The Steemjet World Cup - Day 6 - The World's BIGGEST Ronaldo fan!

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I am a man like Ronaldo.

@mdnazmulhasan (SF7)

Everyone wants to party with us. We are the definition of superstars. Our time is expensive, because we create learning opportunities for others. I want party with everybody, but I have no time. I desire eternal communication with you in the same way that Ronaldo desires a World Cup. How you measure your success is up to you. But when I say don’t worry, it is because I know that someday, you will know everything. But will you be able to share your knowledge with anybody in this world when that time comes?

@peepey (SF3)

4 goals in the first 2 games

Will Ronaldo prevent my unmasking? Will he raise the cup? To be honest, I do have selfish worldly desires. I do hope that records are set. When was the last time that a teenage goalkeeper won a World Cup?!

How many of our neighbors would be absorbed in the love of life that occurs with the merger of Steemjet and a World Cup Victory?!


I am not a fan of Ronaldo. I do not wish to see Portugal win the cup,

@afolwalex (SF5)

except as a member of The Space Force!


I desire that Nigeria beats Messi then takes the whole tournament.


Haha, ronaldo will bring the cup home.

Nigeria will win the next match.

Thank you very much.


A man like Ronaldo

(unless, of course, you are using STEEMJET brand toothpaste)

Steemjet Toothpaste - for teeth as bright as the speed of light

Yes it is boss @dimimp

For you boss.

This is lovely, I like the concept. You are very creative. Can you produce the tooth paste?

Why not...?

Please do all u can to produce the toothpaste, and also see ways you can get a suitable proposal for it. You are very intelligent and creative.
I wish I have the power to make this work out, I would have given you my support the best way I can. All the best

Hahahahahahah steemjet is taking over the world 🌎

Pls can u teach me how u echo statement

For the love of NIGERIA...which i pray and know will beat Argentina ...i present!!!..SUPER EAGLES!!!!!

Steemjet Beauty-1.png

well , for the love of football ...

Steemjet Boyee.png

Nice work boss

Sir @dimimp this is my design for both the logo and business card


Nice ,curated.

my appreciation to @dimimp

i got a message from @folly-pandy a member of your delegate who so willing look for fellow steemian to help groom them in the body of steemjet that i have been hired and i saw the delegated steem of 600 in my wallet , i am happy and very grateful and i feel comfort that you find me worthy to work for you @dimimp ,so much feel for gratitude to you only expressed best my my faithfulness and commitment to your great committee @steemjet .i promise to serve as you so proven to be one who is selfless ,i call you @dimimp my saviour .also i saw a re-post of a image i posted in your ,on this post ,and belief you liked it and am grateful for that @dimimp


A brief desciption of the image

the image is that of a super hero with the steemjet crested on it chest along side his super heroic belief 'on the wings of superstar i am word and steem' the superhero concept is to promote steemjet to the public in a add of glamor and comic art .But really @dimimp i need funds of steem to achieve this great deal of a proposed steemjet comic .

Thank you @dimimp for you generosity and consideration to work for this body

WOW, you really ARE a SUPER HERO superstar. You are the first and only to upvote this post for 5 minutes!


Your rookie performance has been excellent, swooping in and giving us the promo materials we need before our precious posts run out of time and are cemented into the blockchain forever!!! You really saved the day with that image!

thank you so much @dimimp ,woking for you is one thing i won't play with,as my father did say the works of a man only pays when he really works ,now working for one who is selfless @dimimp is nothing to joke with.i pledge to be even better


May not be perfect, but it's my attempt to harmonise steemjet and world cup in a pencil art. :-D

I love just for you Ronaldo.

Telling you more about @slippery-mouth wasn't a mistake. We've got in here someone who's here to make a difference.
@slippery-mouth is really a super human.
I hope is request is granted.

thank you at @folly-pandy you are indeed a great man


am also a great fan of rolando of real mardrid though am a nigerian ,i hope for more is great play in the world cup


We can't stop being very grateful for the love you have for us and the decisions you do make.
You have created a wonderful and almost incomparable blockchain community #steemjet
To achieve Global adoption of steem may not be easy though, but definitely we will do our very best. We have to hit all the edges of the globe, conquering political and economical super powers. You have empowered us and fueled our jet, give us a launch codes. You have well!!!
I promise you man!! WE WILL DO OUR BEST.



Steemjet National Art Competition (SNAC)
The First Stage which will be the STEEMPROOF Contest requires 2000STEEM, steemjet delegates amd non-delegates will show the world how steem has changed their lives with PROOF.

After the STEEMPROOF contest, we are moving to the next phase which is the National Stage.

