FINALLY! We Can Call Ourselves Full-Time Steemians!

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After being together for nearly two years, we (@shenanigator and @sharingeverybite) were both feeling unsettled with our lifestyle in the US. From the self-centered culture to the cracks in the economy, we wanted OUT. That, coupled with the fact that neither of us had experienced much of the world, made us want to travel through Mexico.

The Difficult Decision

If we did that, though, neither of us could continue with our careers. We had a difficult choice to make: Continue living our less-than-satisfactory lives in Phoenix, or take a leap of faith, give up all the comforts we were accustomed to (including a steady income) and travel through Mexico?

If you've seen anything from @TangerineTravels at this point, you can probably guess what choice we made. Ultimately, we reasoned that we’re both intelligent, hard workers who have built startups in the past, and we should hopefully be able to figure things out and get by.

It was perhaps the scariest thing we’ve ever done.

With one decision, we had to quit our careers, sell all our things, leave our friends and family, and abandon all the familiarity we'd grown to know in the US (including the English language). On launch day, we packed just four suitcases worth of belongings and our Siberian Husky, into @sharingeverybite's tangerine-colored Prius.

"Roh, roh, roh!" —Laska

And let us tell you, the decision to leave the US was difficult, but that's just where all the adventures began.

We’re officially full-time Steemians!

Our journey with Steemit started when we signed up a few months after launch. Since then, we’ve been avid supporters of the Steem vision and the Steemit platform. Attending SteemFest 1 in Amsterdam and 2 in Lisbon reaffirmed why we want to be part of this: the brilliant and unique people, generosity of the community, great energy, and the larger-than-life goals all around.

I’ve never been more confident in a crypto project and am convinced that Steem is going to work. I believe it’s going to be many times bigger than just “blogging for rewards.” I think that we’ll see a day when vendors all over the world will not only accept STEEM, SBD, and various SMTs, these currencies will actually be preferred.

Although we wanted to give more energy and attention to the platform for a long time, we were restrained by our lives and careers in Phoenix. Although we didn't realize this at the time, the terrifying decision we were almost too scared to make actually freed us to do something we wanted to do all along.

Scary as it is not to have our steady incomes anymore, we are happy to be all-in and fully-focused on Steem, which for now, is our only source of income.

Maddie and I are both working full-time creating content for the platform in addition to helping with Steem-related projects. Although our videos may make it seem like our lives mostly consist of beaches and sunshine, we spend the vast majority of our days in front of a computer. If that's what it takes to get Steem to the next level, bring it on!

Soooo, what's the plan?

Our plan is to share our lives traveling through Mexico. We hope to show others what life is like in this country, including the cost of living, Mexican culture, food, language, and all the random things along the way. We're going to share these things each day through video and blog posts on @tangerinetravels.

Behind the scenes: Each 5-minute video takes between 2-6 hours to shoot. Of that footage, we might have 20 minutes we can work with. It takes about 3-6 hours to cut, clip, and blend it all up with different effects to get the final video. Although it takes more of our time to create, we know it saves the viewer's time by only showing the most fun, interesting, relevant video in the end.

"You’re relying solely on Steem earnings to survive?? Idiots!"

Maybe it’s a little bit crazy to bank on nothing but our Steem earnings, but figuring out how to get by is part of the adventure. Gulp! We do have plans outside of Steem for longer-term monetization, but for now, Steem is how we're making ends meet.

How we’re helping grow Steem

Since this platform has given us so much, we want to do everything we can to help grow the community into something massive! There are several ways we’ll be contributing to the growth of the Steem ecosystem with our new account and through our travels.

1. Delegating Steem Power

For the foreseeable future, almost all the Steem Power that we earn will be delegated to @stach to help grow the Nigerian Steem community. Very few Steemians have the ability to add users by the 1,000s and @ejemai is one of them. He’s the one responsible for @stach. He’s doing huge things for Steem in Nigeria and can use all the support he can get.

To be more precise, we’ll be retaining 300 SP to ensure plenty of bandwidth and a small amount of voting power. Everything else will be delegated. We’re already delegating about 28,000 SP to STACH and we’re hoping to be able to do that indefinitely.


There are several reasons why Nigeria is of utmost importance to the growth of Steem:

  • They have an open attitude toward crypto.
  • They’re a trendsetter for a large part of the African continent.
  • English is a major language in Nigeria, so it simplifies communication.
  • A little bit of crypto goes a long way there, so a small amount of support on Steem can make a huge difference.

If we want Steem to be huge, Nigeria is key to doing that. This delegation will go a long way to make that a reality.

In full transparency, we do have to be realistic about money. If our Steem earnings from @tangerinetravels aren’t able to support two money-conscious people and a dog traveling through Mexico, we may be forced to start charging for our Steem Power delegation. But for now, we’re hopeful it won’t come to that.

2. Word of mouth

Maddie and I are 26 and 30 years old; nowhere near retirement age, so just about everyone we talk to in Mexico is wondering how the heck we’re paying for our travels! This makes for the perfect segue into Steem/it and we’ve already had quite a few opportunities to chat with people about it.

3. Social media

We’re working hard to build our following not only on Steemit but also on other social media for the purpose of guiding people to the platform. Regardless of whether someone is following us on Youtube or Facebook, we’ll be exposing them to Steem/it frequently. But you should definitely subscribe to TangerineTravels on YouTube ;) We need to reach 100 subscribers to get a custom URL and we're currently at 60.

