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RE: Rethinking The Position of Upvote Bots in the Steem Ecosystem (without SMTs)

in #steem5 years ago

I want people, who share my love of fine hand crafted home furnishings and green tea and hardbop jazz to read and enjoy my posts, and I want to read and enjoy posts by other people who do real things by hand in the real world, who have experiences that mean something. F the bots.


Thanks, I will check it out.

@skycranehandwork your comment allowed me to find you is also a woodworker... he makes beautiful art from it I saw your blog and am now going to follow you... I don't think he's posted any pictures of his woodwork but now I will encourage him to do so you have to admit a bot brought us together lots of laughs by the way we both enjoy green tea and Jazz and art

Hey, thanks, looking forward to that:)

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