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Vampire Fascination

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Welcome to my post. Today i wanted to talk about Vampire fascination. Yeah, you heard it right many people around the world are fascinated to this blood sucking and dead thing.

I am wondering why should i talk about others when i myself so fascinated with this thing. No Offense Please !!!

First thing, the woman's inner desire to be with really really hot and bad guys. Vampires are creatures of the night and do their mischief acts in the darkest of the night. It all sounds romantic and fascinates the deep desire. Most movies portrait them so sexy that girls like me easily fall a prey for them.

They are shown as eternal which means that their love will be eternal this is what excites me more than anything.

They are my favorite vamp character. I know this may not interest most of the people so please don't feel offended.

But i would like to know your favorite vamps character if any ?

Do tell if these things fascinates you too and if it dose not fascinates you can try to watch Twilight saga and Vampire Diaries :-P:-P

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But if the marriage goes sour that also will be eternal! ;)


I like and enjoyed your post ! Keep publishing interesting and informative articles.
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Vampire fascination is sometime enjoyable but anybody may goes to afraid situation

Nyc Post!! I like your Post!! Keep Sharing!!

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Ohh My goodness !! What am I reading?
This is for the 1st time I have come across an opinion to have a fascination for Vampires.
It's been a couple of years that I am informally studying Human Behavior, but this is completely new to me.
And undoubtedly yeah I agree to your point that Most of the movies also portray the "Female Vampire" Hot, sexy & seducing. But i never thought much about it.

I am like wow, and somehow this relates to Men who might fascinate the Concept or existence of "Succubus"(female demon), which seems to be a Fictional character.
Haha, This was Interesting to read.

Care to stay in touch, I would be glad to.
Happy Steeming !! @shikhakesarwani


Really appreciate your gesture. Felt happy to get a feedback like this. 😊😊 Feeling my blog was worth writing.