Steem accounts for Bitcointalk users

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To help with onboarding of cryptocurrency community members who do not want to link a Facebook or Reddit profile, I'm offering free or reduced cost funded Steem accounts to established members of the Bitcointalk community, and at-cost accounts for lower-level members.

Offer details

  • If I know you and have interacted with you: free
  • Hero/Legendary: free
  • Sr.: 1 USD (now: free)
  • Full: 2 USD (now: 1.50 USD)
  • Any: 5 USD (now: 3.50 USD)

Payment in advance and can be made in any top 10 crypto. Prices are subject to change based on market conditions.

You will receive a new account with up to 10 powered up Steem. Powered up Steem gives you access to the network (bandwidth), voting power, and earns interest. It can't be powered down (converted to liquid Steem that can be traded on an exchange) until you reach 10x the minimum account balance (currently 10 Steem). Powering down, when possible, is 1/104 of the balance per week.

PM me on bitcointalk (smooth) to get your account.


Is Bitcointalk the place where new cryptocurrencies are initiated, or is there another place?
I notice that some know before others when, which and how to mine certain currencies.
For example, where were you introduced to Steem?

Yes for many years, most new cryptocurrencies including STEEM were announced on bitcointalk, although recently (past year or so), particularly with the rise of ICOs a lot are making use of more traditional mass media advertising and promotions methods to announce themselves.

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Hey there smooth. I would love if you would stop by a hangout sometime and show off this deal to people who listen to the beyond bitcoin hangouts :)

Let me know ok? We try to make it an open forum for anyone and luckily now that Dan, Ned and a team of badasses gave us Steemit...I can focus completely on trying to help people like you get the word out about the awesome stuff you are doing.

Rock the hell on man. Great initiative. I wish I could upvote it like 100 thousand times... :)

Awesome service you are offering here smooth.

I was hesitant to link up my facebook or reddit account as well at first.. But this platform seems to be very well made.

whats your name on bitcointalk. smooth?
please post your profil link here. thanks in advance.

My name on bitcointalk is smooth, as mentioned in the last line of the original post. Here is my profile page. For proof of identity you can see that I have made this post link back here.

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)

@smooth can you upvote my post?

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