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Ladies and gentlemen of the Steem ecosystem,

Peace be with you.

As the SteemChurch parishioners already know, Friday means an evening of reflection over a glass, or two, or three, of scotch whisky for this Knight.

Only this Friday, reflection is shrouded in anger, confusion, sadness, intertwined with hope, faith, love and Billy Joel.

An Innocent Man

Oh yes I am.


We Steemians are the epitome of the working class. We want to work, to earn, to be free, to support our families and communities. Much in the same manner that our conservative forefathers of the 70's and 80's did. Only in these decades they had one young hero in his musical prime that we don't - he was... Billy Joel.

Single-handedly Billy Joel was able to write the life story of a generation of working class men and women. He captured their emotions, their struggles and their suffering. And in doing so he brought them commonality, then joy and hope.

In his own way Billy Joel changed the world through his music and lyrics.

He was... The Piano Man.

Goodnight Saigon

Meanwhile in the here and now it is painful.

Our Venezuelan friends suffer hyper-inflation and our African friends are suffering a similar struggle. Poor governance has lead to hunger, conflict and civil unrest. And 'We didn't start the fire'.

Life was certainly a long, long way from being a 'River of Dreams'.


However ladies and gentlemen - this Knight continues to promise you one thing, if we go down... 'we will all go down together.'

Keeping the faith

Steem price is down.
Post numbers are down.
Onboarding of new Steemians is down.
EOS has been activated and their new social media platforms are breathing down our necks.


'You know the good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow isn't as bad as it seems'.

My Life

Well maybe not SirKnight's life. Maybe it is...

Ned's Life

Yesterday, despite all our suffering, Captain Ned felt it necessary to post about his guitar playing. And indeed, this Knight was one 'Angry Young Man'. Confused, perplexed, disillusioned!


'Where are the Smart Media Tokens and the Hardfork 20 promises?' he thought.

Was 'Captain Jack' getting high tonight?

Was it time to 'Say goodbye to Hollywood?'

Was Ned 'Movin'Out'?

Scenes from an Italian Restuarant.

This Knight knew he needed to settle down - this called for 'A Matter of Trust.'

Despite 'living here in Allentown', even this workingclass Knight could see by the apartment and city setting that @ned was in a 'New York State of Mind' - but what was he trying to tell us?

'For the longest time' he read and re-read Ned's post.

LadyKnight entered the room. Should he 'Tell her about it'? Better not worry his 'Uptown Girl' - 'She has a way about her', when it comes to Steemit dramas.

Was Ned just being a 'Big Shot,' or was he a genuine 'Entertainer?' Or perhaps... perhaps... it was something more.

Only The Good Die Young...

and those who change the world just plug it in and play non-stop, despite the complaints.

SirKnight arose from his chair in newly discovered delight - Ned's post was cryptic 'Honesty'.

He was going to change the world and Steem would be his instrument.

Ned was... a young, modern day Billy Joel, for a whole new generation of freedom fighting conservatives!

The Bridge

Well Ned... 'don't go changing'.

This Knight will be your ally in your freedom quest and 'I'll meet you anytime you want'.

This Knight speaks for the entire SteemChurch when he says 'this is the time to remember!'

Now let's hear from the man himself... a one, a two, a one two three four...

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At this time we are all feligans going through trial and fire with the steem down, especially here in Venezuela with the hyperinflation we are experiencing every day, practically with a steem we buy only one item of food, but I am with the full confidence that we will come out in victory from all this, God says that if in the little we are faithful, in much He will put us. Before joy, suffering, God is our Father and friend, He knows all the effort, love and heart that you are giving to your church and your members to help grow steemchurch community and give us freedom in different areas of our lives and God himself will give you the strategies you need to get ahead with more strength and power. God is pleased with you because you act for the benefit of those in need, every day of my life I ask God for you, your family and your surroundings because you have been a great blessing to thousands. We love you very much in the love of Christ.