4. Driving traffic to Steemit

Without any following on other social media, in just a few weeks, we've already managed to send several thousand unique visitors to Steemit. This number should grow significantly over time as we gain followers on Facebook and Youtube.

Our travels cover a specific niche and we’re making blog posts and videos that interest a lot of people. For example, we posted this post on Steemit a week ago, where it garnered about 60 total views on Steemit. 24 hours later, we posted it in a few niche Facebook groups, and now it has over 700 views. From just that one post, we were able to send over 600 non-Steemians to Steemit!

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 2.32.16 PM.png

When we post a video tour of our Airbnb in Hermosillo, Mexico on Steemit, it might not seem like anything special. Hell, neither of us thought the video was anything to write home about either. However, there are a lot of people who are searching for that type of video and are curious to see what they can get for their money in various cities.

There are also many people in various Facebook groups and message boards who are interested in it and will click on a link to Steemit to watch it. We realize that it will probably be of no interest to most people on Steem, but it allows us to drive more traffic here.

With this niche content, we’re able to drive a lot of outside traffic to the platform, which will ultimately result in the creation of more Steem accounts. The more people we get using Steem, the more the currency will be worth!

These are a few ways that we've come up with to help build Steem into something enormous. With your help, maybe we can find some more ways to help it grow?

We’d love your feedback!

We took a plunge into the deep end without quite knowing how to swim and are embarking on this new adventure and chapter in our lives. As we fumble our way through this incredible, albeit unfamiliar country, we hope to share our experiences with you and give back to the community that has given us so much.

Please check out our new account @tangerinetravels and follow us if you like what we're doing!

We're here to support Steemit and the wider Steem community as a whole, so we’d love any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions that you may have.

Curious to learn more about us? Check out @wadepaterson's 20 Questions with TangerineTravels.


From one full-time Steemian to another, glad to be in this boat with you guys on this wonderful and scary experience! <3

There might be some rough seas, but we'll try to weather the storm. How long have you been full time on here?

Only from the start of this year, so very much a newbie still😁

You guys are inspiring to those who aim to one day be full-timers as well. I'm probably a year out (at least) at this rate, but who knows!

That's incredible that you're delegating your SP to support Nigerian steemians. Very cool!

What a good report about Nigeria and that's very true because am a Nigerian. The government in Nigeria are not helping Nigerians to become financially free, so Nigerians see cryto as an escape route from poverty and lack.

Am just unhappy that i came to steem this January.

I'm confident that Steem can do big things for the world and be that escape route that you're looking for.

It might seem like you're a late adopter of Steem at this point, but I think that within the next couple of years it's going to grow many times larger, and there will come a time when it will feel like you got in early.

Thanks so much for the encouragement

"You’re relying solely on Steem earnings to survive?? Idiots!"

Maybe it’s a little bit crazy to bank on nothing but our Steem earnings, but figuring out how to get by is part of the adventure. Gulp! We do have plans outside of Steem for longer-term monetization, but for now, Steem is how we're making ends meet.

Hey! Here is another idiot.

It is refreshing to read everything you wrote about Nigerians. It is great to see people with brilliant minds who can think on their own and not by what someone or media said.

An average Nigerian is passionate about steemit because it is a perfect getaway...and a chance to show the world we are creative and beautiful people. It gives us a voice "Though we are proudly black, don't paint us one".

It is great getting to meet you. Following you now!

Hey! Here is another idiot.

Hahaha! Welcome to the club :)

From the comments in this post alone, it's apparent how passionate the Nigerian community is about Steemit!

Wow.. It takes real guts to abandon a steady source of income and travel depending on steemit for the time being...
I believe that this is enough to draw so many people to believe in the authenticity of steemit...
Thanks for choosing Nigeria!!
and thanks for recognizing @stach for his efforts to bring more people to the community

Thanks @ungest! We thought about it for a long time. We've found ourselves being much more satisfied with our lives very quickly after deciding to finally go for it.

@donkeypong is the one who opened my eyes to @ejemai and what's he doing with @stach, so I have to give him the credit for recognizing @stach.

Thanks Jordan, you guys are an amazing team. I am happy seeing people living out their dreams without boundaries and making the world a better place. thank you for the massive support you are lending to the Nigerian community through @stach, we are truly grateful to you and wish you good success in your adventure.
Looking forward to meeting and spending some time with you guys soon.
Stay healthy and Steem on!

You're too kind and modest @ejemai, you're the rockstar here! Keep on doing what you're doing, and let's make Steem huge!

This is splendid, at a point i felt so overwhelmed. So please and proud to be a nigerian
Becoming a steemian is the best thing that has ever happened to me

Becoming a steemian is the best thing that has ever happened to me

This feeling seems to be highly-prevalent in the Nigerian community, which is really awesome :)

Wow what a story. Steem is a place to ne. Home sweet home, I must say. This is a bold step you've taken to live your dream. Though it must have been really hard for you at some point. I celebrate your effort.
Talking about @ejemai and @stach This is really a huge one in Nigeria and thanks so much @shenanigator and family for this great support for Stach. Steem is really moving on. We wont give up! We wont give in!
Happy Steeming Steemians

It really is the place to be! We hope to help bring even more people to the platform so they can discover more prosperous lives because of it. Steemit has opened so many possibilities for us and others across the world. We believe it stands to change more lives, too. Whatever we can do to help, we are going to do it!

Wow, that beautiful. What a sweet and adorable spirit you have. Truth be told, there are lots of people across the world that hasnt found their niche. They just keep moving from one job to another. I believe Steeming will be that thing these people have been searching for. I'm so glad to have found it at a time like this. This is beautiful. More and more grease to your elbow @tangerinetravels

It sounds like Steem is what you were searching for! Are you a full-time Steemian?

