Steem Total Value Powered Up - $86 million - September 19, 2021

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This is next in my series of posts reviewing the amount and value of powered up STEEM on the Steem blockchain. For previous posts, see the end of this entry.

Noteworthy in the last week, our streak of consecutive new highs for powered-up STEEM continued, and we're now at 14 days in a row with new highs. Compared to other cryptocurrencies that I am including, powered-up STEEM dropped in value by about 7% against BTC and gained about 4% in value against TRC. Everything else was basically flat. The modeled value for Powered-up STEEM also lost about 4% against the USD.

Here are the numbers as-of a few minutes ago:

Total value locked in powered-up STEEM (USD): $86,063,900.35
STEEM market cap $243,266,245.30

Locked value in terms of other tokens:

tokenpricelocked_value equivalent

And here are the charts, based on data collected daily since April 10.


14 consecutive days of new highs with a gain of about 400,000 since last week


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of USD

Down by about $3 million in the last week, but still in an uptrend from lows in mid/late June.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of tron (TRX)

Up by about 4%, flirting with the bottom end of the 800 million to 1 billion range that has been common since April, when data collection started.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of Steem Dollars

Basically flat, down by about 90,000 since last week, but also in an uptrend as compared to lows in June.


Value of powered-up STEEM as a percentage of Steem's market cap

September 13 (Monday) saw a new high at 36.33%. 8 consecutive days above 35%, 37 consecutive days above 34%, and 57 straight days above 1/3. Will we sneak back above 36% again? Will we see 37%?


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of bitcoin (BTC)

Compared to the modeled value of powered-up STEEM, BTC gained by about 7% this week. However, powered-up STEEM is still in a multi-month uptrend as compared to BTC.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of ethereum

Not much action to speak of. Ethereum gained a bit of strength.


Value of powered-up STEEM in terms of litecoin

Not much action here, either. Flat against LTC.


  • Reference prices for STEEM and other tokens are downloaded from
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STEEM value on in ethereum terms

This part I do not understand when you say powered-up you are referring to the steem that users invest in steempower "True".

If this is how people can powered-up with ethereum? That part I did not understand the same doubt I have with bitcoin.

You're right. Only STEEM can be powered up.

To get the equivalent in other tokens, I multiply the number of powered up STEEM tokens by the market value of STEEM, then divide by the value of the other tokens (BTC, LTC, ETH, SBD, or TRX).

None of those other tokens can actually be powered up.

I believe steem will grow again with the highest exchange rate of its time, with an exchange rate of > $10. Because of that, I continuously freeze steem even in very small amounts.
Btw, now, how much is the total amount of frozen steem (SP)?
I'm curious how to get the total amount of frozen steem information.
Thanks for sharing

You can get the number of frozen steem from (from @steemchiller),, or

On steemworld, it's under "System Info".


On it's under "Vesting Fund"


And on, it's listed under "total_vesting"


I would normally check first, but unfortunately, I noticed today that it seems to have stopped updating its main page on August 19, so that information is not current. Not sure if @steemcurator01 or @steemitblog are aware?

Thanks for this - will pass on to the relevant people.

Hello dear sir,
Many days I have not been able to get any support from you.Yet I am a regular steemian.I got up to 150 steem power from my tiny reward.Here is my power-up post link.

I want to add more power to the Steem platform.But I have not received any support from you for a long time.I will be able to get more power up with your support.Hope you check my posts.

Best regards @sabbirrr

Thank you @remlap for answer my question and sharing the complete information. Regarding the data, it has been answered by steemcurator01.

Why is steem power reduced?

The number of powered-up STEEM has been increasing since April, but the value of those tokens bounces around with the exchanges. For example, when I posted the $108 million post on May 14, STEEM was valued at $0.93. When I posted this one yesterday, STEEM was only valued at $0.62. If it had been priced at $0.93, instead, then the market value would have been $128 million.

Got it. thank you so much

Stubborn old steem. It is still doing a great job of hanging in there. Better times ahead, for sure.

Although the value has dropped a bit this week compared to last week, it seems normal. Maybe next week it could get even higher!
Thank you so much for this update.

Hopefully Steem total value powered up will hit $100 million very soon. Thanks for this analysis.

Investors of steemit is increasing and users are now aware about powering up. After changing the reward system of steemit, we directly get steem power in our wallet and it was a great decision to increase steem total powered up value. Thank you.

The investors who freeze their steem, have helped us to enjoy a profitable steem exchange rate, thanks to the steem investors..

Hello @remlaps-lite, as they say we all put a grain of sand and watch the panel grow and also increase our voting power, I bought steem, I performed power up, my goal is 500 and I will achieve it with my constant work

Comparing the exchange rate of steem to usd from May 2021 until the exchange rate correction is still happening. this affects the calculation of the total value of steem power. It is true that in terms of the exchange rate, total steem power has decreased, but the positive is that the amount of frozen steem (SP) continues to increase..
Thanks for sharing information..

Staking steem coin is the best task on this platform. Staking steem power has a lot of benefits for this platform, steem coin and also us. I am a small user and have a less ability to hold steem coin. But i am trying to stake 500 steem in a body. I have already bought 380 steem. Soom i will reach 500 and stake them all.

Thanks for sharing these informative analysis

Important information to be informed of the ups and downs of steem.

The steem is fighting, with new highs, and in the future it will be much better. Thanks for sharing, this motivates us to continue.

I am also onto collecting steem, i need to grow more power.

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