Many are criticizing @ned at the moment, but I know that @ned is looking to improve steemit and take it to another level, when we are in shortage is easy to judge and complain but here is the time to know who are faithful and what is the real reason to be in steemchurch.

Wow Billy Joel would have gotten no better tribute or an ode written better in his name, I would've said I know him but I didn't just going through his life there and again even in Wikipedia and the beautiful songs he's dotted, I would say it feels like I've known him all eternity

Billy did amazing using music to enrich and make impact in his own brilliant Way, and well @ned too who has been quite vocal these days have done so as well, he is still a vibrant young man with dreams for this blockchain and I think it's evening the beginning

Howbeit you're right STEEM price has got many all worked too, I mean we should be, but what good will that be, rather than to keep praying, keep steeming and keep believing.

Hello @sirknight
I bid you greetings;)
Though the crypto world is bleeding which affects steem, it could be a test, it will rise back just a matter of time:)
@ned video made me recall of a time while i was in his shoes...really frustrating
Thank you @sirknight for sharing this well expository piece at this hour, i know we will all get there:)

Everyday of our lives we have to seat and think what is best for us and the people aorund us , by than we get to evaluate our self and see areas of life were we can on work, because we need it each to survive in this world. why not go around and sharing the Peace, Love, Joy, Happniess that our LordJesus want us too, Great post @sirknight

I love Billy's music, the great piano men of all time.

just yesterday I was reading and reading the publication of @ned, I listened to his guitar again and again, and incredible that this happened also in me, maybe, @ned wanted to tell us "no matter the time coming down or the moment is not very good" , just play a little music, and focus on everything will be very good "

Now, I made a comment to @ned on a video about my guitar playing yesterday, I wanted @ned to know that I was also playing the guitar and forgetting the bad times, with a steaming rate of coffee by my side, and letting the chords and melodies invade my mind and take me to a new time, where are the greats of music like Billy Joy, Billy Idol, Alphaville, Europe, the police.

A day of reflection sir!
Today i didn't to work not because i didn't want to though today is a public holiday! The fact is i stayed at home to plan and think of the remaining weeks of the month. I had to reflect on last week and work to make next week better!

Life is a struggle to get better. Music was my resort of alot of thinking. It still helps me relax up till now.

@ned plays amazingly well.

Cheers @sirknight

Dear @sirknight I can feel your words regarding the situation of these two nations, we are going through a tough test, but we have believed in spiritual freedom and this can not be affected by any government, hope is our shield, I thank you in the particular thing because the contributions of @steemchurch has improved the situation a bit in my home, and I personally admire it, beyond not knowing it personally, its actions speak much more, everything will happen and there will come times of glory for the nations that now suffer . Faith can very much. Blessings gentleman.

All i know is that crypto will boom again....
This is part of life challenges.....
I love this:

If we go down, we all go down together...

This statement shows the kind of love you have for us. Thanks @sirknight

Wow....sirknihht...guess i wanna be your armor bearer on this. He needs to enjoy himself too once a while and forget the pressure. Clear your head.and @ned he plays so well and wow...i never thought he would be musically inclined. Just thought he was all programming and codes.cryptic honesty i tell you.
I stay with steem, the time no one wants to do anything, thats the time to do more. And this is the first time am listening to Billy. ...that need some of this vibe in my day. Am dancing....its a matter of trust.

I won't hold back anything, i will walk away a fool or a king. crazyin love with the strings.

Always interesting to follow through your reflections. We could try individual and collectively to make an impact onthe world like the person of Billy Joel - we could find our true calling.

Upvoted & Resteemed

Tough times indeed. I love this quote,

If we go down... 'we will all go down together.'
It shows unity. We need to have one another's back over here since we do not know what they are going through.

EOS is looking promising btw. Please help send my regards to Ladyknight.

The ability to stay strong and happy even in hard-times are limited are limited to great Men and you Sirknight is one humble one!