Congratulations man! You were one of my early inspirations on Steem and now I'm a full time Steemian too - so if i can make it work in America, you'll be able to crush it in Mexico.

Thanks bud! It'll be a little tough as we're traveling and have to pay for accommodations every night, gas, food, and other things that are more expensive while traveling. But, once we find that place we love and get settled into our new home, wherever that might be, we think it'll be pretty easy to get by with Steem earnings.

I know I used to vote for you all the time, but don't really do any voting now since my small amount of undelegated SP is so meaningless. You've been one of the most consistent Steemians I've seen. Keep doing what you're doing!

oh yeah..this sort of posts just make me confident in the steemit blockchain.
I hope you get the audience you seek to help you bring more non-steemians to steemit..
Thanks for the love you're showing to the Nigerian community through @stach

I know they're doing great things for Steem with @stach. With the combined efforts of so many on here, I know Steem is going to be huge!

Wow this is very amazing what you have did. Stach has indeed added been a glory to our community. I am very happy that you did this. You guys are awesome. But how could you take a plunge without knowing how to swim? That's funny though.

Thanks @bob-elr! We're fortunate enough to have a lot of support on Steem, which allows us to contribute in other ways.

As for taking the plunge...sometimes, it's the quickest way to learn how to swim ;)

It is the quickest way actually 😂

Read your interview with @wadepaterson and totally enjoyed it. You are both adorable and for your kind heart plus the delegation to @stach, i can only salute you. I am sure you are enjoying yourself and it is no easy feat to leave it all behind and move to a new place. With your kind of personality, people will love you everywhere, so you can definitely make it anywhere. All the best and thanks for all you do.

Thanks @olawalium! That's one of the nicest comments I've read in a while. It definitely wasn't easy to leave everything behind, but once we did, it was like there was this heavy weight lifted off of our shoulders.

That's so refreshing to hear. I know you will do great. I really look forward to reading more from you. You never know how far you can go until you try. I am glad you took that bold step and you are reaping from it. Massive respect for you both.

We really appreciate the kindness and are happy to have you following along on our journey :)


With so much joy, and pleasure. Thank you.

That is AWESOME! To be twenty something in this particular time... I wish I could have that kind of freedom. I’m too close to retirement to turn back now. I’m afraid I have golden handcuffs on now. :( Good luck and good fortune to you three!

Thanks, @coincussion! We are very fortunate to be able to do what we're doing at this point in our lives. We're incredibly grateful towards Steem for helping to make our desires a reality.

Lolz wow... I have never been to Mexico before and it's good you are a full time steemian now, you and Maddie look really cool together and being able to tell people about steemit, talk less of bringing them here is classic Yo!... With what steemit does, so many lives will be saved. Hoping to see more of your travels. Mostly above all, i want to admonish you guys for your love and delegation towards @stach, words can't begin to describe how much joy u guys would leave in people's hearts. Thank you... @dee-y over and out.

Thanks @dee-y! We think it's awesome that we can be working on Steem full time now. We've been wanting that for a long time, but our hectic lives weren't letting us spend much time working with Steem. We're happy to be fortunate enough to get so much support on Steem that we can provide that delegation.

And that's really selfless. The delegation to @stach. Brilliant idea.

Thanks, @ubongj. It's not totally selfless because we're getting a lot of support on Steem which allows us to give the delegation. But it's really important for the growth of Steem, so we'd love to be able to continue it!

Its amazing reading your story how dedicated you are to growing this project. Your unflinching support to the Nigerian community through @stach is amazing. Thank you, keep doing what you are doing

Thanks for checking out our post @willywealth, we appreciate the kindness. We're getting a lot of support from others, so that helps us to lend support elsewhere.

Congratulations guys. Best decision ever.

Thanks, @ubongj! We're really happy with things so far.

This is amazing @shenanigator!!! Thank you for your delegation to @stach

We're happy to be fortunate enough to do it. I know great things will be done with the delegation!

You can try offering a service at for added monetization to get you by. I'm sure you have plenty of "gigs" to offer.

You might also want to check out D.Tube and as alternatives to Youtube and live streaming platforms. Goodluck! 👍 😎

Thanks for the recommendations! We'll have to look into those.

Such an inspiring story to tell. I admire you both for taking the risks of winning what life and steemit has to offer to us. Good job @shenanigator and to your partner. Will be following @tangerinetravels! ♡

I only read the first part but incredibly impressed. 2 am in Europe....will catch some sleep and will join your adventure right After again! It’s so nice to see youngsters to live their dreams ( just like I always did ) 🌺 still do....

Thanks @mammasitta, go get that beauty sleep! We'd love to hear your story about living your dreams. Have you written anything about it on Steemit?

Nice to hear back from you. I am writing since June 2016 nearly every 2 days and yes! There are lots of different stories about my life experience and various journeys as well as my thoughts, ideals, dreams I lived and much more 😊😋

June 2016? Wow, you were here earlier than us! I'll have to take a look through your old posts!

Oh my!!
I have just fallen in love with you both...
This is incredible and magnificent.
Your story makes my heart to stir..
Wow!! I'm inspired to the real meaning of living as I read your story..To leave all comforts, in the believe of a cause, and make something out of life, even with so many unknowns and uncertainties....

If we want Steem to be huge, Nigeria is key to doing that. This delegation will go a long way to make that a reality.

