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RE: Don't use vote-selling bots: use @promoted instead. A bot that upvotes you when you burn money!

in #steem4 years ago

Bots feel like a symptom to a greater problem.

That problem, in my opinion, is 'How do I get my content noticed?'

If Steemit could solve that problem independently, than we wouldn't need the bots to buoy up content by whoring out Steem Power.

Content discovery on Steemit is poor at best and non-existent at worst, which means every post has a very tiny window of effectiveness. Knowing that, many users boost themselves with bots.

Fix content discovery, and the bots will be less useful.


I think it's getting better with new apps using STEEM. Some will have search, and different discovery types than just new/hot/trending.

I think interest in vote selling bots increased with HF19 greatly.