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The last few days have given me a lot of respect for @ned and the steemit team. They clearly have had some hard decisions to make, and are trying hard to communicate better and learn from the community. I really encourage everyone to watch the livestream that steemit and @ned put on earlier today.

His responses to @smooth were considerate and high quality, I think this can really be the start of a turn around for the steem ecosystem.

Please focus on the core base layer of steem this is the best idea to come out of this!

Everyone should check out this thread and the video if you have the time.

A partial TLDW:

@ned and his team are considering all options right now. There is a focus on survival for steem inc right now. They spent a lot of time talking about proposals which would bring an end to This would allow steem inc to focus on building a strong base layer for the blockchain, remove themselves from the position of competition with other apps being built on steem. at 18:00 minutes Ned spends a lot of time responding directly to @smooth's post which you can find here: Phasing out would also include phasing out API's which right now a lot of dApps rely on. They spoke on how this is better for decentralization (right now many apps would go down if goes down) and better for natural competition in the system (right now is subsidizing dApps with their APIs). There was also a focus on how to fix the currency distribution, and bringing a focus back to SMTs
spends time focusing on a simplified SMT 1.0 version and what that could look like. At 50:00 mins They get into some technical points about the database, how to prune it to save steem inc resources. A hardfork is a possibility, or switching the DB to "rocks DB

In the past all i've seen from ned are some overly utopian posts, broad promises with no outline of how to get there and some bad photos and videos of him playing guitar. A few times now @ned has expressed he is a verbal communicator, and this video really proves that he can communicate verbally very well and has a good grasp on the issues in front of him and his team. A restructuring like this isn't easy, but the discussions coming out of it are giving me a lot of hope for the platform.

I really encourage everyone to watch this video if you have any stake in the platform. The best part about of this to me is it seems like @ned is listening to the community more than ever. For a platform like steem to survive, there needs to be good communication between all parties that participate in that system. Hope this post was helpful for anyone looking for an overview!


Just watched the whole video. I agree with everything you said.

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