Surprise! Steem no longer on Blocktrades

in #steemlast month

Today I was on after a long time. To try some conversions, but to my complete surprise- No Steem.

Why this happened I don't know, but is definitely not a comfort that I can't Steem which I own as I used to any longer.


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Ummmm, you missed a great big thing.

Mr. Tron, who singlehandedly voted for all the top witnesses, made a fork of STEEM(old) and what you are now on is STEEM(justin)

There are many large accounts that were on STEEM(old) that had all their STEEM, SP and SBD sent to an account set up using SteemAnon, "community123"

So, basically blocktrades, and several other trading platforms are waiting until the sheep hits the rotating air moving device before deciding whether to trade using the new Hard Fork.