The easiest way to buy STEEM directly in Europe - no more crypto conversions needed!

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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there:


hi @soyrosa, just checked the possibilities and it seems this is really a cool option to get hold of a bit of crypto without too much hassle.
Will test it and will for sure use the link of yours :) Thanks!

That's it - the hassle is completely gone with this option! :-) Good luck on buying now the bears have still left a mess in the market :D

A very helpful PSA. Gonna need it at 0.1 :D

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Hahaha - I was brushing up my account (after I opened it in February) for that same reason as well :D

Sounds very interesting ... I will test it soon.

I hope it works well for you @jaki01! It's super super convenient for me to use :-)

Succes! Ik hoop dat het lukt :D

That’s awesome sis!!!

I’ll give it a shot and let you know. I am about to buy some too. Do they use Authenticator or anything of the sort?

:D Yay! You can opt-in for 2FA if you want, so that's pretty neat :-) I also love that they 'check' certain transactions via e-mail first.

Simple and easy that's more like it :D

Good news for everyone who want buy crypto without exchanges!

It really is! I did the Coinbase route for a while but now I don't have to anymore :-)

Hi @soyrosa, als ik tijd heb zal ik vanavond ook eens gebruik maken van je link om Steem te kopen. Alles wat ik moet weten staat in je post neem ik aan?

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Tof @dboontje! Ja, het wijst zich vanzelf. Als je er toch niet uit komt app/Discord me dan even dan help ik je :D Succes!

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Ik heb in ieder geval een account aangemaakt. Dus je hebt je commissie in die zin binnne :P @guchtere? Heb jij hier al ervaring mee?

:D Yay! Dank voor de commissie :P Succes met kopen :D

Hi @soyrosa

Can't get paid with Norwegian visa card
oh not with my shrill card either

Hey @xpillar, shame it doesn't work for you! Can't you just use a normal bank/debit card? Because the country list shows Norway should be supported :-) Let me know if it works for you! <3

Hi @soyrosa

yes, have tried with regular debit cards.

I'll let you know when I get it checked up

Hi @soyrosa

Thank you for this great information you provide here
I use your link and register right now


Later I will create some info / blog about Bitvavo when I see how it works. Thanks again for sharing about Bitvavo

Super :)

Bookmarked for next time and I'll use your referral when I join.

Wh00p! :D UK is not on the list though, but maybe that's not a problem for you?

Hmm, well that's a bummer. I keep forgetting that 'Europe' could well not mean the UK for much longer!

Yeah :-/ UK and Europe are becoming less and less of a synonym. I was hoping you'd have a Spanish bank account or something, but no :-(

I used to but thought I'd best close it as was costing and empty!

OH NOOO! Might be an expensive decision after all :P

ill resteem this to the German community. Sounds very interesting.

Nuuu we are not listed >:( but at least the austrian people always :D

Oh damn @lauch3d! Germany - does it have strict crypto rules? I have no idea. Glad you could ReSteem for the Austrian community though, thanks for spreading the word!

omfg 😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤬😠😡🤬🤬🤬

want to buy steem with euros :(

They mention they will add more countries in the future, so maybe bookmark this post and check again in a few months :-)

Gracias por compartir.
Me lo apunto!

Obviously a good news for steemians from Europe. Hope such a thing come to India soon.

Yes, India is not yet Crypto Friendly, but let's hope something becomes available to your side of the world :-)

With the way your government absolutely trashing the opportunity presented by crypto. Indian citizen might need to find very "creative" (read: illegal) ways to work around buying and selling them.

Don't worry though, India's biggest company Reliance is building the "biggest blockchain in the world" that will "make India rich".

India is obviously stifling the opportunity of their regular people to enrich themselves (because Indians with crypto is no longer financially controlled by the government) but at the same time reserving the tech only for its billionaires and banks.

That double standard is disgusting of the government and I really wish the Indian people can find a way despite the oppression.

Looks great!👍 I wonder does it work for Russian citizens? 🤔

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It's not in the list of countries for now: But they do claim they will add more countries in the future, so let's hope so!

🤞Let's hope maybe in closer future...

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Whooot, that is cool. will use this next time.

Do you know if paypal is on there upcoming payment ideas?

