NOW is the time to act

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I guess you are aware what happened yesterday - the TRON Foundation has taken over control and replaced all existing witnesses with their own sock puppet accounts. Centralizing the chain is definitely not what we all want - no matter if we think that a cooperation with TRON is a good thing or not.

We can defend our chain

Now is the time to act and to defend our chain. We are not defenseless - indeed, we have all the options in our own hands. But we have to act - now.


Currently, the TRON witnesses have about 26% of all Steem Power supporting them - this is mainly the stake they acquired from Stinc - while this is a lot, it is far from being the majority. This means that we can take back control. Indeed, @yabapmatt is already pretty close.


What to do now?

It is really simple. Go and vote. If only the majority of all Steemians would cast their vote, we would take back control. Make sure to include all of the the most prospective witnesses in your vote as we would otherwise miss out these valuable votes. Even if you do not like some of the witnesses - vote them anyway. You can change this again after we have taken back control of the chain.

There are several ways how you can vote witnesses, but for the most easy solution is to go to and click on the top witness starting from position 21. It should look like this:


Please help and share this message, make your own posts and most importantly - do not waste your vote!

All the best,


#SteemResistance ! We are showing to the CryptoWorld you shouldn't mess with our community. We are thousands and have a big social impact. Don't trust our low CoinMarketCap Ranking, we are worth much more !

I wonder if witnesses will escalate this conflict or will try to use leverage to have a discussion with Justin.

It's encouraging that he's so close. I'be been busy with work for the past four hours, but the sock puppets have lost 10M each and Yabap has gained massively.

It's possible...

I think we will make it - unless they become even more aggressive and fork out users such as @blocktrades. This is why we need to act quickly...

People voting for Yaba have to vote for 19 other witnesses to make them top.

Giving only one vote means missing out votes - people should vote with all of their 30 votes, but I would in any case include the numbers 21 - 40.

Co myslisz o calej sytuacji?

Hi @rondras, I wonder if this conflict will escalate now. Obviously witnesses and justin exchanged few heavy blows. Now let's see if witnesses will decide to bring this fight on another level or will they try to use leverage to "talk" with Justin.

What's your view on that?

It's surely healthy that not all witness spots are taken by old group. I see steem being more decentralized now than ever before.


I think one can say that the whole process did not work out in the best possible way. It would have been much better if the witnesses and Justin Sun had talked more before the first strike with soft fork 0.22.2 was done - but I guess they saw the risk that the other side would act in the same manner they did now. For me, it is the most important thing now that both sides - the community and the TRON Foundation - go back to the negotiation table and make sure to find a good solution, from which both sides can benefit. I am however not sure, if this can work.

Do not vote blind all from position 21. It is dangerous because there are a lot of sock puppets of the greedy investors. Dear @rondras, you must recommend a proper witness-proxy for the steemians. Most of them, including me, doesn't know the witnesses standing at side of the small stakes. @freiheit50, an Steemian from 2016 is recommending the witness @forum.orcinorum as proxy. So you must not change your particular witness settings. When you scratch the proxy after this war of greed, your votes from before are still all proper in place!
I also recommend @pharesim as proxy.

I would handle this a bit bit differently @afrog, but of course everybody is free to vote on their own. For now, I vote blindly the witnesses which have the highest chance to get back into the top 20. Once we have a majority of witnesses again in there, then I will differentiate again.


Thank you for the presentation of another possible voting strategy in times of need. When I wrote the above, I did not know that the intruder's submarines could be identified by their steem version. This actually allows each Steemian to make a targeted counter-vote. However, not everyone is involved with the same passion and so the right moment is usually missed.

I assume that the witnesses of the proxies @pharesim and @forum.orcinorum are selected in the same way as you do, so it would be wiser for the mass of steemians to rely on proxies. This way, the choice of witnesses for thousands of steemians can be corrected at any time, at the right moment. In this respect, proxy voting is now the far better method for us. So we can recommend you as a proxy, or any Witness you have trusted and who has not yet installed the new version.


Danke für die Darlegung einer weiteren, möglichen Votestrategie in Zeiten der Not. Als ich das Vorstehende geschrieben hatte, wusste ich noch nicht, dass die U-Boote des Eindringlings an ihrer Steem-Version zu erkennen sind. Dadurch ist tatsächlich jedem Steemian eine gezielte Gegenwahl möglich. Allerdings ist nicht jeder mit der gleichen Leidenschaft dabei und so wird der richtige Moment in der Regel verpasst.

Ich setze voraus, dass die witnesses der Proxies @pharesim und @forum.orcinorum auf die gleiche Weise ausgewählt werden, wie du es tust und es daher für die Masse der Steemians daher klüger wäre, sich auf Proxies zu verlassen. Dadurch wird jederzeit die Witnesswahl für tausende Steemians in einem, dem richtigen Moment korrigiert. Insofern ist für uns jetzt Proxywahl die weitaus bessere Methode. Man kann also auch dich als Proxy empfehlen, bzw. jeden Witness, dem man bisher auch vertraut hat und der die neue Version noch nicht installiert hat.

Hi @rondras, hi @oliverschmid. I don't know if you know it already.
Since half an hour I'm not able to work with NC. Login works but every click on a menue, throws me out again.

Lots of peeps are coming out of their hibernation to vote, may the rally continue! Keep going peeps

We are moving in on them - but they are also moving it seems. I do not know if they lobby as well for additional votes or if some accounts are powering up, but it seems as if the TRON witnesses also managed to increase their votes by about 3%. Not as much as the old witnesses, but still...

Could also be the KR community I heard they quite in support of team TRON

Possible, yes.

Voted and resteemed, First time I cast all 30 votes.

Thank you - it is more than needed. They seem to buy up Steem on the market in order to get more Steem Power...

I’ll be doing this tonight after I’ve finished work. Shame it has come to this...

Please do so - it is needed...


Thank you for your support!

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