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Alternative Interface on the Steem Blockchain that Incentives Giving...

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by @reko
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SteemClient is open source and in development by @mahdiyari which will be his biggest project so far. Steemclient will be a full functionality web client for the Steem blockchain with easy to use interface and secure system including some extra features.

SteemClient is already being worked on and we're now looking for a great team for the project. More information will be released about SteemClient after finishing the white paper for the project. We're planning to use an SMT (Smart Media Token) in Steemclient for rewarding users.

The goal is to develop a superior interface to access the Steem blockchain.
Any contributions (suggestion or development) are welcome. Steemclient will be free...

  • an upvote page such as + follow button on the top of each post
  • dashboard for each user (includes latest posts and follow button and some balance and voting power information + votes history)
  • new register/login system. such as
  • new section for good contents which will promoted manually
  • new promotion tools for posts
  • ability to select which post to display
  • author search(improved version) + tag search + keyword search + reputation filter and ... in upvote page
  • improved market (will be able to put buy orders too)
  • new rules to prevent abusing system (detecting unvotes, ....)
  • improved wallet (transferring money, claiming rewards, delegating SP, ...)
  • points will converted to tokens! transferring tokens will be available.
  • reward system will be at 100% (no additional rewards)
  • and maybe a revenue share system for stake holders and/or active users. (it is just a suggested feature, will need improvements)
  • more coming...


SteemClient Update

The project needs a logo, contributions will be rewarded.

Any good contribution (suggestion, development or design) to the project will get rewarded by me and @mahdiyari.

User profile with basic information added.
You can see development progress in

More information about accounts will be added, like voting power and bandwidth as well as adding a public profile for each user.

Now @mahdiyari is working on api server for SteemClient which will be available in

The api will be used for developing the project on the client side instead of server side which means your account information will always be safe in your browser.

If you are a creative and professional developer contact me. (javascript, nodejs, php, mysql, ...) or a professional front-end designer (html, css, js, bootstrap, ...), You will be paid for contributions and developments on the project.

Stay tuned for more updates about SteemClient development!


What Is SteemFollower?

SteemFollower is a third party tool created by @mahdiyari that connects with the STEEM blockchain using your private posting key to display your most recent post. The tool used to login with this key is Steemconnect which is considered secure.



SteemFollower Dedicated Server Installed

Now @mahdiyari has bought a dedicated server for running a private node and increase the performance of steemauto and steemfollower.

Server information:
1-10 Gbit/s bandwidth


Steemfollower - FAQ

How does SteemFollower work?
It's a platform where you get points from curating other members of SteemFollower. The more points you have the more visible you are on the platform.

What functions does SteemFollower have?
"Upvote Exchange" - Increases the exposure on the latest post
"Internal Market" - Sell / buy points increasing post exposure.

Is SteemFollower a scam/ spam / a bot?
No, all voting is done manually and only requires your posting key using SteemConnect.

How does the referral system work?
You recieve 5% extra in points when your referrals upvotes through the platform.
Here's my referral link: ( )

How does the point system work?
You receive points from upvoting which makes your latest post visible and increases your exposure on the platform. When someone upvotes you the same value of points are subtracted.

Do I need to submit my post to SteemFollower?
No, the last post you have edited is automatically visible on SteemFollower? as long as you have points and done 5 upvotes that 24h period or the day before.

Which Post will be visible on SteemFollower?
The latest post* you edit is the one that is visible on SteemFollower.

What is @cheetah mark on the posts?
It is a robot that automatically finds similar content (plagiarism). [read more]

What is that daily 5 Upvotes? and Maximum Upvoting limit?
To stay visible on SteemFollower you need to make every 48h period. There is a maximum numbers of times you can upvote posts through SteemFollower.
Check below for a chart.



Steemfollower Tips & Tricks

SteemFollower has a reset timer every 24h. Set an alarm so you know when it's reset then upvote at least 5 posts through the platform and the latest post will be visible again

Screenshot from 2017-12-11 18-58-21.png

The latest post you edit is the one that is visible on SteemFollower.