And to delegate so much to @stach and the nigerian just breathtaking. Really, I should confess, I treble as I write this...I see so much love in you, so much love for humanity and I am being moved to tears...
I have become a fan of you both right away..and I'd really want to be part of this steemit journey with you...

A leap of faith....

My heart blesses you @shenanigator and @sharingeverybite. All you will ever need through your journey will be provided. You will not lack anything...

I am Nigerian and I must tell you that what you're doing for us with @stach will affect so many lives positively and make many lives meaningful.
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
I love you!!

And thanks to @ejemai for all you've been doing. Your good works is been seen by all. I love you and all you do.

Thank you for those kind words!

I am Nigerian and I must tell you that what you're doing for us with @stach will affect so many lives positively and make many lives meaningful.

We're all in this together, so we're going to do anything we can to help out! We may be across the world in a different country, but thanks to Steemit and the power of the internet, we're glad that we can contribute to positive change. :)

Thank you.


I'm glad you guys finally feel like a part of the community.

And the delegation to @stach? That's so magnanimous of you.


Thanks @iamthegray! It's the least we can do to help! Hopefully we can do more in the future.


This post just sent shivers and goose pimples through me right now.

The Nigerian community indeed have an open attitude towards Crypto and daily many more people are getting interested. Thanks for your love for the Nigerian community. We appreciate you.

The delegation to @stach is highly needed in a community like ours and we truly appreciate this.

I just subscribed to your channel on YouTube, I followed your travel blog @tangerinetravels, upvoted and resteemed this post.

Many people need to see what you are doing.

Thanks once again.

We are filled with gratitude for your support and kind words. Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice comment and go through the effort of following/subscribing! It's because of mutual support (like yours!) that we are able to help the Nigerian community and we are hopeful that we can do even more as time goes on.

EPIC! I just Followed, Resteemed and Upvoted.

Thanks for the support :)

This took a lot of guts to do, i am sure but it is a terrific plan. You get to travel, meet new cultures, make new friends, taste new spices, learn different language and the trip will be paying itself! What's not to like?!

I truly wish i could do the same thing. Pick up my bags and tour Nigeria and Africa. Travelling really changes one's perspectives. Your grasp of situations become wider and more defined, and that is a good thing.

For me giving @ejemai within the auspices of @stach's dream of bringing as many Nigerians to steemit as possible, means a great deal. It shows your confidence in the stach community and their ability to achieve set goals. It also shows your belief in the abilities of Nigerians in driving this platform far and wide. I, as a Nigerian, thank you. One steem or sbd truly means a lot over here and you have no idea what can be achieved if more Nigerians had the opportunity.

I wish you a splendid trip across Mexico, take lots of pictures and videos, try new stuff, make friends and stay safe. Peace.

Thank you for such a thoughtful, well-written comment @warpedpoetic! We are overflowing with gratitude to have the opportunity to travel and broaden our perspectives on the world. I hope you get the chance to do it in the future! There's so much to learn from other people and cultures, you're absolutely right about that.

One steem or sbd truly means a lot over here and you have no idea what can be achieved if more Nigerians had the opportunity.

Hearing things like this really reaffirms our decision to support the Nigerian community (and other communities too)! There is something so magical about this platform that it can change lives, make the world a better place, and give people a sense of purpose and belonging.

Thank you again for your kind words. It means a lot to us!

You are welcome. Peace

I admire your dedication! You are so brave to leave home!

I did it as well long time ago but at least I had a place to come to;)

I am crossing my fingers for you! Best!

Not knowing where we'll end up is an exciting part of the adventure...scary sometimes, but all part of the "package." :)

Thanks for your comment!

Wow, wow, wow! This is so very commendable... I believe that the work in Nigeria is just starting and with @ejemai and the team of progressive individuals handling the @stach community, our limits are endless. Thanks again @shenanigator & @sharingeverybite

We'll be following @tangerinetravels regularly for your updates.

Love your attitude! Having a can-do mindset is what truly will help achieve big goals. And when we all come together and believe in the same thing...

our limits are endless!

Perfectly put!

Thanks for following along with our adventure. We hope to continue supporting the Nigerian community and others too. I'm sure you're absolutely right about the work just getting started. Great things are on the horizon!

Let's keep in touch and engaged then. Greater things are ahead for us both. I've followed you on all accounts. Please follow back and engage. @tangerinetravels

You recieved a 100.0% upvote from @sisygoboom - your post is on fire!

Consider delegating to us and recieve 100% of the earnings! (We're happy just recieving curation)

Wow you guys are enjoying a real freedom now. Thanks to steemit and the steen blockchain, one day I dream the same as you man. The only differences you already enjoying me still struggling earn for my roots

We believe in you! Hopefully you can take the plunge like us soon. :)

Realmente no soy Nigeriano, soy de Venezuela. Pero @stach fue uno de los primeros en ayudarme aquí en steemit, así que cuando @ejemai me dijo ve y entérate de @shenanigator... vine a ver de que se trata...

Bienvenido a steemit! @ejemai es una gran persona y estamos contentos de apoyarlo! Gracias por tu apoyo.

Good on you guys. I’ve been grinding almost non stop for months in order to do the same, trying to put out content that is real and not forced, trying to help other minnows rise in he ranks but also hoping to make enough to quit anything that feels like work.

Do you plan to travel as well or just hope to get out of the "rat race?" Either way, we believe in you! All the work is going to be worth it when you can live a happier, more fulfilled life like we feel now. It was a huge struggle to get to this point, but looking back, we're glad to have done it.

