@vandeberg is one of the authors of the Steem whitepaper. He's been around since the beginning - he has stuck around developing the chain to what it is today and upcoming features. And you're complaining that he's getting a $220 payout 🤦

Why would the new users know that. The post gives no context to why this was an important post.

I get it, you get it... these guys do not.

Tough decisions for the Steem community

Lolll.It can only happen because:

There are eggs and there are eggs!

There are boys and there are men!

There are players and there are spectators??


Hey @smokiethebear,

The author is an engineer for SteemIt Inc. with the news about Tron hitting and creating a lot of uncertainty.. I think people felt this post was important because they have trust and confidence in the author and want to be sure he will stay onboard.

I can totally see without context it seems odd. Steem is a weird place. :)

i'm not this bear

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