The steemjet national art competition will be the largest steemit and steemjet event in Nigeria.

Exclusive!! The following drawing is made after 5minutes of the submission of this post! Took me 45minutes to make it!


New Doc 2018-06-21-03.jpeg

Ronaldo is a man of character. Driven by the desire to be the best and stay the best but he still has to work with his team.

Just finished recording a new song for steemJet.
Here you go;)
SteemJet Love
Listen to steemJet love by Tudor #np on #SoundCloud

And here is the instrumental for the tracks

Listen to steemJet Love instrumental​ by Tudor #np on #SoundCloud

The track was recorded, mastered and produced by @kanemonday and @giftk


Nigeria to win at the world cup? It will change our lives forever.

we beating Messi and Argentina..

You know that's what we call faith. I want to believe so too.

thanks a lot @dimimp. I am so glad some of my friends. @arajab. @machroezar. @fuad2 and @azirgraff get your reward.
I will guide them for the better. and I plan to expand the Steemjet community network in my country. aceh. Indonesia


wow fascinating , really fascinating. Sometimes I read your posts and it starts playing like a movie in my head... Just like this one.

you believe in super eagles and uzoho?? As a Nigerian... No I don't. I prefer Ronaldo here, to win the world cup too?? No.

Siding both are a loose loose game. on steemjet everyone is a winner why loose now when the plane has taken off??

@dimimp I don't really have time to watch football, but when it comes to Ronaldo (cr7) I really love watch his match because of his supernatural (superstar) skills.

Please don't forget the commission images for bling as you promise sir.

@dimimp God knows the peaceful manner i used in reading this your article, as if i was in your mind when you where writing it, i am Nigeria but i prefer steemjet to gain the globe initiative than Nigeria to win, the country is no goodIMG_20180616_111755.jpg that is why i want to hit the street to let the youth to know they can make it with steemit and steemjet community without the government, i love steemjet community!.. I love you @dimimp not your steem!.. Still me @ikemsamuel...

Hey @ikemsamuel, Nigeria isn't the government or the heads of public offices. Nigeria is me and you and everyone of us. Things might not go as well as we might want it to go but we'll never give up on the land of our birth. We'll keep fighting and believing in this country, in this land, in our people till the very end.

Get the words of Steem through the corners of the street, speak it in temples of synagogue and in the highway till all are informed about it.

Never give up on your people, never give up on yourself.

@lordjames that is awesome, you speak as your name, but believe me or not, i do believe in my self and in my people who are the minorities so i believe in my people from South-East and Middle Belt than any other, but i will only believe in the land you're talking about if only you and i which are the South- Easterners can make it right that is when i @ikemsamuel can believe in this Country.. But can help my people through steemit and steemjet thanks @lordjames God push you to my post as a celebrity you're!.. Thump Up!..

I desire that Nigeria beats Mesi then takes the whole tournament.
That is the honest truth.
What could be better for Steemjet than a Nigerian victory in the world cup?!

Our victory,
as rare as it seems.
What would I do without that
I would dance throw the street and sing from the top of my lungs. I would be the happiest man alive. And though it looks quite impossible compare to other team sometimes miracle happens.

I help promotion. I see @fuad2 has a talent in drawing.

@dimimip sir it's your boy the STEEMJET quarterly
PicsArt_06-20-01.10.02.pngPicsArt_06-20-01.11.23.jpg ()PicsArt_06-20-01.20.58.jpg

Nice job


This great post.

Thanks mate

You're a miraculous art translator.STEEMJET LOVES YOU.

This is truly inspirational and motivational.

You are giving out piles of wise words and using creative analogies to explain complex concepts. You are really a SUPERSTAR like Ronaldo, CR7.

Thank you @dimimp.

Well, please take a look at my initiative to bring Steemjet to massive people. This is Global Adoption.

I am eagerly waiting for your response and support sir.

Now, let the Eagle soar higher, Up steemjet, Up Nigeria.

You are really so [email protected]: dimimp sir.this steem plan is very important. I appreciate your steemit projects.
Thank for sharing this all steemjet community service...
Best of luck ......

Here's an entry for the contest boss..

It is my earnest desire to work with the art greats as Elvin (mbj) , Picasso (Ubongj) and samuel3915 (The spontaneous meme master..).


My oh my.. This is pure class...
You have got the talent.
@dimimp would love this.

Thanks boss

Hello @dimimp sir i hope you are enjoying the world cup tournament have been trying to post this logo but my phone keeps crashing or hanging but successfully i can post it

steem mockup.jpg

This is for the world cup enterntainment


Hope this get your attention sir

Here is gift for @dimimp
Hope You like it

Hope you remember me and my work for steemjet logo.. :D
I need steempower as you are giving steempower to other artist and steemjet members

Nice working @meher04, hehe I remember YOU :P but don't know about @dimimp.
And @dimimp (SteemJet) delegate SP for some reason, I think to upvote other art work etc.

