Two car head on crash today

in steem •  8 months ago 

we were one of the first on the seen of a two car head on car crash today,to help i went down to the other end of the busy road and diverted the traffic so the emergency services could do their job and also so people wouldn’t be sitting in their cars for ages without moving.The amount of abuse i received from drivers still wanting to drive down the road even though they wouldn’t get passed was unbelievable plus people actually rang the police to say a crazy woman is blocking the road and won’t let people go down the road,the police had a laugh with me about it as they asked me to help them as they didn’t know how long another police unit could be to get there,which was over two and half hours later.lucky enough no one was killed but even the police said they were shocked it wasn’t worse then it was the young boy who was with the most serious injuries was took to hospital. image image image image image image

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