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RE: The State Of The DApps

in #steem2 years ago

If Steem blockchain and STEEM token is to grow, then we need to keep it alive in conversations outside of this ecosystem.

This is exactly what I wanted for Steem as I politely requested 'us' to be included. Now it's standing (proud!) next to two (better?) known blockchains and it's easy for people to start comparing activity and other metrics.

But often people don't put their money where their mouth is. Hence, many projects will continue to remain underrated as hype continues to drive this sector over fundamentals or for that matter logic.

Let's hope it doesn't work out this way. Let's hope people do start putting their money in here. We're worth it. And I hope dApp websites including STEEM is part of our journey to show that to the world.

Thanks @firepower!


So great that you were able to do drive this change so quickly. Shows the power of a simple conversation when there is something to back it up.

Thank you @soyrosa for being a major part of this historical event. Power of coversation is immense!

Thank you! :)