Thanks for appreciation
You can't forget me :P @shrazi
and I hope Dimimp also remember me ..


Thank you for supporting Nigeria, but we lost a match, I dont think its going to be that easy to get a comfortable win.
But with you @dimimp I believe anything can happen.

I desire that Nigeria beats Mesi then takes the whole tournament.

With the way things are going now, it looks like Nigeria is going to beat Messi afterall


man like Ronaldo @dimimp ..You are our superhero sir just like Ronaldo is for Portugal. It's interesting how you are keeping up with the World Cup. You'll be great company to watch games with. It will be a pleasure

I am Steemjet!

I thought you knew me!

I am NOT a fan of Ronaldo

I am a man LIKE Ronaldo.

A man how Francis Uzoho desires to be


I am a man like Ronaldo.

Similar in nature, concentration, manifestation of character

We express our feelings and emotions as art.

Everyone wants to party with us.

We are the definition of superstars.



I believe in #Steemjet, we're the winner of the 2018 World Cup.

How many of your neighbors would be absorbed in the love of life that occurs with the merger of Steemjet and a World Cup Victory?!

Me: All of my neighbors, who doesn't like a steem bath or seeing his country lift the World Cup!


I hope you did like this one at sir @dimimp. I am on a toon of it...

Hello @dimimp, you believe so much in Nigeria and you obviously have so much love for us which makes me think you have NIGERIA as part of your DNA... But that's just another story for another day..









There is no do doubt that ronaldo is the greatest of all time

Am his fan i understand that we all are always waiting to see a good result from the man ronaldo unless you are not his fan.

I love Ronaldo.

Pls sir assist with steem.

A superstar and a superhero like Ronaldo.
People say he is a cheat but I say when you given the talent to shine and you know how to use the talent to its potential then the sky is really just your starting point.
With you all the way sir. @dimimp

Lol.. The Super Star

I'm a big fan of Ronaldo. In addition to great football, he also has a social life. It was proven when we were assisted during the Tsunami incident in Aceh.

I am a fan of Ronaldo. He is one of the greatest football players in the history. I would like to see the world cup is in the hand of Ronaldo. Thanks for sharing.

i draw this one

I truly want to be able to speak with all of you in a heartfelt manner, but I am bound by time. I desire eternal communication with you the same way Ronaldo desires a World Cup.

Hi The Imp, am sure feeling the vibes of the world cup.

I do hope you haven't forgot getting a gear that would aid listening up to audio recordings incredibly!?

We express our feelings and emotions as art.
Everyone wants to party with us.
We are the definition of superstars.


...still expressing our emotions & feelings as art!

Honestly speaking i don't watch world cup but i love Ronaldo :)
@dimimp i want to work in your team .
Can i talk to you on discord?

Yes sir, Nigeria winning would be nice.. But then is it likely to happen?... Either ways.. Steemjet continues to fly because everyone in this community are superstars....steemjet forever..

This is my new logo for steemjet with boss Ronaldo

3D Wall Logo MockUp 2.jpg






This graphics is just for superstars like us. Really nice

FAbulous work <3 keep it up body


how you measure your success is up to you.
how you value your life and time is your passion alone

These words are so true @dimimp . No one else can run the race to your success story except you.


With this i have something great to present. I hope it will be of interest to you. It's all baking/cooking, and fashion designing.
about showing new ways of making simple designs. It's a project by me.

When was the last time that a teenage goalie won a World Cup?!

A teenager goalkeeper has not won a world cup since existence till date, and Bodo Illgneris he was also the youngest keeper to win a World Cupat the age of 23,also Illgner is the first goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet in a World Cup final.

Will Ronaldo prevent my unmasking? Will he raise the cup?

Boss @dimimp Ronaldo is a great player and I respect is effort alot but honestly I don't think he will be able to raise the World Cup. Also I would really love to know your real identity.

I desire that Nigeria beats Mesi then takes the whole tournament.
What could be better for Steemjet than a Nigerian victory in the world cup?!

If Nigeria raise the World Cup boss @dimimp the street and wall of the of the world will be paint green even the final stadium will be green even Olivia will be paint green that is why I used my small phone to paint Olivia green because I believe Nigeira will win Mesi and raise the cup.


I have a dream that if Ronaldo were to draw a tattoo he will love to make a attorney of steemjet due to the love that boss @dimimp has for him


and a tattoo of Olivia
greatful @dimimp for finding me worthy to be among you delegate,i wont disappoint you.


