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RE: 5 things I have done today to help the planet… [Day 004 – 18 May ’19]

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I'm might do one of these posts in the week, it's the great idea.

I do fancy an electric car, but for me getting rid of mine altogether is more likely.

Ironically both Tesco and Morrisons score dismally in the Ethical Consumer corporate rankings, so you might not want to shop in either of those!


We actually go to Tesco and Morrison quite rarely - primarily to access their organic produce at more affordable prices. But they represent such a major part of the retail spend in the UK so for the purposes of lobbying for anything planet positive they are prime targets.

yes very point actually! I wonder how much it is to install a charge point and what subsidies (if any) are available?!?

More news on this on today's post coming out shortly...

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