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As the title suggests this bot auto resteems any post upvoted by a Steem account and is coded for resteeming any post upvoted by @antiabuse steem account. @antiabuse account and its trail auto upvotes verified Steem abuse fighters as an extra incentive. Though built for @antiabuse, this can be used with any account.


How it Works

It checks account history of the specified account every 3 minutes and looks for upvote operations after the last processed block and transaction ID. If an upvote operation is found it then proceeds to check if the post is already resteemed or not. If not, then resteems it in the next block.

How to Use

  • Clone the repository
  • Make sure you have latest LTS or greater version of Node JS installed
  • Go inside the cloned folder and command npm install
  • Rename .env.example to .env and add your Steem username and posting WIF
  • Edit last_processed.json and change the latest block and trx_id
  • Now command npm start

Block number and transaction ID can be found on Click on the time link below the transaction and copy block number and transaction ID from the URL.

To run the bot continuously in the background please use PM2. Generate ecosystem.config.js file with pm2 init command, add environment variables in the file.

When you are done start the bot with the following command.

pm2 start ecosystem.config.js --env production


  • Node JS
  • dSteem


Feel free to fork the repo and make changes according to your needs. If you have any suggestions or want to report bugs, please create an issue.

Though this can be seen as development contributions, I do not want to bother the guys from @utopian-io for such a small project. 😛

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I saw many curator bot using same script. But you made it open source.
Though a small project, but still effective for many.


This is not a curation bot, it will resteem contents if a prespecified steem account vote them.


I didn't mean that. I saw some curator bot resteeming content after being voted.

Thank you for building this bot!

Hi @reazuliqbal!

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