The knight has said it all. Tank for this great motivation sire

God bless you

I know with @ned, @sirknight and whole of @steemchurch, we can lead the whole world to the part of total freedom.

Totally support @ned. Music is the Best way to shut the noise up sometimes, I think we all need the clarity that Music brings in times of trouble

What a nice rendition of the song @sirknight very captivating. A heartwarming song for us. Hope to share more song in the future.

Thanks and God blessed :)

Greetings sir.

This is indeed a great post.

We must keep having faith, believe and support the fight for freedom of you sir and @ned.

Steem is already changing the world.

excelente amigo me encanto soy Venezolana jeeeee y se lo que se vive con esa hiperinflacion bendiciones y saludos..


esperemos pronto aumente el steem yo tengo fe y mientras escuchar buena musica y tratar de olvidar el strees la vida es corta..

@ned plays so well. Wawu

We are going to change the world with STEEM

Hello @sirknight Thank you for naming to Venezuela in your reflexciones; We certainly suffer a galloping hyperinflation and I repeat your question is by mismanagement of the Government? is the economic attack real? and I make a question that we are peoples who ended up paying the bad efforts or the whims of those who believe are owners of the world?

God bless more your life brother Sirknight. Excellent reflection. In Venezuela we continue to hope to overcome this strong crisis with the help of Almighty God.

The worst thing about this inflation is that it does not stop. and there is a lot of government insensitivity and little international help. Thank God that steemit helps us a lot.

My dear @sirknight you have indeed touch so many lifes . we have been able to know what it takes and also what life brings. It is realy touching . steem is the instrument that can change the world.
@sirknight, indeed you have a bit on trust. In addition, trust is the only way that can bring us in unity with one another.
Just i have watch in avengers not too long ago they trust on themself and they won the war.
Thanks for this wonderful video. @sirknight my mentor.

Billy the best of all time has no comparison

I love all the music is very relaxing your melody congratulations

Very Great Sirknight.

Goood Job.

In the midst of all this SirK, steem always relieves our economy. Thank you for considering the economic situation of our brothers in Africa and Venezuela.

God bless more your life brother Sirknight. Excellent reflection. In Venezuela we continue to hope to overcome this strong crisis with the help of Almighty God.

What an inspiring piece! Billy Joel did make a positive impact in his world through his life. And this, should be our goal as we live our lives as individuals.
Honestly, @sirknight, your write-ups are always written in a grand style that seductive strength of catching and sustaining the reader's attention from start to finish.
Thanks for sharing.
Kind regards.

Oh dear Master @sirknight good message, you are very well literary resources to convey the messages in a specific, original and unique way, gives us an encouragement and hope above all to those who think like you, we are workers, and that we expect a real change for the world where we live, that there are no barriers, where honesty and love predominate. God bless you gentleman

Thank you Sirknight for being a voice of Justice in the world. Thank you for keeping in mind the communities supported by hyperinflation. Everything will be better tomorrow.

Thanks @Sirknight for this great piece. It doesn't matter what happens, it just a matter of trusting the system. We won't stop posting. When I go through trial in life, this scripture always come handy

Isaiah 43:3 KJV: When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.
Thanks once again @Sirknight for being an instrument of change and inspiration. God bless you

Just before I forget, I really enjoyed listening to Billy Joel song and I really want to go download it now... Thanks @Sirknight

Indeed we are in trying times, we keep struggling and hoping that things get better. Billy Joel of course, remains the hero of his generation as music is the food of the soul. Thanks for such a reflective piece this Friday @sirknight. God bless you.

God bless our protector and friend @sirknight. Here in Venezuela we are very grateful for the support that gives us the community of @steemchurch and @sc-v, we are truly going through difficult times on the ecomomic level but that allow us to raise our eyes and heart to our Lord Jesus Christ. With many feelings and wishing all the best to all the parents of this ecosystem of steem. Many affections