Worthy work you're doing to help minnows! We're all in this together and it's amazing what happens when we help each other out.

I don't know if I'd call it travelling but I'd certainly like to spend some more time in other places for a few weeks/months at a time without worrying about how I'm going to pay for it. I've never felt that home is one place and so I'd like to hop back and forth between all my different homes. :-D

Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be on the list of full time steemians.


Thats a very brave move from the two of you, and extremely selfless to delegate all your SP to help others when you probably need it just as much whilst you are in the road

We appreciate you recognizing that! It was a big decision to give part of our income to others, but we believe it's a worthwhile sacrifice to help others.

We took a plunge into the deep end without quite knowing how to swim and are embarking on this new adventure and chapter in our lives. As we fumble our way through this incredible, albeit unfamiliar country, we hope to share our experiences with you and give back to the community that has given us so much.

It's obvious you guys are having lots of fun traveling through Mexico.
Thank you for supporting the Nigerian community, thank you for supporting stach.
Have fun and be safe💖.

We certainly are! Leaving the comforts of our lives in the US was a small price to pay to be living a better life. We hope that our delegation helps others discover the same joy in life as we have found.

Thank you so much!

You'll do great in Mexico as steem also goes a long way there. You are in a better situation with steemit as a source of income. The community thanks you for your efforts in growing the Nigerian steemit users because they are a country with an open minded people who accepts cryptos.

Best regards @shananigator

You are absolutely right! The relatively low cost of living in Mexico is partly why we're able to delegate steem power to helps others—and we're extremely glad to have that opportunity! With @ejemai leading the charge, we're confident that great things are going to happen in the Nigerian community and Steemit as a whole.

Thanks for your comment @cryptopie!

Thank you so much @shenanigator... It takes passion to be a full time Steemian, thats a very bold step and work of a great leader. Am a full Steemian myself. I also believe one day, Steem will become accepted in the whole world nd contend with the likes of BTC. I am definitely looking forward to you and Maddie's post on your lifes travel through Mexico. I am from Nigeria and am one of the many people STACH @ejemai helped to bring up in steemit, thank you so much for the SP delegation to @stach, it has really helped people here in Nigeria, youths now have hope as @stach stretches a helping hand thanks to you and Maddie. We love you here in Nigeria and will continue to support your work. You a born leader.

As grateful as you are for our steem delegation, we are grateful for your support as well. It really means a lot to us to hear such incredibly kind words. If we're ever having a bad day, it's a comment like this that will bring a smile to our faces!

And knowing that our efforts are helping people like you in the Nigerian community makes it all worth it. We hope to do even more in the future!

I assume we'll be getting plenty of updates? I'm very intrigued. I gave up full time work for Photography 10 years ago this month. But it hasn't really been that hard. But steemit still seems like it would be tough to do right now. I'm looking forward to hearing about it and the math of it all.

Absolutely! We're hoping to post updates a few times a day. If you have any requests/suggestions, we're open to them. :)

Happy 10-year give-up-workiversary! We hope to post a comment like yours a decade down the road. Still not totally sure how it's all going to pan out, but we're hopeful that we're going to find a way to make it all work. We'll also probably do an update a few months from now to share some of the logistics on where we started and how we've (again hopefully) created a more steady source of income through Steemit and our travels.

Dude, this post is so inspiring, specially because a lot of people are skeptical about cryptocurrency in general. If we had more people promoting Steem like you it would be so awesome.

By the way, did you choose your username because of Sherminator from American Pie? lol

I think there's a lot of potential for promotion of Steem that people are over-looking here on Steemit. I may have to write a post about it.

Lol naw, it didn't have anything to do with Sherminator. Shenanigator = instigator of shenanigans.

Great job you are doing @shenanigator
You both make up an awesome team.
It gives us great delight to see that there are people out there who still believe in the Nigerian steemit community; your support to @stach is greatly appreciated and we are truly grateful.
You make the world a better place by just living out your dreams without any limits.
Thank you @shenanigator

Thank you so much for your comment. We are truly humbled. Before making the decision to travel, we never thought we'd be able to make an impact like this. Looking back now, we wish we had done it sooner!

This is so amazing what you guys have achieved together

Thank you! We hope to look back to this moment and think "wow, that was just the tip of the iceburg of what we could do to make a difference in the world."

This is amazing. I like the fact you decided to take the plunge early. It's a bold move to make.

You know I have been thinking about folks who choose to go full time on Steemit. It's a big call.

That said, have you thought about and spelt out likely challenges you may face in your new adventure, as full-time Steemians, as SP delegators, and as digital entrepreneurs?

Itemising them in black and white would help you see and prepare ahead for pitfalls, and maximize opportunities on and around the Steemit platform. It also makes good business sense.

@stach is an amazing project by @ejemai. Ejemai has a lion heart. I am glad for the delegation you guys have made to the project. I trust it would be put to best use and Steemit, plus, thousands of Nigerian and Steemians from other African countries would be the best for it. On behalf of each of those ones, I thank you most deeply for your delegation.

@shenanigator, I wish you success in your quest. And of course, I am following you and @sharingeverybite immediately.

So many people are confused to death how two young adults could be doing what we're doing. Like we mentioned in this post, it's all because of Steem! And if our delegation can help others live better lives, too, we are absolutely going to do it! Hopefully we can do more in the future.

Also, thank you for the great advice. We haven't yet outlined challenges that may keep us from succeeding. That's definitely something we need to do because you're right; it's just good business sense. And we're not going to let a few bumps in the road keep us from traveling and helping out communities across the world.

