Agoric Scrip Printouts Enables Effective Onboarding on the Steem Blockchain!

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Faucet to Register Accounts, Offer Prizes, and Guide the Sign Up Process!

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by @reko
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Agoric Scrips are physical printouts which makes it so much easier to sign up for a new account on the Steem blockchain. The faucet is simple to navigate and really beautifully designed.


619A6875.jpgEarly Christmas present from @matt-a which enabled me to try out the service! :)

619A6873.jpgAgoric Scrip Design @emanuellindqvist

Screenshot from 2017-12-21 06-47-13.png
To create the account you just need to enter the code on the Agoric Scrip!

Screenshot from 2017-12-21 06-49-23.png
The account is created and the password is burned instantly!

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Awesome :D


Agreed! :D

wooow so these work to create steem accounts?!
beautifully designed documents

so these have voucher codes? nice id like these for a steem party to facilitate instant signups so new users can post about the big steemit party together

This looks really amazing. I'm starting a local steemit group and I would love to have something like this to help get people in.


will keep you updated about the upcoming distribution @defango, stay tuned! :)


I need to find out how to get some of these so that I can help all of my friends sign up, as well as get some local viral marketing campaign going to get people onto the blockchain....

Whoa! Totally AWESOME! You can give away free "@reko-suave Viking Pin-Up Calendars" when they sign up, and then they can track the daily price of Steemit, while simultaneously having some daily "eye candy" on their journey to the rank of "Crypto Multi- Z-Z-Z-Z-ZIILLION-aire"...

Sounds like a great initiative, can I find 2 or 3 before Christmas Day? Would be great to send to a couple of blogger friends, I’ve been waiting for a better way to invite them !


They are working on how to distribute them, will keep you updated @britcoins! :)


OK cool!

Just awesome!
I just need to try it to invite friends!!!

I love what you doing! so I will be back always even if for me it's finish at 3am, I just want to let you know my motivation and to give you a HUGE thanks and I will be happy to share more and write better post as yo increase my motivation and my friends list in here!

Join the Kucoin Exchange and get the christmas reward!


ty, that's the spirit @jimy74! :)

That's great!
How do I get my hands on a few of these?


I will update with more info, stay tuned! :)

Excellence post and development. This is very good. Thank you for sharing.

Very cool. Nice hearing you on whaleshares. :)

Super great and helpful! Kudos on the info and share

Nice one sir. Can it be integrated into already steemit account? Because to manage two account is not that easy.


this is great man!

This is really awesome

i am in youre grup now thx for this share

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Marvelous and awesome, i will say thanks to the new innovation and i dea you bring in for steemit. Keep up the good work and kindly vote my comment, thanks.

Ohhhh great I'm going to register in it


You need a physical printout to be able to register! :)

Thanks for sharing your information...@reko i upvoted you sir..

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Beautiful .......

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