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RE: Justin says Steemit is migrating to Tron: Time to Panic or Things will be OK for Now?

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Really? Then what is this all about? The author is TronLink posting on Medium. Something don't smell right.


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I'm sorry, what? Steem was never part of EOS nor was it based on EOS! This guy is blowing smoke.

My point exactly. Pure disinformation. Anyone that is not familiar with STEEM, especially Tron folk may take this information as gospel and that we are formally a subsidiary of EOS.

Misinformation campaign maybe?

Not anymore. They removed the article. It was deleted by the author.

that's convenient, this is biz , big biz pure and simple
I wrote a post under my "Battleaxe" account regarding Poloniex today and a satire weird one yesterday
It's Mergers, Acquisitions or to some a takeover, am neutral on what the intentions are for now but that seems hostile op/ed

this medium post has been removed already :/

I am aware and as noted earlier, have removed links to it on my Twitter profile as well. Thank you.

I appreciate your communication skills @sgt-dan :)

Hi again @sgt-dan

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Tronlink is a wallet. At first glance it appears to be a separate entity from Justin Sun. They either didn't get the memo or got a different memo. it could be evidence of a mixup. It could be evidence Justin in lying. it's something to keep an eye on for sure.

Justin owns TronLink. He bought it. This is known by most in the Tron Community.

New user from Tron? Welcome!
What is your relationship to sesameseed?

Thank you for your response.


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this medium post has been removed already :/

that medium post is now deleted?? Obviously there was some sort of discrepancy.

Could be we got somebody's attention.

seems like it. I don't think anyone has ever dealt with a community like steemit and its army of steemians. We won't go down without a fight...

Oh boy. This keeps getting more interesting.

UPDATE:   This article was deleted by the author. Therefore; I have unpinned the link to the above article from my Twitter™ account.

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