How is this burning steem? If 50% goes to steem power for your self.

This just seems to only allow SBD to burn that is if you are burning it.
You cant send STEEM POWER to @null to burn right?

As described in the rules I will match all SP with an equivalent amount of STEEM (from my own personal holdings) to be burned.

SP: equivalent amount of STEEM sent to @null

Well than that is very noble of you to do.. That is some insane tactics to be honest.

It's not really that big a deal. I'm keeping the SP and burning the equivalent STEEM in its place so ultimately I end up with the same thing I stared with. I'm just making my own STEEM available to reduce friction and allow burning right away.

Another way to do it would be make the posts in a dedicated account and have that account power down and burn as the power downs occur, which means the burning would be spread out over 13 weeks rather than immediate. I may switch to something like that, as I'm not sure I want to keep cluttering up my personal blog with these posts.

Flagging, to return the steem to the reward pool. This has been an interesting discussion and my flag is for the idea, not the Author.

Then there is a fundamental problem with flagging affecting reputation. I have come to see the numeric reputation scores on this platform as easily manipulated. I wouldn't mind seeing people buy digital goods with their easily earned Steem Dollars on rather than dumping it into fiat. There you can buy books, music and pictures.

Then there is a fundamental problem with flagging affecting reputation

This is usually not a problem unless the post/comment is driven down below zero. With small downvotes, and greater upvotes, the rep still increases, just less than it would otherwise.

In that case, I guess I'll flag these. A dime's worth won't get this down to zero.

Yes please do. I have no personal stake in these and would prefer that as many stakeholders views as possible are represented.

It is sometimes a bad thing that flagging can hurt REP. I have no desire to hurt Smooth's rep nor do I think I will do him much damage. I am using the flag in this case only to turn the funds to the reward pool. It is just an imperfect tool.

This doesn't seem useful.

I really wish I had a way to filter these posts from my feed/trending page, since I am unable of contributing to/against them in a meaningful way anyhow.

I've moved them to a dedicated account @burnpost. If you don't want to see them you can not follow or mute that account now.

Proof of burn

Author reward 255.091 SBD, and 42.361 STEEM POWER for smooth/steem-experiment-burn-post-6

Sold 255.091 SBD for 287.490 STEEM on internal market

Total burn of 42.361+287.490 = 329.851 STEEM

Why do people make these empty comments? Do they even get a chance to get any votes?

Very good this post, you have my vote. I already follow you and I invite you to go through my blog maybe something you like and you can support me with your vote. Greetings.

Good to see you @smooth

Would it be possible if you could use the burn money earned to delegate steem power to someone so they could flag the reward pool rapist? That way more money would go to others.

@berniesanders is working hard so this one person can't continue to keep posting the same stuff every 2-4 hours & making hundreds of dollars on it.

If we had a person to with enough steem power to flag this person it would help the steem community. I'm only trying to figure a way to help more people earn a little more steem.

The new posts are going to the dedicated @burnpost account which will likely delegate to an anti-abuse account once it builds up some SP. Thank you for the suggestion.

I seen that you did this & that is awesome. I have @burnpost on my SteemAuto upvotes.

good job bro thanks for sharing..

thanks for post @smooth

I appreciate that you and your followers are one of the genuine contributors . And i need your support by re-steeming something that's the need of the hour.

Good thinks .

O.O Wow, I didn't know of this concept of burning money through null votes. Ohwell. I guess I'll take part in it. Let's burn 0.003 SBD :D