PayPal is US jurisdiction I'd guess? So I don't think so, they seem to focus on Europe for now :-) Thanks for the BEER! :D

nearly forgot to send you a !BEER

Looks good, but how much are the fees?

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Good find. Will give it a go with your link

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Just to prevent disappointment: UK is not in this list of 'European countries' unfortunately :-/

Mmmh, bizarrely seems to have worked out okay. Just bought a few euros of steem as a test. So all good so far except it's asking for id to withdraw it... 😬

Hahaha - cool you tried anyway! :D Do you need ID to withdraw the STEEM to Steemit Wallet? That's a pitty, I was hoping that would only be necessary for withdrawing to your bank account, that way you could at least freely buy and power up STEEM.

How have you done it mate? Just through a regular UK bank?

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I've got a revolut account and used that via sepa. Worked okay 👌

I have no idea what those things are. I’ve a feeling I might miss out on this offer. Can’t get my head around how those accounts and cards work

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Revolut is well worth looking into if you haven't already - great for travelling abroad as you can load up with £ and exchange immediately into foreign currencies. Just apply for a card and download the app.

Also plays nicely with cryptocurrency exchanges like coinbase and now this one.


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wow, i just arrived in Europe with all intentions of getting some steem/crypto, what a timing, will try it out tomorrow

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YES! That's so amazing @bubke - where in Europe are you? Close enough to attend meet-ups in The Netherlands? Cheers! :D

Oh yes, always in for a meetup! I am in Belgium upto 5th of Sept, please let me know if something is going on. I just bought 750EUR on bitvavo to test it, now you can also check if the referral works :-) If by any chance you would know of a cash to crypto solution or you would know people who want to sell for cash, that is my ultimate dream here and now and your commission would off course be higher :-)

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Wh00p! Sept 5th doesn't leave many weekends, but maybe I'm going to plan something just for you and invite all the Dutchies - if you're willing to travel to Rotterdam that is, that's where I do my meet-ups :D

Yes, the referral worked! I got 33 cents and with these prices that means I can buy 2 STEEM :P I'm not aware of people who are selling and are doing it for cash, but I'll keep my eyes open :-)

2 steem, omg :-) :-) :-)

Rotterdam definitely ok for me! Oh, would be so cool actually. Last weekend is 31aug, i am going to check on my Dutchie/Belgian connections, see if they are around etc

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Awesome! I'll try to DM you on Discord, the least we can do is just set up a date and a time and see who wants to join us right? :D I can call on many Dutch/Belgian peeps as I've collected a list of all of our Dutch and Belgian users the past year. Shouldn't be hard to get a few people together :D


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Anymore news on possible gathering or too difficult? I had to think about you as i just got myself 5K Steem through Bitvavo :-)

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This looks ace. I’ll be giving it a try ASAP.

Quick question though; for a simpleton like me, I don’t know much about fees and how they work...
Does the invite mean that if I buy £500 of STEEM, does any of that 500 get taken? Or is the fee less nature for the first week as it says... there are no fees on my bought STEEM?

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Hey @ashtv - in the first week after using the referral/invite you will not lose anything of that £500 of STEEM, and transferring the STEEM from Bitvavo to your Steem Wallet is free too. After the first week you pay a small fee for 'buying STEEM', like 0,25%, so very low :-) Transferring to Steem Wallet is free in that case as well :-)

Absolutely awesome. I’ve been waiting for something like this. The coinbase fee gets a bit daft as the numbers go up so I’ve been trying to avoid all that nonsense. Cheers :)

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Exactly :-) I'm not sure how much you can do from the UK though, see @stevelivingston's comment above who is experimenting on Bitvavo :-)

very nice, thanks a lot. will use your referral soon :)

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Good to hear @greencross! :D Good luck on (hopefully?) buying some cheap STEEM or any of the other listed coins :-) Cheers!

thank you! will definitively buy a Steem 1 day before HF21 :)

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:D The Big Scary HardFork!

"I felt like this on my way home, I'm not scared" —Foo Fighters

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Those taker fees seem too good to be true. For buying Steem directly with fiat Do they also take deposit fees or any other hidden fee?

No, no other fees that I've noticed or read about in their FAQ. The mention rounding UP all trading fees though "For example, a transaction fee of €0,073 will be rounded up to €0,08."