Thanks for following us and your support! Means a lot to us.

I know someone who took a leap of faith and has left his steady source of income to be a full time steemian. Your story is proof that with hardwork and dedication it is possible. I am not there yet. But very soon I will. Love your story. Maddie is an absolute beauty. You guys look great together. Have fun.

Much love from Nigeria.

Thanks for recognizing our efforts! A lot of people have this idea that all we do is sip margaritas by the beach, but there's more work behind the scenes than meets the eye. We hope you'll be able to make your dreams a reality soon, too!

Your kind words mean the world to us! :)

wow this isna risky decision you made when you said that:

With one decision, we had to quit our careers, sell all our things, leave our friends and family, and abandon all the familiarity we'd grown to know in the US (including the English language).

Steemits provides if we work hard on this platform.

It certainly was risky, but with one decision we were able to discover better lives and help people in another country do the same. We think it was worth it and with sustained hard work, we'll be able to continue long into the future.

I'm sure this would be so much fun. You and Maddie look so cute together, You guys rock!

We at Stach are very grateful for this kindness

Thanks @sussan! We're so thankful to be able to travel and help @stach / the Nigerian community at the same time!

Wow. . . This is amazingly impressive @shenanigator.
I got to learn about Steemit because of stach.
It's my 61st day here and it's bee amazing. Steemit is the bomb for me. I hit my 100-follower milestone today and I've made a commitment to show others the way here with the help.of stach in my local community.

@ejemai deserves all the credit here! It sounds like he is working 24 hours a day to help people like you in Nigeria live better lives. Congratulations on your 100th follower! That's a great milestone. Keep up the hard work, you're doing great!

An awesome testimony.... Steemians to the core

Absolutely! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our journey.

your post is very good and I like it, I'm very glad when you stop in my post, if you do not want anything too because I'm quite happy if we become a better friend thanks

This is just heavy and I am really impressed by the work you @shenanigator and Maddie are doing. And thank you for all the wonderful reasons why you have decided to support the Nigerian community through @ejemai's #STACH, it blesses me to know some positive comments like yours can be made for Nigeria all because of STEEM. cheers!

Thanks so much @thelovejunkie! @ejemai really deserves all the credit here, he seems to be working night and day to help others and grow the platform. We hope to provide more support in the future to make the world a better place.

This is not only selfless, it is laudable and I'm so happy there are great steemians like this looking to go all the way to help other's vision. Nigeria is a great country and a good ground for genre at projects like steemit. @ejemai has done a great job by giving the world @stach. Can't wait for the new realities and greater possibilities. Thanks for doing this @shenanigator

Can't wait for the new realities and greater possibilities.

We know that with @ejemai leading the charge, that is absolutely possible! We hope to follow his example and help others through STEEM/Steemit!

Man that is one heck of an adventure.... Y'all got courage
Steemit has helped me in so many nd i am very much conviced that it is the future

That has been a common theme in the comments of this thread. So many lives are being changed for the better through Steem! Keep on spreading the word to friends and family. That's how we make this thing huge!

I've been in a programme for close to a year now and i'm already having a job offer. But i am declining the offer to be a full steemian and everyone thinks i'm crazy. You guys just inspired me, i believe in this platform, the freedom that comes with it and the lives that could be changed with it.

I'm a member of @stach, @ejemai is a force to reckon with, the job he is doing in Nigeria is wonderful and thank you so much for the delegation.. It will go a very very long way in building the Nigerian community.

That's a bold decision on your part too! Do you plan to use your programming skills for the platform itself or what are you thinking of doing?

We agree with you entirely! @ejemai is doing incredible work and it sounds like he will stop at nothing until everyone in Nigeria is living a better life through Steem.

Oh, I didn't mean a programmer, that's a typographical error on my part. I meant that I have been in a programme, it's basically for graduates in Nigeria, then after a year, they are either lucky enough to get a job or remain unemployed..

I love to tour, I'm already documenting tourist places on my blog. And then I love Humanitarian services, these are the things that I will be doing on Steemit.

Oh sorry about that! I assumed it was a typo and read it wrong. Thanks for clarifying. Just checked out your page and you have some great posts! We're excited to see more of your travels. Following :)

Fulltime Steemians? A tough decision for an average mind but a really splendid choice for great entrepreneurs.
No regrets!
Trust me, in a short while, Steem will be a better employer of labour than the government of Nigeria.
Graduates roaming the streets unemployed has been the order of day in my country, Nigeria. I am grateful for Steem and life changing opportunities it is offering.
Stach team led by @ejemai is really doing awesome job getting more youths on board the Steem train.
Steem on!!!!

Very true! Being a full-time Steemian might not be right for everyone but since we're both entrepreneurs, it makes perfect sense. We're thrilled to hear about the improvements happening in Nigeria due to @ejemai's work. It's a sad day when hard-working graduates are jobless and unable to support themselves. It's amazing how Steemit can change all that.

Steem on friend! :)

wow... thanks for your support towards steemit.

I am student who at first found steemit hard to get by unlike every other social platform but then I realised steemit is not just any platform, it's a house we have to keep providing bricks for in order to make it stronger, so I decided to keep sailing, no matter how troublesome the tides might be, that's hope for a better future, your decision inspires me more. Thank you..
I'm a Nigerian and im glad you acknowledge our worth.

