Visualising follower data - see who you need to follow!

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With the recent influx of users I have noticed a marked increase in the number of people following me, however I have been slack in following them back. Something had to be done!

How do I see who (still) follows me, who has muted / unfollowed me, that I follow?

It ended up taking me quite a bit more work than I expected, but the site is definitely better for it! Let's check out the results.

Introducing some colour


Here is a snap from the latest incarnation over at
As you can see there is now a bit of colour! Rows, sometimes, have colours and the action taken by the 'follower' is now highlighted as a very bright button.

Button colours are as follows;

  • Follows are green, as that's awesome! 👍
  • Unfollows are amber/orange as thats not so awesome 😕
  • Mute's are red, those are really not nice... 🙁


Each action by a user has a row for each day, these rows colours depend on the relationship between the account and the 'follower'.


Another example of the rows that can appear.

Colour me confused

To try and have the maximum impact with regards to the visual aspect of the relationship, I tried colouring the rows.
To get the most out of this, you need to know what the colours mean though, lets take a look.

For the purposes of this explanation, imagine you are viewing your followers, on your profile.


Green is good, ☝️ this person follows you and you follow them back. Everyone is happy


Blue is ok, this person follows you, but you don't follow them. What to do now? Well, follow the link to their profile on Steemit, have a read through their posts and comments and if you like what you see, then follow them back!


Oh dear! Yellow means this person follows you, but you have muted them. This would have helped me, as I did this by mistake to my wife's account. Make sure you actually want this persons account muted, your choice!


Tough choice ahead! Red means you follow this account / but they muted your account or recently muted your account.
You need to decide if it is still worth following this person.


If you are on a PC, you can hover over a row, to get a nicer description of what is going on.

The end, for now

I hope to expand more on follower profiles soon, I really would like to add enough information, so that you can make an informed decision on whether to follow someone right there on

I had to redo some stuff in the database, but I am sure that the site should be much more snappy now, and with the changes I should have data in such a format, that I can add a follower trend line to the graph soon!

What are your thoughts?
Do you like the recent changes? Are they easy to understand?
What else would you like to see from the followers profiles?


Follow me!

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Wow just coming across this now. This is fantastic. I will be messaging you on steemit chat for sure. Thanks Shaun

This is so great, thank you so much! There were a few times when I went to someone's page to follow them, not realizing my internet was lagging...the end result, as the page was loading slow, I clicked on what appeared to be follow, but in fact once it fully loaded the field I had clicked appeared as mute. I started wondering how many others I had done that I can see :)

Great work! I'm going to use this in future. One suggestion: the follower list should go from newest to olders, or at least have an option to change it from oldest to newest.

Edit: Couple more suggestions - Would it be possible to somehow see recent data of who has unfollowed/muted me? Example: while browsing this feed I can see that one account has unfollowed me but then followed me again. Maybe if I hover over this information, there should be data of the current situation?

Or just offer us a way to show all current followers, muters and unfollowers?


I can change the sort order. It use to be newest to oldest. I probably messed that up with the update.

A list of all follows, unfollows and mutes is a good idea. It can show the current state only.

I will have a think and see how I can make it happen.

Thanks for the reply!


Great, can't wait for these updates! I'll let you know if anything else comes up to mind.

Thanks for this share. I gonna start using it. I also believe people who don't t follow us now myt eventually start following if we engage in conversation with then. People here are more positive and open for friendship.


For sure, overall I have had a much better experience here than on any other platform.

I love that it is still early days and that the tech is so open, that even I can make something useful!

Very cool tool!

what a fantastic tool you put together here! I was using for this, which is excellent also, but yours just takes it to a whole other level! Definitely gonna be using this a bunch!


Thanks for the compliment!

Steemdb is an absolutely amazing tool that I use often, I recommend it to anyone to try.

I am planning more, I just need iron out some kinks, then I can add much more exciting stuff!

Great changes! Resteemed It would be nice to see followers that resteemed you.



This is really helpful and much more convenient than collecting txt files ;D
Thank you for creating this.


My pleasure!

What txt files were you collecting?


Just copied my follower list every couple days ;)

wow what a helpful app! already started using it :D


Awesome, let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks. It's good to see just very very few people muted me. I've resteemed other people's posts quite much lately, so I was concerned about that a little.

This is great fun ok and future help AND it displays beautifully and gracefully !! tyvm! BUTwhat i'm wondering about already as a little Red Fish is this: How will know if the people I follow have gone dormant? This is technically not a big deal ... but it makes me a bit nuts to have people in my following list ... and not know if they are still active. I can't think of a really logical reason to need to know this info apart from curiosity and wanting the number displayed to match reality. lol so. If you think of a good logical reason to know this info and want to figure out how to pull it, I'll be first in line to try it out for you :)


That's a good suggestion and something I want to build in.

I will let you know when it has been added, it might take a while though.


Hey, I'm a retired (as in I quit) software support tech and program testing guru married to a software developer who stuffs databases full of info .... so ... can't you just add a few buttons and fields this afternoon? insert hysterical laughter


I used to work for a guy who would start many sentences with "can't you just ..."

So much fun ;)

I am running this on an underpowered (for the data volume) VPS. 512MB RAM and a single processor does not equal performance, added to which all the other little personal projects I have on there.

The imports still take much longer than I am happy with, so will be sorting that out properly before I move on to adding features.

Thanks for commenting!


This does all sound a little painful. I'd personally not noticed a delay in the data pull but then all my Internet arrives via a cell signal. Everything is slightly delayed. It's much better than nothing. Such is life.

I'm confident you'll find a solution.

So I noticed an issue, one that meant I had to clear out a table and re-import the data.

Please bear with me whilst the import runs, the data will come back slowly. (It takes a looong time)