Steem Creators Conference in Toronto 🇨🇦

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This conference was awesome I got to meet a bunch of big creators like @steembirds @joeparys and @steemcafe

Got @kaibn set up on here too in picture #2

There were many others like @coruscate @eventspeaker and the list goes on as you can see in the 5th and 6th shot I included the list of everyone who was there so be sure to go and give them a follow! These are the pioneers of Steem, pumping out content daily!

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I think you are also one of the pioneers @scottcbusiness 👍


Haha I'd like to think so too, but I am definitely a small fish in a big pond with these titans of industry lol

@Scottcbusiness... You are looking very cute and handsome. I wish I could make it to the conference just to meet you guys. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves @coruscate, @steemcafe and others?

I hope you will also be able to drop some great raps for them over there 🙌😀🙌

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from@hardaeborla 💗


Haha thanks so much! I just stuck to my blockchain stuff for that conference :P Maybe soon enough I'll break out some rhymes


No problem boss

Eeee so fun! I love seeing all the steemians together! Found you through @kaibn nice to meet you!


Awesome :) Nice to meet you too

Thanks a lot for being such good witness, I updated my vote, I do that every 2-3 months and I'm still voting you as a witness and I included you in this post to introduce you to a very good steemian : One of the best steemians


ey mad respect! Will go toss that an upvote

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