We are truly definition of superstars!

Hi boss, please do well to check this out

Sir @dimimp i am currently in my final semester to graduation in a University in Nigeria. I have been following up your project steemjet after a month i became active on steemit. I have tried to participate in all of your competitions but I am not a good designer so I hardly get noticed like the other super-stars whose work i admire and whose talent is comperable to none. I see steemjet as a world of it own where everybody has a special gift. Great gifts that if properly managed will turn the world into a better place.

As a student in a country where things are not normal. There was a time My president made a speech in London calling the Nigeria youth lazy people. But i know we are not lazy only that he nevers stays the country too long to watch how we strugle for survival.

Sir @dimimp i have watch so many persons changed because they work for you. I want to be one of them. I may not be good with designs or art but i have a good knowlegde of Crypto Trading, Market analisis and creative writer. I am a good talkertive and also a reseacher. I am very hardworking and also friendly.
I hope you will have a job for me in your company where i can function effectively. Thank you

Waiting for you to get onboard the jet. Good one you'll also be speaking at the SteemJet Free crypto classes where you'll teach the masses about the Crypto Community. All the best my friend.

I'll love to See you on the Jet.

Portugal and Morocco were the last faces in the 1986 World Cup. Morocco beat Portugal 3-1 in the match But in this World Cup Portugal team is currently the best footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. And he is a successful player among the big stars of this World Cup. Because the team alone against Spain has left the field by drawing a 3-3 draw. Today Ronaldo will fight for retaliation.

So, Ronaldo-D Silva has proved in the first match as a stronger team than Morocco. Portugal will be sure of the second round in the second round. Meanwhile, Portuguese coach Fernando Santos said, "We have to give our best in the field. We believe that we will return with victory in this match"

"Ronaldo could not burn like the previous match. That's why the guard must be careful. We have to do everything we can to stop him, "said Morgan coach Harvey Congratulations @dimimp Sir...

@dimimp why you called yourself time poorer,
I don,t like it.
This sentence doesn't suits you.
You are a time emperor.
You are a man who captured the hearts of all our steemjet family.


I look forward seeing you in your right mind

we love you for rewarding us for our dead and buried talent.

I look forward to working with you


Ronaldo is the best striker in the history of the round leather game, is quality and sportsmanship is master class and out of this world.
He has not only proved himself in his clubs career but also playing for his country!
One thing that make CR7 to stand out among the crowd is his never give up spirit, get to work for everything he has achieved and his goals to come.
I really want CR7 to win the World Cup then and silent all does comparing him and Messi
Because CR7 is the real GOAT!

@dimimp i also want to use this opportunity to summit my entry for the @steemjet logo, I hope you get to like it.

Also I want to encourage you in what you are doing in the ecosystem they are commendable and you remain a source of inspiration to many of us. Thanks Boss best of regards!
steem2.pngsteemjet art.png

Hello all steemjet lovers, introduce me @peurot, this is my first simple design in the steemjet community, steemjet is a community led by @dimimp,
@dimimp is a very generous man. He is very helpful to those who are bankrupt, he also has helped my friends in steemit.

Greetings to you sir @dimimp .... hope you are good and healthy.... every team has a leader/captain like Ronaldo... And you the leader/captain of Steemjet community just like Ronaldo....please sir have a look on my art work .... here is the link of my latest art work regarding to Steemjet logo contest I hope you will like it and give your valuable comments on it .... thank you

Steemjet bringing out the hiden potentials in us
Pencil did it.
My steemjet worldcup logo contest_20180622_194050.jpg

I like and love the attitudes of @dimimp masters who are very social and generous, much help in need.such as @ronaldo whose attitude is the same with @dimimp .. this is my next offering, may lord @dimimp likes.




Wow I so love Ronaldo he will still win the world best crown this year. Thanks feauring him on your blog page.
Here is my entry for the steemjet logo
steem jet a.png
steem jet.png

He is going to attend to you he is on a field trip.

Sir please check my designs I am trying to reach you from so many days.
sir I want help to in your goal "GLOBAL STEEM ADOPTION". May you succeed in your goal.
MY proposal
I will be feeling very happy to work with you.

As you say in your reply to me show some work then you will be in the steem force.
i want to be employee in the art department. I want to show my work to you please check it.

The first is the steemjet badge or what you consider it. We will use this on anything.


and this one is my love for the steemjet.
STEEMJET copy.png

I send these design to the HOD of Art department @mbj (two time) as you said to me in your comment but he don't reply me whether he may be busy or something else. So I request you please check my designs and give me a feedback.

