SteemRing 2.0

in steem •  last year

Hello all,

It has been an exciting few months and I have been thinking about the evolution of the Steem ring 2.0.


  • As SteemFest² surprise I will choose an account randomly from the votes or comments below for a free giveaway

Cheers :)

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Nice :D that one is mine. :D


Let me tell you what you should do with it... ;-)


The selection is random but the chances are good :D
Now what should I do with it? just in case


Throw it in the fires of Mount Doom, obviously.
Trust me, I know rings.


hmmm Joseph was not part of that story, his story goes a little different, in the end he has control of Egypt's gold treasury for safe keeping :D


Partly because I am a minnow ;)


No mine😍👹

Very nice! I want one.. plz pick me

love the ring, you need to come up with a few ideas

Mhhyyyy precious!

That is a nice initiative. A Steem ring sounds exotic like one of the Masonic rings or even THE Ring in the lord of the rings. Dont know if I will be lucky enough to get it but I will be happy that any Steemian gets it. As a Minnow who is only 5 days old, I am excited to see such 'Giving back' traits in Steemians. You for a great example of a leading Steemian by this gesture. I noted some characteristics of a Steemian in my blog - I will be honored if you take a look and resteem if you agree. Thanks

A minnow



Very nice..

Nice ring !

it is very nice
and you are a kind man , a valuable giveaway.

Pretty ring. Hope I win.😊

Neat Design! I'd still like to get a first generation silver one off of you yet!

I hope is wasn't too late :P

that's a very good one. Everybody is anticipating lisbon 2017 for steemfest 2. i hope to see you there

Brotherhood of the ring Frodo Baggins the Shire

Noooo you should't have....

Like )

Yes I do #maried hahhahah LOL ..

Anyone want to follow me

amazing nice and creativ this one is gonne hit CNN.


RE: SteemRing 2.0 lords off the ring yes.

looks magical =)

Looks good, I see a lot

You just give it to me it will be safe with me

Hello dear, your posts are awesome
I followed you
Please also follow me
And vote for my posts
thank you

Sounds awesome , I want a ring!

Makes me think of LOTR!


HI I am from Japan as newbie. This is great steem ring havenot been before. If you come to Japan in the future,please let me know . Lets meetup :-)

Love the design!

Lord Steem of the ring ;)

Amazing post.. There is no one else in the world that is like you. Honestly we are all unique and we all have much to show and much to strive for.
Cheers for the good post and much love from me..
I yea and happy streaming