Are You Earning MAGIC Tokens? I tried and failed miserably - Try for yourself at your own risk!

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I'm not much of a gambler but when I start playing, I don't have much of a common sense break to stop me from losing every single cent I have. For that reason I was reluctant to try out MagicDice because I knew where I would end up. Sitting on the floor, in the corner of a dark room, banging my head on the wall because I lost my black fund in a blink of an eye. Not to mention my monthly paycheck, and the one from month before also.

All would be gone if I was to start gambling. Whether it's roulette, slots, or a virtual dice game, it doesn't matter. I just can't handle losing so I keep playing until I lose everything.

That's why I didn't even want to start playing MagicDice but when I saw they give out MAGIC tokens for playing which will later give out a portion of their profits based on the amount of tokens you have, I couldn't resist to try and collect some so I played a couple rounds.

Thinking I could "outsmart" the game by playing with as little risk as possible to quickly gather some tokens I started betting small amounts on the dice to roll over 6, which is a 94% chance to win. The reward for gambling is 25 MAGIC tokens per STEEM wagered so, I thought that I could easily get to 100k MAGIC tokens and stop playing afterwards.

First couple rolls went by and I was already feeling great for getting those MAGIC tokens which will forever drip small amounts of STEEM/SBD to my account in form of dividends.

With a measly 6% chance to lose I expected that I would be able to play at least 10 - 20 games without losing. I was getting 500 MAGIC tokens per roll so, in my mind the odds were in my favor. 100k MAGIC tokens was achievable and I was on my way of acquiring them.

I rolled the dice one more time and it decided to return a fucking 2! Out of 100 numbers, the algorithm decided to give me a darn 2! I lost 20 STEEM out of 50 I had and then it hit me. Shit, you are either going to lose it all now, or you are going to stop.

I thought about it for a second and decided to keep playing. Almost hitting that ROLL DICE button I reconsidered my decision. Battling with my mind and my gambling tendencies I kept reasoning myself to why it's better to keep playing vs not to.

Thankfully I didn't continue. I came back to reality and realized what I knew from the get-go. If I continue playing, slowly but surely, I'll lose all of my coins that I worked so hard to acquire. I couldn't allow myself to do that so I literally shut down the PC not to get in temptation again. Went outside and smoked a joint to calm down and forget about it.


Glad I did because I'm sure that if I kept playing I would be left with 0 STEEM in my wallet.

And so will you if you play this game, or any other gambling game for that matter.

I wrote this to try and stop some of you from doing exactly that.

Even though you might win sometimes, the odds are that you are going to lose everything you have, if you play long enough. So, don't even start!

But if you do want to play anyway, even with the odds not being in your favor, be sure to use my ref link, lol.

GL/HF to all of you gamblers out there!


Gotta know when to roll em and when to fold em :)

I've learned that there is no way for me to turn a profit on rollin'

Can't accept a loss and that literally sucks dry my bankroll, every single time.

There are lots of posts about MagicDice written by prominent steemians and non of them was realistic like this one. I wonder what magic that could be. Maybe some paid content advertisement magic. People should think a bit for a second about moral aspect of advertising gambling.

Good for you that you pulled the break on time!

Hey @boyanpro!

Glad to see your rep over 0 again. That haejin dude is a freakin' arsehole.

I don't really think they were paid for it but rather want to get people to start playing as their ref. Nothing more, nothing less. As for their morals in doing so, that's a whole nother story. That's why I wanted to portray things as they are and not try to doll it up to something that it isn't.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback! Much appreciated.

Thanks! Some angel bots helped me rise again. ;)

I've seen. @fulltimegeek is one of the best guys this blockchain has!

I used this strategy when I was first was introduced to dice games. I thought it was the safest way to play, until I realized that it was game over as soon as you have a bad roll.

If you wanna play for a while, carve out 5 to 10 steem, move the rest into savings or steem power (addiction can blow what it can't touch!) and then just play on the smallest bets possible. If you end up making a more than you started with, move that to the side as and reduce your losses when you do bottom out.

Yep, it never works out for the gambler and house always wins.

Good tactic but I'll rather power up than leave it in savings. I dislike having STEEM in a form which isn't making a profit. Whether it's from curation or the 2% yearly "interest" on SP, I just hate leaving it to collect dust in liquid form where I can just either gamble it away or waste it on bidbots and whatnot.

No arguments here! Savings is just a temporary storage that prevents you from gambling away everything when you're riding a high lol. If you know you want to play dice again in a few days, savings will make sure you're able to.

Precisely why I refuse to try it although I respect its place in the ecosystem as many users are attracted to it and its possibilities. I am also considering delegating Steem Power just to have some MAGIC tokens!

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6.3 MAGIC tokens per SP delegated per week, isn't worth while, imho. Still, a viable option if you really don't want to gamble and must have some tokens.

Agreed but we don’t know what they will be worth yet! I rather gamble on some tokens than my Steem. Also, I think I read that they are considering some upvotes while they wait to launch the tokens.

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Valid points. I've heard some assumptions of what they might be worth but nothing exact. Will be interesting to find out both what they will be worth and what kind of profits will they return for hodling.

I have tried with same strategy, roll over 6, and then I got exactly 6 :(

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hahahha now that's the definition of sarcastically unlucky

Thanks for sharing, I haven't played yet. I have the same reservations

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Don't even start then :D

HODL is life!

I may roll the dice at some point, when I feel lucky

I'll play it too and just pick up the coins. You never know what's going on in a few years, maybe very much worth it. Good article

I've got big expectations for MagicDice. They have 13M STEEM wagered in the last month alone. 2% of that is their profit and they will share a portion of that 2% with the people who HODL MAGIC tokens.

Over time, I can only see MagicDice getting better and people throwing more money at it. Consequently, those who hodl their tokens will earn a substantial amount, over time.

Ok, I did not know that. Thought you can delegate to Magic Dice and get the token for it. That means that keeping alone already brings something. Thank you for this info. Super

I’m just stackin these so called magic tokens 😂

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Well see just how magic they are when the dividends start paying out :D

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It’s fun and I’ve lost about 30 steem, but I want I. Knowing there is a low chance if winning. I just wanted to collect some magic coins on the off chance they become worth something in the future. Also when I win I take half into SP. I do how ever have to say it’s addticing and frustrating at the same time.

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