Postponing the LMAC's Community Poll

in #steem2 years ago (edited)

Dear Steemians, Dear LMACians!

This should have been the community dpoll to choose the winners of the LMAC, Round #30. Once again there has been a series of wonderful entries as you can convince yourself here.

However, dpoll isn't running anymore on our chain (for now) and I don't feel that I want to continue with this contest as if nothing had happened.

I promise to not skip the winner's election but will postpone until it's not longer Steem alone which requires all our on-chain-attention.

Thank you!



I forgot to set @null as beneficiary of this post. I will therefore add all rewards (liquid and non-liquid) to the LMAC's current prize pool.

So many unattractive aspects to recent events. But the people...that's the reason to be here. LMAC veterans have a special spirit. Hope that can survive, along with the blockchain we all care about.

Einige Tools laufen leider nicht. SteemAuto auch nicht. Schade, daß es so kommen musste. Ich hoffe, die gehen wieder an den Start.

Ich hoffe, ohne SteemAuto wird wieder mehr gelesen!


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