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RE: The Steemjet World Cup - Day 6 - The World's BIGGEST Ronaldo fan!

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my appreciation to @dimimp

i got a message from @folly-pandy a member of your delegate who so willing look for fellow steemian to help groom them in the body of steemjet that i have been hired and i saw the delegated steem of 600 in my wallet , i am happy and very grateful and i feel comfort that you find me worthy to work for you @dimimp ,so much feel for gratitude to you only expressed best my my faithfulness and commitment to your great committee @steemjet .i promise to serve as you so proven to be one who is selfless ,i call you @dimimp my saviour .also i saw a re-post of a image i posted in your ,on this post ,and belief you liked it and am grateful for that @dimimp


A brief desciption of the image

the image is that of a super hero with the steemjet crested on it chest along side his super heroic belief 'on the wings of superstar i am word and steem' the superhero concept is to promote steemjet to the public in a add of glamor and comic art .But really @dimimp i need funds of steem to achieve this great deal of a proposed steemjet comic .

Thank you @dimimp for you generosity and consideration to work for this body


WOW, you really ARE a SUPER HERO superstar. You are the first and only to upvote this post for 5 minutes!


Your rookie performance has been excellent, swooping in and giving us the promo materials we need before our precious posts run out of time and are cemented into the blockchain forever!!! You really saved the day with that image!

thank you so much @dimimp ,woking for you is one thing i won't play with,as my father did say the works of a man only pays when he really works ,now working for one who is selfless @dimimp is nothing to joke with.i pledge to be even better


May not be perfect, but it's my attempt to harmonise steemjet and world cup in a pencil art. :-D

I love just for you Ronaldo.

Telling you more about @slippery-mouth wasn't a mistake. We've got in here someone who's here to make a difference.
@slippery-mouth is really a super human.
I hope is request is granted.

thank you at @folly-pandy you are indeed a great man

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