Those are really great metaphors! Steemit, like so many other things, absolutely requires continuous work and innovations to make it better. If we all stopped trying to "level up," it wouldn't be a place where lives are transformed. We hope to continue with our support for a long time so even more people can reap the benefits.

wow! You guys are amazing, only few people can make such a move to pursue their dreams.

I celebrate you, and thanks for your support to @stach and your view about Nigeria. We love you

Thanks for your kind words @aristokratos! We're honored to be helping such a great cause.

I really liked reading your post about living your dream :)

Is good to hear this. Someone believing in his faith and focusing much on his dream. Talking about Nigeria community @ejemai has been the head key that awaken and empower the nigeria youths through steemit evangelising. The Team @steemit-city was also created through the good taught and motivation by ejemai in nigeria, including other teams created in there.. Really you plan it well. Always keep the vision burning.
You got an upvote from the team @steemit-city and we look forward for your support by following the team's account. Thanks

Thank you for the support and encouragement @steemit-city! You've got a follower with us. We're incredibly glad to hear the intricacies of what @ejemai is doing in Nigeria and anything we can do to help, we're going to do it!

Thank you for delegating some sp and supporting @stach. You guys are doing a great job.

We know it's being put to good use! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

May God bless your good heart
Nigeria Steemit will grow as you expected.

Good news about Nigeria.... 😊😊😊😊😊. The stach Community is a dream come through by ejemai himself, without him, I don't think I would be here. I'm a proud member of stach, and I can boldly say on behalf of all of us, that stach has changed our lives through the steemit platform.

28000 delegation, that's a lot, and for that we are grateful.

I know awesome things are being done with that voting power. It's great to hear that so many lives are being changed for the better :)


@shenanigator the way you describe Nigerians makes me feel so proud than am Nigerian.
The government aint helping at all I must say
..and the delegation to @stach that's a very a selfless act @stach is doing a so much for us here in Nigeria and @ejemai he his an Angel in human form.
Thank you so much, you just earned a passionate follower. I can call myself full time a Steemian 😁 a huge congratulations to you guys

We really appreciate your thoughtful words and support @adejoke16. That's awesome that you're a full-time Steemian as well! We're excited to see what the future holds and what else we can do make a positive impact on the world.

This is amazing. Thank you @shenanigator. You guys are doing an amazing Job. Thank you for your unflinching support to this Nigerian community @stach. The @stach community is really grateful. Wish you both success in this adventure you both have started. Subscribed to the YouTube channel. Well done guys!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment and subscribing to our YouTube channel @mizdais! We're glad to be supporting such a worthy cause. Knowing that our delegation is making the world a better place is heartwarming.

The @stach initiative has been a blessing to the Nigerian community, thank you @shenanigator for your continued support and show of confidence in the Nigerian community.

It's amazing to hear about the impact @stach is having for Nigeria! We're honored to be supporting such a worthy cause.

"For the foreseeable future..."

Awesome to see that you've made/done your research to be able to invest in the stach community! Thank you!
Thank you stach boss @ejemai...

A passionate steemian

Absolutely! We couldn't think of a better cause than @stach and more hard-working individual than @ejemai. Great things are on the horizon!

Thanks for your support @ftender.

Awesome @shenanigator
Great work, great plan , great strides!

I actually love the fact that you are honest about the reason you came on here(something people aren't always truthful about). And o also love the fact that you are giving back to the community.
Yes, you are correct. Crypto can help a great deal in Nigeria,more and more people are adopting it. And stach is doing a great deal, supporting the steemit community.

Honesty and transparency are always the best policies! We plan to continue being straightforward about our plans on Steemit, about delegations, and other details. We hope to build trust with the community and our followers...and have a great time with our travels while doing it!

Thanks for your thoughtful comment @sushie!

Wao! Im honoured to be a nigerian with your post. I must say, youre doing a very good job for steemit and its communities, keep up the good work.

Just keep up the good work, Nigerians are also proud of you guys!

Thank you for delegating to @stach
And thank you for seeing the African steemit community as important

We wouldn't be able to do it if it wasn't for the amount of support we've received from the community, so really I think it's them that deserves the credit. Steem on and keep spreading the word to your friends and family!

Waoooo! I'm moved by your decision, it obvious you dont intend to settle for anything less. You guys are couple with an huge vision. I admire this @shenanigator.
I really appreciate you for the love you've shown to we Nigerians, it feels good to finally know that there is an Angel somewhere that's really desires the growth of Nigeria, i'm lucky to be a citizen of this great country. Indeed Nigeria is the best place to invest in I cherish your heart of gold, @ejemai has been a good leader no doubt the delegation you've made to @stach is in save hands, and i believe it will use for the purpose at which its been made. I love you in person and my fellow Nigerians love you as well. Thank you very much for the opportunity we will surely keep at @shenanigator you've just won a follower.

After reading comments like yours and hearing all the great feedback about our delegation decision, we're going to continue supporting for a long time. We have no doubt that @ejemai is using it for the best purposes.

Eventually, we'd love to extend our efforts to other countries in need as well. Perhaps we can be the ones leading people to Steemit in Mexico!

Thanks for your delightful comment and following along with our journey. Means a lot to us!

The bold step you took about resigning from is a bold and laudable one. Few people can actually do that without thinking of steem/it going into extinction.

The fun of having money is to enjoy it while one can. Have fun while you can...

Thank you for considering Nigeria community.

This support you will be lending #stach will grow a long way in encouraging the nigeria community as @ejemai has always stay on the initiative of decentralizing the offline.

This will help the establishing of more #stach unit around the country.

What other benefit do steem/it get from the generation of traffic from other social media site aside from people coming to join the community?

