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RE: Free Byteball tokens for all Steemains!! (Details inside)

in #steem3 years ago

How do we check that the referral bonus is given to the proper account ? I have come across some posts, where I have seen, some people just send the minimum bytes to other's wallet to get the referral. But I referred someone and yet to get the bonus. The person I referred showed me that he only received the bytes from me and then attested after that. Is there a way or place to check what happens with those referrals ?


Whoever sends bytes to the new account first gets the referral bonus

He showed me his wallet history, and its only me. But I am yet to get the referral. So what to do next ?

This is why you are the best. I will fill the details. On a side note, how do we verify if a wallet already received some bytes from someone else ? Kind of any wallet explorer to see and confirm that, he is not cheating.

Did he successfully claim the bonus?