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RE: Fresh release for Web version. Promote button. Wallet. Transaction history.

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Hey Steepshot! Love your app and recent speed fixes! Yes!

How cool would it be if "promote your post" would also promote in a seperate own tab inside the app? Or maybe as a top bar / or in between regular posts? IAW advertise posts inside everyone's newsfeeds on the Steepshot app specifically - idk by sending X amount of money to @steepshot-promotions or whatever account


Hello, thank you for your feedback! Appreciate your kind words very much.
We find your feature very appealing, think we should work on it.

Any update when HD photo support will come? Since the photo quality seems to be Instagram 2012 at the moment.

This is zoomed in on one of my Steepshot photos. It looks horrible in quality.


Hey, you know that Instagram photo resolution is lower than ours.
If you will zoom the photo on Instagram, it will also look not so high-quality.
We have borders 1200х1200 and think it's quite enough.

You are wrong. The left here is Steepshot and the right is Instagram quality. The difference is massive!

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 15.01.37.png

Okey, could you please tell what Steepshot version you have?

The latest Android version on my Samsung Galaxy S8. 0.3.5

Seems like Instagram has got some photo adaption.
Maybe that is why it looks the other way.
Thank you very much for your report, we will work hard to make the photo quality much better.

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