@stevelivingston is experimenting from the UK, so I'm hoping he'll tell us if it's useful for UK citizens as the UK is not listed yet as a country from which you can use Bitvavo.

Probably won't work for me so :-(

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Yup :-( We'll get there, if I ever get notified they listed the UK I'll let you know.

Barclays has broken off their banking relationship with Coinbase. Santander is also rumored to be freezing transfers to Coinbase in UK. UK banks are so anti-crypto I'm not sure there will be much progress at all actually.

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Ugh :-( Steve was able to buy and transfer to the wallet at least, but I guess for now cashing out to Euros/Pounds might be the problem.

hey, thanks you a lot @soyrosa !!!
this will be very useful :)) also to escape a bit the coinbase monopoly too..! I we suscribe with your link :-)

Yay!!! Glad I was able to present you with an alternative :-) Good luck @anttn!

thanks you again, not so much in position of buying right know (money $$) but really wanted to try it :)

be well dear @soyrosa !

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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! I will try it as soon as possible.

Good luck with it! :-)

LOL, I never thought about writing a guide. Good thing you did!
I didn't even know about the affiliate program - crappy marketer as I am. ;0)

Bitvavo has made it too easy to buy Steem for me. Ever since I discovered the service, I've been spensing way too much!

Thanks to you @simplymike and @soyrosa for sharing this tool with us

Hahaha - you can never buy too much ;-) (At least, that's what I believe, never know of course :D)

My bank account thinks differently 😉

Hey... finally I see someone else using SteemReply, lol. I really thought I was about the only one 😀

That is why I use Bitvavo as wallet and no longer coinbase. 👍💕

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Nice find 😁

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You got a 35.61% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @soyrosa! :)

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Excellent information! I am going to use it as well!

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Good luck! <3

I don't need it to buy STEEM as i've already picked up some at these prices but it looks great for cashing out some in the future. If STEEM ever gets back over $5 it will be nice to sell some as we earn it.

I'm super stoked to hear you bought already! Thanks for that @niallon11 :D Yes, using this service to cash out is a smart move as well - hope it works in your country :-)

I'm here for the long haul. I've always said it so the chance to buy some at 20c is one I'm not going to pass up. If crypto is going to do anything in the future then I'm convinced that steem will be right up there and the price will follow at some stage. There are too many good things being built here for it not to.

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I started buying below 1$ because that already seemed like an incredibly opportunity - and look at us now :-) I'm going to see if we make it down to 10 cents haha. I'm also here for the long haul :-) Cheers!

Oh my, I'm discovering your post to late to upvote it but thanks a lot for this priceless info @soyrosa 😉 Until now I have used Kraken and I was kind of accustomed to buy Steem with it but this is nevertheless a painfully long process that I would be so glad to fasten and make easier, still.. !! 😉
I'm bookmarking your affiliate link ehvl7a65q0.png

Glad I was able to inform you on this @barbara-orenya! I hope you'll have an easier experience from now on :-)

@soyrosa , I have never sent directly steem to my account, always sent ether to blocktrades, so now I feel a little dumb not knowing what adress I should fill for the withdrawal from Bitvavo...LoL..
I suppose it is my active key but as I'm unsure I prefer to ask 😉
Can you give me a clue ?

I'm happy you send me a message on Discord and it worked out! <3

Yes it worked very smoothly, this is really the way to go, thanks a lot @soyrosa 😉

Seems like a great interface with ease of use which is exactly what we need more of! I wish something like that would exist in the US!

Yes! I'm hoping it's coming your way too, but the US seems a bit less flexible so far.

Dear @soyrosa

I just bumped into your recent publication and I cannot express how I found it valuable. It always frustrated me to go through such a complicated process, just to purchase STEEM.

I wonder if they do operate also in Poland.

Thanks for sharing this ref link. Will use it to register and check out this platform right away :)


Hey @crypto.piotr, glad this post was useful to you, from the list on their website Poland is a supported country :-) Good luck using this tool and save you from a lot of frustrations! :-) Cheers.

Well I just buy ltc with cash and send it to uuhhm I'm blacked out and they send steem to your account automatically. I heared of bitfavo earlier.

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Yes, that way you always lose some value through converting though (FIAT to LTC and LTC to STEEM), but everyone can do as they wish of course.

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Thanks a lot! :D That's some nice support <3

More fiat gates-more success!

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