Quick Shoutout To @HungryHustle and @SurpassingGoogle for @Steemgigs

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Firstly I'd like shoutout to @hungryhustle for helping me create great infographics and doing some awesome graphic design work. This was all done on @Steemgigs which I really want to endorse and support because it's the Steem version of Fiverr which I've found to be crucial for entrepreneurs to be able to support other entrepreneurs and hire affordable work to fit their budget. This was all made possible by @surpassinggoogle so a big shoutout there too!


This is the top of the gig by @hungryhustle that I paid him for to help me with some different graphics. He's more known for his awesome @Steepshot infographic and will continue to help support efforts there making various pieces of content that will be shared on their social media. Be sure to check out his work and hire him if you need something done. It's well worth it. There aren't a ton of people using this platform yet, but I highly recommend doing so! I would love to see this become more widely adopted. I actually just delegated a little bit to @Steemgigs to start off showing my support.

This is the post he made for the infographic: https://steemit.com/infographic/@hungryhustle/three-latest-features-added-on--2018-4-2-14-22-30

And this is the infographic! Personally I'm a huge fan and so I will be getting a lot more like this and bring some more life to @Steepshot's social media

Let me know what you think and if you have paid for his work or use @Steemgigs at all. I've also recently voted for Steemgigs/Surpassinggoogle as a witness to support the efforts being made here. Feel free to do the same and or vote for me :)


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Thank you so much @scottcbusiness for giving me my first opportunity to showcase my work. And also @surpassinggoogle to provide us this wonderful platform (@steemgigs) for freelancers and service consumers. :)

Cheers! Hope to serve you again through #Steemgigs very soon. ;)


Looking forward to it!

All of them are my celebrity and I'm a fan of their great works.


That's always great to hear :)

*That is amazing!!............

what good help among steemianos I congratulate you

Thank you.. I'm a fan