Uquid Mastercard - Debit Card [ Fueled by Steem ]

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uquid.jpgJust recieved my brand new UQUID Debit Card! :)


UQUID Debit Card [ Mastercard ]

Just received the debit card, fast delivery and everything has been running smoothly. Just topped it up directly with some Steem and will try it out later this week. I'll update you when I've tried it in action! :)



Received the card in just a week and used Steem to buy it!

Planning to use the card for promoting the Steem blockchain

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Can you top it up with Steem directly or do you have to exchange it via Shapeshift or something while topping up?


Directly! :D

I guess this is similar to the Bitpay Card? - Sounds awesome to add funds directly though.

Did you do that from Steemit to the card directly or did you use an exchange to transfer the funds?

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Yes directly from steemit to the card! :)
what I've heard fees are getting out of hand on bitpay card because of bitcoin fees...


That's really awesome...

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I had to pay about $350 in total to cash out $200. And that's due to all the fees. The fees from Bittrex, Bitpay and the insane bitcoin fees we see right now. Paid $350 to get $200..

With something like this, I would save tons of money in fees.


yes will try it in actin soon so I'll update with results and potential fees but so far so good...


Great! I'll look forward to your update before I decide. But this looks promising!

Whoa! AWSOME info @reko-suave! The list of countries which are unserved is quite telling... it's like the "Who's who?" of dysunctional states... Haha!


indeed! :P

Wow that;s awesome news! Just to clarify, can you top it with Steem DOLLARS or just with steem? And can you then use the card directly and withdraw cash and it automatically converts it to your currency?


Only Steem that I know of but it seems they have temporarily removed Steem deposits for now. Will update when I know more! It automatically converts to your currency when used.


Damn that's good to know! Thanks for the quick reply and for letting me know that they removed steem! I hope your funds are ok!!

Darn, I got excited until I saw they do not ship to USA!


sorry seems harder to find good alternatives for US... :/


And even harder here in Hawaii! Why can steem just put a pay pal button on here ? LOL

Looks amazing. Too bad they don't ship to the United States yet.


Yeh looking forward to try it out, prolly won't use it much though but great to show people to make em understand this is real moneh!! :D

Hang on, what's this? A regular like credit card that you can top up with steem?? Whoah, this is huge! Is this widely known about?


Not really... but there are different providers that offers similar services what I've heard. Seems like most are not working in the US though...

This is new I didn't hear about this debit card before! Wow this is really something new to aspire to in 2018, having a debit card in our wallet to seamlessly use our crypto earnings anywhere. Nice! Look forward to the field report, and interested whether the fees are anything to be concerned about ...


To my understanding the POS option is the best regarding fees meaning to swipe the card when buying something. Can often take extra cash over what you bought if you want cash as well! :)

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