First advertising billboard for Steemit is ready - in Croatia (video)

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It's here. Steemit billboard. For years I wanted to make a great poster for a cryptocurrency. I was not determined until Steem came out and now I have no excuse. In front of you is a poster that I will place in at least one location in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

I can pay for a not so attractive location. However, with your help we might even get it into the city center where no one will take it off :).

Now a few words about me. I'm a journalist from Zagreb who follows the ICT sector. Through my work I discovered Bitcoin early on, but only invested at the begging of 2013. I had a good start, but unfortunately lost most of the now almost forgotten exchanges, and, on various "stocks". The rest I invested in Monero and Bitshares (AGS). This whole journey was, although sometime frustrating, very informative and at times even entertaining.

I believe in Steem and Steemians. I think Steemit is a good project that will generally change the view of social networking and cryptocurrencies.

See you soon with a picture of our posters, hopefully in the best location in Zagreb.


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Maybe you should re-post this.

Thanks for billboard.

After initial frustration my project is starting to attract interest. Thank you all for voting it really means a lot to me. Special thanks to #Bitshares community and @Dantheman father @Stan. He is really something special. You should follow him on Bitshares and Bitcointalk forums. He brings a smile to my face with each new post. I'am AGS investor so that is not easy thing to do :). No wonder why his son is a genius.

In the first 24 hours we did not collected much, only $ 5. Now it is much better and I started negotiations about the location. The next days will offer a lot more informations. Poster will be on board until the end of next week.

Thank you !

Brilliant! I hope that you have the sufficient help to put more advertising in better sites and to help to steemit for grow more and more.

You have my vote, Because not only excplicas project, You're the one who did it!, and only ask for help to improve it.

A greeting and graces for the effort.

I love it, well done, great aerial footage!!!

I believe in Steem and Steemians. Good idea!

All I can say is that your bIllboard in Zagreb worked. Thanks for not putting the link so I had to google. Here I am :D How do you claim reward from me :D

Awesome job friend!

Shit just got real.

This is near my house. How cool is that?

where do you live?

great video :)

Yes, I hope we will have best location. My vote is for you. Thank you for your work.

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