Partiko Tutorial - 5 FREE GIFTS: Claim 2000 Partiko Points Daily!

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Recently the founder put in a FREE GIFT Tab on our dashboard so that we can claim 5 FREE GIFTS everyday!

Yesterday, I claimed a total of 2000 Partiko points!

All Partiko points can exchange for Steem token.

Follow this EZ Tutorial to claim your 5 FREE GIFTS

Step 1. Go to Your Dashboard - Click on Points

You will see the new tab: FREE POINTS - 5 Times Left.

This means that each day, you are allowed to claim 5 FREE Gifts.

Step 2. Tab the FREE POINTS to claim your 1st GIFT

An Ad will appear on your Mobile Phone

Step 3. Watch the Ad until it finishes

Notice from the screen shot that it says "Rewards in 23 Seconds."" The Ad is not very long.

Step 4. Reward is Given to you at the end of Ad

Step 5. Continue to Get all 5 GIFTS

When the dot turns red, you can then claim your next gift, and then the next gift, etc.

This is QUITE FUN!

Step 6. Instruction is Given to Claim the next 5 GIFTS

It tells me to come back in 19 Hours!

Rinse & Repeat the 5 Steps each day.

Have fun,



TIPS to our Partiko mentors:

You can use this tutorial to help your Mentees to get FREE Partiko Points right away to reach the requirement of 3300 Partiko Points to EARN 40 STEEM for Partiko Mentoring Round 2.

Partiko Mentoring Round 2 is ON! Sign Up Today HERE!

Time to start using Paritko app:

Download Partiko Android here

Download Partiko iOS here


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So unfair! Not available on iOS 🤬

Posted using Partiko iOS


Awwww, didnt know that. Use Android.😃😎

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Feel like buying me a new phone? 👹

Posted using Partiko iOS


Ha ha ... Let's see how much I can exchange the partiko points to steem and then see what I can buy

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@pgr 小P 迎着大雪 滑着帆船 念着软哥金句:"你的小脑真发达,把大脑的地儿都占了。" 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~



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Ah yes! I see 400 Partiko Points because of the delegations we give to Partiko. Even 200 Partiko Points are good as you can now get 1000 points daily. It used to take us a long time to work up to 1000 points. Now is the time to claim all these daily free gifts.

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