Steem Statistic Charts Week 02

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Here are my weekly Steem statistic charts.
In the second week of 2018, price of Steem decreased by 15.1% and the SBD price decreased by 29%. SBD inflation is now 13.9% weekly. Steemit activity values have continued to rise sharply.


The all-in-one-chart shows all activity values and monetary values in logarithmic scaling where you can see the correlation between the curves.


Steem Price Chart

The following chart shows the steem price and market capitalization in linear scaling.


SBD Chart

The following chart shows the SBD price and SBD supply in linear scaling. The inflation rate of SBD is now 13.9% weekly.


If you have some advice to improve the charts, please let me know.

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Vor 12 Tagen wurde ich mit der Nummer 550779 bei steemit aufgenommen. Die Anzahl der Total Accounts in Deiner Grafik sind jetzt 605550. Werden die Nummern bei der Registrierung fortlaufend vergeben?


Hallo @invonne, herzlich Willkommen bei steemit. Hab gesehen, dass du noch recht neu bist. Ja, die Nummern werden fortlaufend vergeben. Ob aber nun nach Registrierung oder Freischaltung kann ich dir nicht sagen, aber dürfte auch keinen großen Unterschied machen. Falss du noch Fragen hast, kannst du mich gerne im Steemchat kontaktieren.


Danke Dir für die Info und die angebotene Unterstützung.

I apologize for having used so many voting bots this time right now. It was a small experiment where I wanted to see if there was any chance of being listed under the category "Hot". But maybe you have to pull out many stops. No idea what they are using for an algorithm. Through real votes and real comments, I've never made it, even though the voting value was higher than others. Maybe someone has an idea and can explain that to me.


This is an interesting question. If you ever find the answer, please share it.
Also, why do you apologize for that? I understand the problem of paying for upvote but can't see the difference between one big and many small votes

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