Welcome back to Me

in #steem2 years ago

Been a wild ride in recent days or even months . Its been 10 months i have disappeared from steem but leaving my witness nodes , seed nodes and API nodes operating .With current changes with UPVU 2.0 a lot have changed and i feel its time i should be back here .

It was a frustrating Situation for myself when i was forced to say goodbye to my beloved chain after a series of propaganda against me and attacks

I would like to thank upvu a lot for having trust on me and getting me on the top 30 list . They journey to the consensus is not that far and i hope getting the communal support .

I am not available on any discords as of now and will soon would like to welcome you guys to my series of apps that i have plans for.

I would also like to CC my supporters here who had helped me when i was active in steem and request them to support me further more by voting my witness again .


Signing off now and .. hope i will get a warm welcome here

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