, not the wg) can either fill it out on behalf and lie/guess or they can fill it out properly.


Yes, as others said here.. working group doesn’t have the capability currently. But I do know who handles listings at Steemit Inc. and will forward this to him, even though I do believe he is already on it. But I can send him a reminder and see if he can communicate on anything.


You're welcome! sent

Update: @jrcornel, they said they had already filled it out and submitted. Just waiting to hear back.. fingers crossed

Good luck. We will be watching.

Was a really great experience to be in the voting time live, and there is no doubt that as a collective this is a big step! Go ahead and waiting to see what happens!


Congratulations @pgarcgo

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Exciting times & great to be able to participate!
Kudos to the WG1 & 2!

Congratulations @pgarcgo representing the Hispanic community, well deserved, \o/

All the best for that great steemians - thanks for investing your time to make steem a better place.

Felicitaciones a los seleccionados, gran equipo de trabajo !

I am very happy that my mentor @neoxian sir is in the list.

Congratz Mr. Dragon

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Congratulations and good luck!

Es un gran equipo, se que van hacer muy bien su trabajo éxitos....

A very huge congrats for @pgarcgo for represent the hispanic comunity in this new Working Group

I really hope from now this blockchain platform social media get a better experience for all Steem Users...

Great news!
Congratulations to everyone!

Hope that working group will bring the new energy for steem blockchain ecosystem

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Very well done everybody! Looking forward to the future of Steem! :)

you have a long road ahead of you.. safe travels! ;)

Great news..!

The election of @pgarcgo guarantees the representation of the Hispanic community in the working group.

Balanced group of those who wish the greatest success!

Firma Fermionico-09.png

Nice! Glad we got this done. #canna-curate