Community Reminder: Steem is a Blockchain

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Hey everyone,

in the last weeks, I've noticed a lot of hostility and inappropriate behavior on Steem in general.

Particularly I am talking about feuds between certain groups which they fight in public. Especially, because we're neither talking about well-written posts nor about very educated posts.

Most of these posts contain a lot of swearing, threatening, insulting and even racism of the worst forms of taste.

That's why I wanted to write a short reminder post that Steem is a blockchain.

For some reason, it seems that people do not seem to understand very well what this means.

So, again, a blockchain means that each block has his own hash and also has the hash of the previous block. This, in turn, means that these blocks are immutable and even if you'd be an excellent hacker you couldn't change that.


I'm not sure a lot of you people know what this means.

Following the definition of the Oxford dictionary Immutable can be explained as:

Unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

This means, all these insults, racism, swearing, inappropriate behavior will be forever on the internet and unlike at other places on the internet, there is no way to make it undone.

Since must of us here are adults (at least by law) I also believe that most people here use their Pseudonym at a bunch of places.

And, when you think that any possible future employer wouldn't be so smart to look you up, check your pseudonyms, check your work etc, you're mistaken. They'll not only find the nice posts you've written but will also find all the feuds you've started, the insults, the swearing, racism etc.

And that's not all, a future girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, your parents, your children, everyone can find this content extremely easy, and as we're all hoping for Steem to be a great success, this means that this kind of content will never disappear again.

Besides that, we should start to think what we want for Steem, if we want for Steem to have success these kinds of shitstorms and feuds are 100% not what will attract new users.

Because I'm sure if on my first day on Steem I'd have seen these kinds of insults I might've stayed out of it entirely.


Let's overthink our behavior on the blockchain since everything which happens here is here to stay and there is no way to make these things undone as soon as the block is closed.
This is not only important because it's just extremely ugly but also because this is what people will find when they search for you, might it be a future employer, partner or family.
Besides that, we have to see that what is way worse for Steem than self-voting or Spammers is this kind of hostile behavior which definitely scares serious investors and high-quality bloggers. Since those, for sure, don't want to be connected to this kind of things.

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Can only agree. I have even seen something like that in the German community. Different opinions meet like in real life and some people can just not stand it and become personal and insulting.
Well mass adoptions will bring us some of the problems other platforms like Facebook are facing too, people start feuds and insults and take discussions down to a pretty awful level.
But well, why should it be different here, the Internet is just a mirror of our society.
Most of those people don’t even realize their words are here to stay, or they don’t care at all.
Until they get burned.

Nettiquette is a form of respect, I would be nice to see it from everyone surfing the web. I know I’m a dreamer!!


To me this is has become a major issue in the German community. :(
Some people just think this is a replacement for the Russian VK webpage (which I don't know to be honest).


What is the Russian VK website and what is going on there?


Home for some right-winged bloggers as far as I know.

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Life is a struggle to the last breath. Let the fight be recorded as well.
I like realism in my art.

One of many reasons I use my real name.
The blockchain is forever.
You spend a decade saying dumb stuff under a fake name and then your real name gets out; you're going to have a bad time.

I think i have to salute this post for the simplicity of the consequences of that fact most people fail to understand but the power of blockchain technology to humanity in general. Life's is beyond what you can see now, the future has more to offer us

A great day with Steemit
Welcomed a lovely morning with a cup of coffee @goodsteemit
Set the sun up on the eastern horizon with a little smile
Now the day began to approach the night
Nothing more than expected
However, There's no step back a word, stay with us at Steemit @raycoms
Do not begin to look back, look at your long way forward
With us we fight together."

Well said bro @raycoms. People have to learn that actions and words have consequences on others. I'll have to resound this.

Love this post, @raycoms, this reminder that what we say and do on the blockchain is there forever.

Raycoms, in fact, are not all human beings in one world, some bad things like good and bad together. And most people are selfish. They can not do such a thing, you are going to ignore them who do bad things, if you are good at yourself, you will be with the good people to help them. And stay away from bad people.

Hello @raycoms, great comment. Although i have not seen alot of swearing and such. Back to basics, all in the blockchain is inmutable!!! It like a boomerang, you think people forgot it, but the blockchain does not forget it jejejejej :)


Very well written reply, in general most do not have the future in mind. Many are only stuck in the present and let emotions control or dictate their actions.


Thank you for this preciously contribution. It is important and sad at the same time to point out what Steemit really is! I think it's a pity that people are hostile to each other instead of supporting each other. That's why I find it very commendable that you put the facts on the table.

Best regards out of the van