Thank you for those lovely words! We're glad to hear how big an impact @ejemai is making with @stach. It's truly heartwarming.

What other benefit do steem/it get from the generation of traffic from other social media site aside from people coming to join the community?

This could be a Steemit post in itself, but a few benefits of posting on other social media are:

  • Exposure and familiarity. The more people see something, the more common it becomes to them. We want Steemit to be such a well-known brand, it stands up there with the "big guys" like Facebook and Google.
  • Traffic/SEO. The more people you have coming to a specific website, the higher Google ranks it. So when someone searches for something like "how to travel on a budget," the first results that come up would be Steemit. Not only does that benefit the site, but it also encourages people to sign up and be part of it, therefore strengthening both Steem/it.

Leaving your job and family + friends and taking on steemit full-time on a tour of Mexico is really bold I must say and scary you must feel but am quite sure it was a right decision. I love your travels because they are so fun especially from the @tangerinetravels page. It's awesome what you are doing for Nigerians mostly on steemit and the love you have chosen to shower upon them. @stach community deeply appreciates you and your wifey, Lolz and of course the dog too. What's the dogs name?

We're happy to hear you enjoy the videos. We spend a lot of time editing them to make them as fun to watch as possible. The appreciation goes both ways. The amount of support we've received from the Nigerian community on this post has been amazing! Not only have we've received a lot of comments, they've been lengthy, thoughtful, and heartfelt.

The pup's name is Laska.

Wao. Am so inspired. Indeed Nigeria is the key. You are both so young, you are officially my steemit role models.

Thank you @winniesamuels! We appreciate that.

We're happy to do it. Thanks for your comment :)

these currencies will actually be preferred.

First off, I love that! I'm do glad that you guys made it back from that whole "stranded in iceland" after STEEMfest1 too. Looking forward to hearing more of your story as you travel, live, and enjoy it!

Thanks for your encouragement and support @papa-pepper! We always love hearing from you and seeing you're doing well!

We're glad to be out of that pickle as well! Now our mishaps will be happening in sunny Mexico. Until the next SteemFest anyway! ;)

That is great to hear! That is a big step loading up the car and peace'n out!

I can't even count the number of times we said something along the lines of "We're really doing this?!" Often times we couldn't even believe what we were doing! Thanks for your support, the resteem means a lot to us!

I look forward to watching the adventure!

Thanks @brianphobos! Looking back, that day was such a surreal blur of "are we really doing this??"—we're so glad we did it though!

Edit: Whoops, Jordan already replied.

This is really exciting,i see it as a big step to steem triumph.
Great choice
Kudos guys


Congratulations on the big move and the new realities. It’s always cool to see people living with all the freedom they need/deserve!

We appreciate every support we get and I hope that more people like you finally start to see the work being done by the Nigerian community and really really support in a BIG way!

One more reason why Nigeria is “of utmost importance to the growth of Steem” is the numbers! We have the numbers in terms of population and you know that bigger numbers call for bigger support yeah?

Stay awesome.

With Love,

edited for brevity

Hey Fi! We were probably remiss to not mention you when talking about the growth of Steem in Nigeria.

When it comes down to it, sometimes it's just a numbers game! We're glad to be helping out a community in need. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

We're so glad to hear our delegation is making a big impact for Nigeria. We'd love to make a more significant impact, but for now, we can only do so much.

After reading through the numerous, long, thoughtful comments on this post, and seeing the incredible passion and dedication to Steem, it's obvious that the community deserves a lot of support!

The is just an expression of Love. This has really shown how kindhearted you are especially to Nigerians. The government is not doing anything for the youths so we can't rely on them at all. Steemit is a great family and im happy to be here. My gratitude sir.

We are equally grateful for all the love and kindness we've received here. All the thoughtful, heartfelt comments on this post alone go​ to show how much the Steemit family means to so many people!

It's so unfortunate to hear that the government isn't taking care of the people there. Although we've never experienced what that's like firsthand, it has to be a pretty crummy situation. We're hopeful that through the continued hard work of everyone on Steemit, we can make Nigeria and other communities across the world better than ever. Imagine if Steemit was the "world government." It would be a great planet.

Edit: Whoops, Jordan beat me to the reply here!

imagine if steemit was the world government, it would be a great planet

I totally agree with you. We will keep on pushing hard and i believe we all will tell our success stories.

Hey, I wish you guys all the best! Steemit is changing lives! :D

Thank you! Just by reading the comments in this post, it's abundantly clear how many lives are being changed!

It really is! Day after day when everyone comes together to work hard toward a common goal, anything is possible.

edit: Looks like Jordan already replied.

Very nice story, you must have had balls of steel to take that step, wish you all the best luck for the future. Regards, Thomas.

Thanks @sqruffy! We appreciate your kind words and well wishes. All of this still seems pretty crazy at times, but we're glad we did it.

This just inspired me to do more. The Steem ecosystem has done a lot for me on my journey to financial freedom. I've not really been giving back like I should, but to see you guys quit your jobs to propagate the Steem ecosystem is challenging to me as a person and steemit as a community. From now henceforth I'm going to use my resources; mental and physical to propagate the Steem ecosystem and mentor new members to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Delegating SP to STACH is really nice of you. The STACH community is growing in thousands, and it single handedly curates hundreds of post daily. If not for STACH a large number of Nigerians would have been discouraged, myself included.
Your journey would be rewarded more than you'll ever anticipate. A very BIG thank you from me and more power to your elbow. Keep up the good work.