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Helo boss, I am making this post to also show you all the steemjet dance video productions I have been able to put together on my own as we begin to change our direction towards dance. I am dedicated to taking steemjet round the globe through dance as I have been communicating with friends and family outside the shores of Nigeria and within Nigeria, getting them to do a dance video for steemjet which I have edited and compiled below

I am working towards putting together a steemjet dance studio in my locality where I will get my dance crew from people on Steemit who live close to me and I am already working towards that and you will be seeing the videos soon but I will be needing a kick off support of roughly 3000steem to make this become a reality. This is in order to get the dance studio equipped with high quality video recoders, camera , high Tech computers amongst other logistics. We would also be attending dance competition and also be organising dance contests as time goes on. You have seen my video productions, you have seen me put together dance crew, you have seen my dedication to this community. Lets do this together and party tohether through dance.

the beauty of these productions is that I am incorporating video production with our steemjet dance together so it's more like a 2 in 1 package for you as we begin to face dance

Steemjet Dance studio performance

Friends doing the steemjet freestyle dance

Friends outside Nigeria doing the steemjet dance

Twins dancing to the steemjet song

Street boys doing the steemjet dance2

Street boys dancing to the steemjet song

Kids dancing to the steemjet song

My cousin and her kid sister doing a dance dedicated to steemjet

My elder sister and her daughter doing a dance for steemjet

From now on, you will be seeing steemians who I have incorporated into my dance crew show off their dance skills as we prepare to do a standard dance video the steemjet songs done by @philip6


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