Why SteemFollower?

It's a manual upvoting platform which greatly increases the exposure of your latest post. Statistics from SteemFollower:


I started using SteemFollower Aug 7 and the statistics talk for themselves.


SteemFollower Points are like Already Working SMTs

Everyone greatly profits from using the platform as you receive points which gives you more exposure for your post. You can also sell/buy these points on the internal market.

SteemFollower has an ingenious algorithm which levels the playing field for everyone (see below). Currently I receive most of my upvotes through SteemFollower!



Internal Marketplace

SteemFollower has an internal market where you buy and sell point which you earn from upvoting through the platform. This greatly increases the value of voting there and that's why I and many others do most of the upvoting there!



Referral System:

SteemFollower has a referral system which increases the value of using the platform even more. You receive 3% of your referrals upvotes in points!


Notable Users:

Notable Users:

@cryptopassion [ VP ≈ $130.32]
@khaleelkazi [ VP ≈ 29.78$]
@d-pend [ VP ≈ $30.19]
@amiramnoam [ VP ≈ $20.13]
@vlemon [ VP ≈ $9.33]
@dana-edwards [ VP ≈ $12.04]
@hopehuggs [ VP ≈ 9.24$]
@donaldtrumpfan [ VP ≈ $1.73]
@reko [ VP ≈ $4.68]
@valorforfreedom [ VP ≈ 5.32$]
@stackin [ VP ≈ $16.89]
@holbein81 [ VP ≈ $6.54]
@blockgators [ VP ≈ $1.4]
@whd [ VP ≈ $5.22]
@flauwy [ VP ≈ $5.56]
@nainaztengra [ VP ≈ $2.02]
@mitthradiumn [ VP ≈ $1.02]
@jondoe [ VP ≈ $0.80]
@sobiakanwal [ VP ≈ $0.72]
@danizaharie [ VP ≈ $0.61]
@droucil [ VP ≈ $0.60]
@anforo [ VP ≈ $0.59]
@violetmed [ VP ≈ $0.55]
@havok777 [ VP ≈ $0.52]
@nomadics [ VP ≈ $0.47]
@carterx7 [ VP ≈ $0.42]
@omar-hesham [ VP ≈ $0.26]
@rndness222 [ VP ≈ $X]
@alphacore [ VP ≈ $X]
@jout [ VP ≈ $0.13]
@havok777 [ VP ≈ 0.41$]
@katteasis [ VP ≈ 0.37$]
@vm2904 [ VP ≈ 0.41$]
@cryptogem [ VP ≈ 0.08$]

If you want to connect with other users of SteemFollower join my Discord channel.


SteemFollower Stats:

Screenshot from 2018-02-07 10-06-28.png

Join my Discord Chat & May the Steem be with you!


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Great piece of information here @reko. Steemfollower and steemauto have been great and important projects. I really grateful to you and @mahdiyari for making them a reality. This steemclient promisies to be the greatest of them all and i am fully confident about this project as you guys always deliver your promises.

Thank you @reko and extend my thanks to @mahdiyari. I'm joining your Discord channel right away!

The way Steemit is innovating it's universe never seas to amaze me!

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good informative.. .
and good update....i appreciate so much to see this blog..
keep it on...
best of luck...
i will wait for your next blog...

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I'm using steemfollowers and i must say it is very beneficial especially for the new commers.

thanks a lot! very useful info that I was need!!!

I don't get it, what's Steem Follower?

It's disappinting to see I am no longer notable.

I really love Steemfollower. I hope that Steemclient will be as innovative as Steemfollower. I would love if Steemclient would have a Follow<->Follow function, so that you can follow users on the platform and they follow you back instantly.

I'm Using this steemfollowers too...i'll hope its make my steemit account profitable

Thank you for sharing this with us. I am trying out the Steem follower today! Wish me luck.