Steemjet on the wings of superstars we are words and steem


Though i am not a fan of Ronaldo but i appreciate the kind of man he is. He is a man who did all he could to become who he is today in the world of football. Ronaldo and I are alike in terms of never giving up, working smart, attracting people to oneself, diligent in our various field and a never dying hope. Yesterday he was the only one playing all wings in the Portugal team from my observation. He sees himself as a world best as well as and he has lived up to the reputation.

This is a song by Olamide one of Nigeria finest titled Ronaldo Listen and feel how he feels about yourself like.

Sir @dimimo thanks so much for the delegation
Sir here is a everything that I've done to make sure my career is a success, my limitation and who I've become trying to build a better legacy
Sir i need donation

Real Madrid's forward Cristiano Ronaldo won the fifth player of the year award for the Ballon d'Or of the year by losing Lionel Messi.
French Magazine 'France Football' announced the Portuguese captain's name as a winner at a ceremony in the Eiffel Tower in Paris on local time. Real Madrid star wins the prize by hitting 173 journalists around the world.

Ronaldo won the FIFA World Player of the Year award "The Best Fifa Mens Player" for the second time in a row last month by losing the rival, Messi.

Ronaldo was supposed to have received the fifth Ballon d'Or this year, as well as showing his personal best performance, winning four titles for Real Madrid this year.

For the first time in 2008, FIFA won the Ballon d'Or of France Football magazine for the first time.

Your words are so bright and powerful like lightning... I understand now @dimimp.

I ever meet Ronaldo once and we shake hand when he visited Aceh, Indonesia after Tsunami disaster in 2004. I inspired by him to comeback to live my life and be strong like him

Hello boss @dimimp, i've sent a lot of texts and comments on your blog post but you don't really seem to check it out. I guess proably you busy and all that. This is actually a call to be a member of the space force (sf) team.

Why do i say that?

Well as we all know, the steemjet is a moving train without any brakes! well i'd love to be a part of this train and this is because i have realized that i could assist a lot of burdensome works that other members might be facing. I can also be training and lecturing new members who just came onboard on the blockchain with some helpful tips they need to know about stee, since the steemjet is all about steem and words i think they need to know that to.

Earlier this year i and some couple of friends began a little outreach at the Rivers state of science and technology school, and it was successful with the images below.

We actually ran out of funds and couldn't proceed.

So with the steemjet community, i hope we could get your support and also be a part of the sf members and do great things that will take the steemjet community to the next level. Thanks for reading my post sir.


Thank you a whole lot sir for your contribution towards project impact your generous delegation will hep encourage and kick start the project. We at project impact say a BIG thank you. We will constantly keep you updated of the progress moving on.

president:project impact

hai @dimimp, my favorite soccer player is Ronaldo, he is also one of the most social and now I know other social people in the world of Steemit that is @dimimp. Thanks for delegated Steem Power to me.

There isn't other word than a thanks to @dimimp in Steemjet

Its time to let the world know you

You are not a fan of Ronaldo? you are just a man like him. I seeing the clearer picture. when he is give a chance to make a kick. he doesn't justrush for the kick. you will see him on the spot for a minute or two. obviously thinking of a way to nail it. Just like you


Wow dimimp sir i also make some design be a view on my blog sir

Wow dimimp sir i also make some design be a view on my blog sir

This is my entry to the SteemJet Minimal Logo contest which is hosted by the amazing @dimimp.

The key was minimalism, so I kept the logos simple.

I provided 4 variations to suite whatever style.

SteemJet Minimalist Grey.png

SteemJet Minimalist Blue.png

SteemJet Minimalist Red.png

SteemJet Minimalist Blue-Pink.png

Hope you like it!

I'm part of ninoh22 team that you recently hired.
With due regard @dimimp You delegate to the wrong account,my ID is josoft, you send it to jsoft.
Thanks @dimimp


Am a big fans of him.... What a great and skillful player

Dimimp you have done a great Job here. I love football so much my son promise to do something like this for steemjet. I pray my country Nigeria will shout Go today.

Please kindly visit my link and see what my little boy designed for steemjet last night.

The boss said "I am a man like Ronaldo, similar in nature, expressing our emotions as art. Everyone wants to party with us. We are the definition of superstars"...i dedicate this to you.

A whale like no other, a man like Ronaldo CR7

Hi @dimimp, I made some logos>>> Woop Woop!!!

The logos are quite simple so it can remain visible even when reduced to a very small size and it also still delivers the message if was created for.

Here are the logos below:

steem jet new logo1.png

steem jet new logo2.png

Other Artwork with the Logo

steem jet new logo cover 2.png

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